Roller shutters and windows go together like sunshine and summer. Whether you're looking for a sun shading system, want to save energy or need effective protection against uninvited intruders. WAREMA roller shutters don't just offer the best visual privacy, glare control and light protection. They also improve the energy efficiency of your property and thus sustainably increase its value.

Whether for a new building or renovation – we have the perfect roller shutter solution for every installation situation.

Top-mounted roller shutters from WAREMA are used in new buildings or renovation projects. Unlike front-mounted roller shutters, the roller shutter box is mounted directly on top of the window element. As a result, roller shutters and windows can be efficiently installed in a single step.

WAREMA front-mounted roller shutters are an excellent choice for retrofits. They are often used as part of renovations and refurbishment projects. They can either be integrated 'invisibly' in the facade or utilised as an optical facade highlight.

An increasing number of building facades are incorporating sloped glazing. These types of windows require special sun shading concepts. These are WAREMA asymmetrical roller shutters: the perfect solution for modern windows with a slope of 10 to 45 degrees.

Shaft roller shutters from WAREMA offer impressive functionality, contemporary design and superior quality. The are easily installed in new buildings and renovations. All you have to do is use an existing shaft.

Windows and doors are among the most sensitive parts of a house, whether it is a matter of security or energy efficiency. With a roller shutter on the window or patio door, you not only control the incoming daylight and thus change the desired atmosphere in your rooms. You also directly influence the temperature inside. In summer, you keep the heat outside when the roller shutter is closed and save costs for fans or air conditioners. In winter, on the other hand, you are happy about the sun's rays coming in, as the heating can be reduced or, ideally, not used at all. With the WAREMA security package for front-mounted roller shutters, we offer you additional protection and increased burglar resistance.

A roller shutter from WAREMA gives your design concepts free rein and amazes with technical perfection and innovative ideas. Do you want to protect your home against the sun while increasing your living comfort and safety at the same time? Then we recommend our roller shutter solutions. They deliver effective visual privacy and sun shading, reliable noise protection, and optimal thermal protection. Come and see for yourself!

  • maximum order width 3000 mm
  • maximum order height 3250 mm
  • Maximum order area 7 m²
  • roll-formed/folded box
  • Triangular design end rail, standard feature
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 3500 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Extruded box
  • Triangular design end rail, standard feature 
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 3500 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Extruded box
  • Triangular design end rail, standard feature
  • Insect screen, integrated
  • maximum order width 3000 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 9.3 m²
  • Box made of plastic
  • Window connection via clip fixing
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 3500 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Box for masonry or clinker construction
  • Inspection access outside, shaft depth 80 mm or 120 mm
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 3500 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Box for masonry or clinker construction
  • Inspection access inside
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 3000 mm
  • maximum order height 2600 mm
  • Maximum order area 7 m²
  • stable system with insulating shell from polystyrene
  • for use in existing boxes
  • Insect screen, optional
  • maximum order width 2500 mm
  • maximum order height 3000 mm
  • Maximum order area 5.5 m²
  • Asymmetrical roller shutters without lateral box protrusion
  • Only two shutter profiles protrude in the opened state
  • Inclination angle 10-45°
  • maximum order width 3800 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Installation in existing boxes/shafts on-site
  • Unobtrusive integration in the building design
  • Independent installation of roller shutters and windows

Thanks to innovative control systems, roller shutters offer maximum comfort and convenience. Thanks to the motor drive, not only can you easily raise and lower your sun shading product at the press of a button, you can also operate it remotely using radio remote control - comfortably from your armchair and in all the rooms of your home. Furthermore, you can integrate your electric roller shutters in your Smart Home system. Then you can comfortably control your sun shading system via app on smartphone or tablet. Even if you are not at home, you have full control over your roller shutters and can keep them moving. So your home always appears to be occupied. This ensures even more safety and the ideal climate in all rooms at all times.

WAREMA also offers you useful services, both when selecting your product as well as during your purchase and beyond. We're happy to assist you throughout the entire product life of your roller shutter and beyond. By doing so, we can make sure that you'll enjoy a first-rate sun shading product for many years to come.

Use the digital WAREMA configurator to easily and effortlessly find the roller shutter for you.

Operate your sun roller shutter and your entire home using intelligent controls - via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

Stay on the safe side and rely on premium service from WAREMA.

Which roller shutter best suits your individual needs? Take a look through our configurator and find your perfect solution.

Roller shutters from WAREMA are intelligent, fully automatable systems (on request) that reduce energy consumption, provide more comfort and offer additional security. Roller shutters even keep out noise from outside and unwelcome insects. They also offer effective protection against bad weather.

Roller shutters make elegant design features for facades – at WAREMA you will find a large selection to fit your architectural requirements perfectly.

