Textile sun shading systems with an awning for windows are the latest trend. With window awnings from WAREMA, you can create the perfect ambience in your rooms. Our specialised retailers near you will be happy to advise you and to draw up an individual quotation on request.

Are you looking for an effective sun shading system for your home but don't want to compromise on modern design and functional safety? Our solution: window awnings from WAREMA. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, they guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection.

Find out more here, take advantage of our free services via WAREMA plus and order your new window awning from a WAREMA specialised retailer near you.

Use the free online configurator and find the window awning that meets all your needs.

Operate your external window awning and your entire home using intelligent controls – via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

With our accessories, you are investing in more comfort and security in your home.

  • Individuality: WAREMA window awnings are made to measure.
  • Made in Germany: They are developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Quality: The highest quality materials and fabrics, together with first-class functionality
  • Easy to care for: Designed to handle the challenges of everyday life
  • Smart Home-ready: Easily integrated into modern Smart Home systems

Visualise an awning on your house with the free app

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Basic awnings are ideal for effectively shading medium-sized windows and can be designed to be the perfect fit for your facade.

Front-mounted awnings have a variety of different visible cover panels and are especially wind-stable in combination with the easyZIP guidance.

Awning window systems can be integrated into the facade so that they are visible or concealed on new and renovated buildings.

These top-mounted awnings have been specially developed for new buildings and are fitted with the new wind-stable easyZIP guidance.

The custom-made, weather-proof shaft awnings can be integrated into your existing shafts or lintel boxes on-site.


Basic awnings

Front-mounted awnings

Awning window systems

Top-mounted awnings

Shaft awnings

New buildings


Refurbishments and renovations


Replacing windows




Installation and assembly with the windows





Installation in existing shafts on site





Visible installation



Invisible installation


WAREMA window awnings can be integrated into a variety of Smart Home systems and can easily be monitored and controlled on your smartphone or tablet. Automated processes can also be set up to open and close your external roller blinds automatically as required.

The SPECTRUM collection consists of a variety of colours and designs.

Choose the perfect shade from a wide selection of attractive powder colours for powder-coated aluminium parts such as guide rails, guide profiles, cover panels, boxes or frames.


Basic awnings

Front-mounted awnings

Awning window systems

Top-mounted awnings

Shaft awnings


Solar drive





Motor with radio motor

Motor with obstacle detection


easyZIP guidance


Rail guidance


cable guidance


Basic awning as markisolette


Drop arm



The WAREMA SecuKit is an additional belt operation for emergency situations, which can optionally be used with front-mounted awnings with motor drives. This allows the awning to be easily raised manually in the event of a power failure, for example.

For floor-to-ceiling windows, an effective window fall protection is indispensable. The WAREMA integrated fall protection VisioNeo (certified according to the applicable standard) is an integrated window pane that combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender window pane integrates itself smoothly into your facade, enhancing it optically while protecting your family, friends and guests from falling.

Specially designed for the WAREMA Lamaxa L50, pergola awnings, conservatories and patio roofs. Large unit sizes for small box and slender guide rails possible.

Thanks to innovative technology, our front-mounted awnings with easyZIP guidance can also be easily used to provide shade for all-glass corners – without an obtrusive guide rail in the corner, of course.


Front-mounted awnings

Awning window systems

Shaft awnings




GranTex with easyZIP guidance



VisioNeo Sun railing system

PVC window



Solution for corner positions



With the WAREMA window awning configurator at configurator.warema.com, you can find the right awning and customise it to meet your needs. It includes all the fabrics from the current collection, plus popular colours for the aluminium parts and accessories. After configuring your window awning, you can register on WAREMA+ and request an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you.

A home is a stage that we can design to suit our own lives, and Ute Laatz has fulfilled her long-held wish to design her own home. In just four months, she completely renovated a three-apartment building in the city of Neuss by the Lower Rhine. Facing southwest, the 1920s brick building basks in the sun all day long, especially in summer. A total of eight matte black, smart-controlled WAREMA front-mounted awnings with drop arms protect the windows and facade from the heat, while their Mediterranean look evokes memories of strolling through Italian alleys.

Ready for new design impulses? With light, textile window awnings, you can enhance the appearance of your house and create an attractive eye-catcher on the facade. Thanks to a variety of cover panel versions and corner solutions, your creativity will know no limits. A further advantage: The highly wind-stable sun shading system can be used to shade large windows without light coming in from the side – this ensures a pleasant interior temperature at all times with a comfort guarantee.

There's nothing more wonderful than whiling away the hours in the cool shade of your awning. Especially if your sun shading system also looks dazzling. And to keep it that way, you should clean your awning now and again.

Especially for new buildings, topics like protection against overheating, visual privacy, glare control and, last but not least, design aspects are important factors in your planning process. You can choose WAREMA window awnings in almost innumerable colour variations to match your individual facade design. These fabrics are sturdy and weather-proof. Robust guide rails, such as the particularly wind-stable easyZIP guidance, guarantee long-term functionality.

A WAREMA awning lets you enjoy your time outdoors without a care. Now fully automated and extremely smart: Thanks to WAREMA Smart Living.

Sustainable production can be surprisingly innovative. Proof of that is the close cooperation of WAREMA and BRICHBAG. It sees scraps of fabric left over from cutting awning fabrics turned into attractive bags and rucksacks. Each BRICHBAG bought also helps produce a rucksack for the homeless, filled with useful items for living rough on the streets. And so sustainability meets social commitment. It doesn't get better than this.

By choosing a WAREMA product, you have opted for the highest quality in material and production. If your awning does need to be repaired, you can find out what you need to know here.

Every WAREMA window awning is custom-made specifically to meet your individual needs. No two awnings are the same. This is also true when it comes to their price. For a non-binding price guide, you can use the WAREMA configurator to create your individual configuration and by doing so request a quotation from a specialised retailer near you. This will give you a more accurate idea of the price on the basis of your specific requirements and preferences. Or you can go directly to your local specialised retailer. They will be happy to help you choose the right solution.

Just like our skin, awnings are subjected to diverse weather conditions. And just as we wash and groom ourselves, they also need to be cleaned and looked after carefully and effectively. Because weathering and the environment soil both the valuable awning fabric and the mechanical parts. It should be cleaned on a regular basis - and not only once the sun has burnt the dirt into the awning fabric. You can achieve the best results with professional cleaning accessories. Because high pressure washers are just as big a no-no as aggressive, corrosive cleaning agents or alcohol. That's why WAREMA offers you a selection of tested and certified cleaning tools.

Window awnings with easyZIP guidance from WAREMA can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h. The wind speed limit depends on the product design and installation situation.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quotation for your own customised window awning. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!