Whether renovating or modernising – WAREMA provides you with the optimum roller shutter solution for your project. Roller shutters can also be easily retrofitted, particularly as almost all roller shutters are custom-made exactly according to your needs. WAREMA roller shutters provide optimum sun shading and also increase the energy efficiency of your property and reduce your heating costs. As well heat insulation in the colder months, the positive effects on energy savings in summer should not be underestimated. If used correctly, roller shutters can significantly reduce the need for extra cooling with, for example, an air conditioning unit. So roller shutters increase your personal quality of life, protect the environment and save you lots of money.

Roller shutters may be just the dim-out solution you've been looking for! But that's not all roller shutters have to offer. These all-rounders offer a variety of benefits. They improve energy efficiency and offer protection against prying eyes. Discover the numerous benefits provided by these all-rounders with WAREMA.

Improve the energy efficiency of your building all year round with a roller shutter from WAREMA. When the roller shutter is lowered, an insulating layer of air is formed between your window and the roller shutter.

WAREMA roller shutters protect your windows and house against all kinds of weather. Whether you're dealing with rain, snow or wind – roller shutters shield your house, helping it retain its value.

Achieve an almost full dim-out effect in your rooms with roller shutters. They provide optimal glare control while the daylight can be controlled as desired thanks to the light slits, meaning you no longer need to decide between full light or darkness.

Everyone requires a different amount of privacy. Take control of your own privacy with a roller shutter. Avert prying eyes from outside and decide the level of privacy you require.

Our roller shutter curtain made from foam-filled aluminium offers top stability. Maximum security is guaranteed by smart presence simulation and the security package provided with the front-mounted roller shutter, offering you an extra level of protection for your home.

When fully closed, WAREMA roller shutters keep annoying pests at bay. WAREMA also offers insect screen solutions that can be integrated in roller shutters. Available options range from insect screen roller blinds to swivel doors.

For added convenience, WAREMA roller shutters are equipped with a motorised drive as standard that can be operated using a wall-mounted transmitter, hand-held transmitter or your smartphone. We also offer solutions for integration into a Smart Home system in the form of WMS WebControl pro and WMS homee.

WAREMA roller shutters effectively shut out noise. A roller shutter acts as an additional wall in front of your window that deflects sound. Benefit from extra noise protection thanks to the air pocket between the closed roller shutter curtain and the window.

Personalisation options for WAREMA roller shutters leave nothing to be desired. WAREMA offers a wide selection of colours for the roller shutter curtain and powder-coated aluminium parts along with various shutter profiles for your roller shutter.

WAREMA has the perfect roller shutter for every facade. We're a big fan of special shapes. We'd be happy to make your very own roller shutter to measure.

WAREMA products haven't travelled halfway across the globe by the time they arrive at your door. By contrast, all of our roller shutters are developed and produced in Germany. In this way, we are able to significantly shorten our transport routes while providing top material quality and perfect functionality.

WAREMA assists you with selecting and buying your product and, of course, once it is in use. Our service-oriented approach guarantees you get the most out of your sun shading system. Our premium services include repairs, spare parts, maintenance and operating instructions along with cleaning and care.

The WAREMA collection for external venetian blinds and roller shutters lends itself to creating an optically perfect sun shading system matched to any facade – high-quality, elegant and uniquely functional.

Discover the additional technologies and features for roller shutters from WAREMA – integrated fall protection VisioNeo, roller shutters with SecuKit, the slim-design Minimax guide rails, intelligent controls, printable roller shutter curtains, integrated insect and pollen protection and much more.

With the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for roller shutters, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way. VisioNeo is combinable with front-mounted roller shutters, top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings, shaft roller shutter systems or VisioNeo Single (without sun shading).

WAREMA roller shutters with SecuKit are equipped as standard with a motor-operated drive that can be operated with an intelligent WAREMA control if desired. In the event of an interruption to the power supply in an emergency, the additional belt operation quickly and easily provides an escape route from the building.

This slim guide rail for front-mounted roller shutters is only 37 mm wide and, when embedded in plaster, has a visible width of just 22 mm and can be offset so that the window frame can be insulated from the side.

The perfect duo against unwelcome troublemakers: WAREMA roller shutters with integrated insect and pollen protection. Our shutter protection is individually tailored to your roller shutter at the factory and is easy to operate when installed. We also offer further shutter solutions such as swivel frames, roller blinds and sash frames for swinging doors, for example for your patio and balcony doors.

WAREMA roller shutter curtains impress with all the great characteristics that also distinguish the other WAREMA roller shutters: They manage light, mood and climate in all of your rooms and protect you against the prying eyes of passers-by and neighbours.

Experience our exclusive colour worlds. You can order the aluminium parts of your roller shutter in many trendy colours, depending on the model.

The perfect protection for the home. The security package offers additional protection and increased burglar resistance as per DIN 18073. With the reinforced push-up guard, secured guide rails and riveted cover panels, our roller shutter security package for roller shutters is the perfect protection for the home.

With individual automation, the intelligent WMS radio remote control always ensures the perfect feel-good climate at home depending on the time of day, position of the sun and weather conditions. In addition to the hand-held transmitter or wall-mounted transmitter operation, you can also control your sun shading system via tablet or smartphone with the iOS and Android app. From the comfort of your home, from the office, or on holiday – WMS WebControl pro provides you with direct access to your smart sun shading system no matter where you are.

Solar energy is stored in the storage battery, no electric drive necessary. Convenient operation with the hand-held transmitter included in the delivery.

Top-mounted elements in standard models contain no window-stabilising or load-transferring components between the window and structure as standard. The planner or customer is responsible for determining the structural strength (wind load) on the basis of the window profile selected. An improvement of the structural strength is possible and can be achieved through different measures

The matrix below shows which add-on technologies and equipment can be combined with which roller shutter types.


Front-mounted roller shutter

Top-mounted roller shutter

Shaft roller shutters

Asymmetrical roller shutter

Insect and pollen protection





VisioNeo fall protection










Solar drive





Security package










Motor with additional collapsible crank




















You want to lower your roller shutter in the evening - but it doesn't work. Even if you get high-quality sun protection with a roller shutter from WAREMA, it is still possible that it will break down one day. The effects of the weather, storms and precipitation do not pass your roller shutter by without leaving a trace. If one of your roller shutters is defective, you should not do it yourself, but rather consult a professional. In the worst case, inexperienced hands can make the problem even worse. It is best to contact a specialist dealer in your area for repairs. He will provide you with active support and supply you with original WAREMA spare parts.

Safety at the expense of style? Not with the integrated fall protection VisioNeo from WAREMA. This reliable and almost invisible fall protection is a stylish solution that replaces bars and railings on floor-to-ceiling windows. The certified fall protection combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender glass pane integrates harmoniously into every facade, enhances it optically and protects the inhabitants from falling out a window.

A roller shutter is an external sun shading system fitted to a window or patio door. This sun shading system offers effective privacy, heat protection and glare control.

A roller shutter consists of the following components:

  • Roller shutter curtain: this consists of several aluminium or plastic profiles which can be lowered in front of a window.
  • Guide rails: responsible for guiding the roller curtain and preventing it from sustaining damage by being pressed inwards and outwards by the wind.
  • Box: the box protects the rolled-up roller shutter curtain from wind and weather. It also adds a fitting design element to the facade.
  • Shaft: the shaft is used to wind the roller shutter curtain.
  • Drive element: motor, crank or belt that can be used to open and close your roller shutter.

Both types of roller shutter are suitable for renovation and new build projects. The difference lies in the installation of the box. For top-mounted roller shutters , the box is fixed to the window from the top and mounted together with the window. However, front-mounted roller shutters can either be fitted with an 'invisible' box integrated into the facade or a visible box installed as a design highlight on the facade, available in all RAL CLASSIC colours.

Because WAREMA roller shutters are high-quality products, which are always made to measure according to customer wishes, they are only available to purchase from sun shading specialist dealers and not in hardware stores or online. Contact your local specialised retailer to receive a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

As roller shutters are high-quality products, which are always made to measure according to customer wishes, prices are highly individual. Contact your local specialised retailer to receive a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

Damage caused by hail or other bad weather constitutes damage by the elements to your house and is generally covered by your household contents insurance. An appraiser is usually consulted, normally provided by the insurance company. To be safe, enquire with your insurance company about whether elemental damage insurance is necessary for you.

If your roller shutters sustain damage due to hail, act immediately by taking photos to document the damage. Videos are also useful. Report the damage to your insurer without delay. Make sure to specify the location, date and time at which the hail occurred. If possible, mention a witness, perhaps a neighbour. It can also be a good idea to create a list of damaged objects to provide the insurer with an overview. The corresponding objects should be kept safe until the claim has been processed.

Your insurer will let you know the next steps to take. Don't take any action without their approval. For example, if you decide to repair the shutters before clearing matters, your insurer won't cover the costs.

Roller shutters with motor drives offer extremely convenient operation together with a smart control system . Additional belt operation can be fitted for emergency situations, which works independently of the power supply. A lowered curtain can be raised to the upper limit position in a matter of seconds by manual pulling on the additional belt. A lowered roller shutter will thus no longer block the way outside in case of a power failure.

The main difference between rollers shutters and roller blinds is where they are attached. Roller shutters are external sun shading systems , whereas roller blinds are fitted inside. The materials also vary significantly. Roller shutters are made from aluminium or plastic, whereas roller blinds are made from fabric.

When there's a problem with one of your roller shutters, you should always call a qualified specialist instead of attempting to repair it yourself. In the worst case scenario, an unpracticed hand can make the problem worse. For repairs , it's best to turn to a local specialised retailer. Your retailer is ready to provide helpful assistance.

Exclusive use of original spare parts is essential for trouble-free operation and a long product service life. Spare parts for roller shutters can be purchased from your local sun shading system specialised retailer. There you will find every kind of accessory required for roller shutter units, whether for repairs, installation or maintenance.

Roller shutters are true all-rounders. Their wide range of functions prevent heat from escaping your house in winter while saving the amount of power required for cooling with effective sun and heat protection in the summer months, allowing you to improve the energy efficiency of your building. Other useful benefits to roller shutters include visual privacy, dim-out and glare control, weather protection, security and noise protection. Roller shutters are also a striking design feature for your home's facade.

Make sure to close your windows during bad weather like storms. Eliminate air drafts. The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance also recommends fully closing roller shutters in the case of bad weather. They must not be partially opened under any circumstances. Otherwise, they may sustain damage due to wind reaching between the roller shutter curtain and the window, ripping the roller shutters from their guide rail.

When using a control unit without an ice alarm, automatic operation should be deactivated in icy conditions. If snow, rain or ice falls onto your roller shutters, they may freeze up in low temperatures. You should not operate the roller shutters while iced over. The roller shutters must be cleared of ice and snow before they can be used.

Roller shutters should not be fully closed at temperatures over 30 degrees. As a bare minimum, the light and ventilation slots should be kept open to ensure ventilation. It will also reduce the risk of deformation if plastic roller shutter curtains are being used.

There are various types of roller shutters available designed to suit different locations of use and requirements. These include:

  • Top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings: mounted on and installed in combination with the window. They are suitable for new buildings and renovations and are fully embedded in plaster both in interior spaces and outside. In addition to this, they also offer great sound insulation and strong heat insulation.
  • Top-mounted roller shutters: also mounted on and in combination with the window. The top-mounted box is made from plastic and generally fitted with visible cover panels on the inside and out.
  • Front-mounted roller shutters: can be integrated with almost every facade with a visible box on the facade or a box embedded in plaster regardless of the building design
  • Asymmetrical roller shutters: the perfect solution for architecturally demanding window shapes
  • Shaft roller shutters: perfect for on-site installation in pre-existing boxes/shafts
  • Renovation roller shutters: ideal for pre-existing lintel boxes

The range of products offered by manufacturers like WAREMA may vary subject to country-specific structural conditions and regulations.

In order to ensure the highest level of quality, roller shutters need to be made to measure. Ask your specialised retailer to receive more information.

Benefits of aluminium roller shutters:

Thanks to their top stability and high quality, aluminium roller shutter curtains are ideal for large windows. Aluminium gives the roller shutters a long product life and great winding behaviour. In addition, it's weather-proof with colourfast and form resistant properties despite high solar radiation. You can also select the perfect colour for your aluminium roller shutters from a wide range of eye-catching colours.

Benefits of plastic roller shutters:

Plastic roller shutters are the more cost-effective variant and the perfect solution for small windows. Plastic isn't suitable for large windows due to a lack of stability. In addition, slats made from PVC offer great heat insulation, helping you save energy.

You can save energy by using your roller shutter as intended. When lowered and closed in the summer months, roller shutters offer an extra layer of thermal resistance. The sun's rays aren't able to make it inside, reducing the amount of energy required to cool the room.

During the winter months, you can also prevent heat from escaping by keeping your roller shutters closed. The pleasant side effect of this is that the window panes do not ice over on the outside and less condensation forms on the inside. To allow sunray energy to stream into the room unhindered on sunny winter days, the sun shading system should only be activated once the sun has gone down.

Needless to say, roller shutters also offer glare control and visual privacy, and can be moved into the position you require.

Roller shutters and external venetian blinds are both external sun shading systems. This means they are installed outside in front of the window and have numerous advantageous features.

External venetian blinds are particularly well suited to living and work rooms as they permit daylight guidance to be adjusted as required. On the other hand, roller shutters have a reliable black-out effect, making them ideal for bedrooms and rooms that require privacy. These robust and durable systems also provide noise protection.

The box is the housing that protects the inner workings of the roller shutter, including the fabric shaft, the motor and the wound-up roller shutter curtain. Depending on the roller shutter type, the box will either be integrated in the facade or installed on the outside of the facade.

Solar roller shutters are powered by a solar motor. The solar energy gained is stored in a storage battery and acts as an environmentally friendly drive for roller shutters. With its own energy supply, the shutter is independent from the power grid, allowing you to save energy costs. Installation also couldn't be easier. Retrofitting does not require any electrical connection work, wall openings or complex line routing. Usually this optional extra is available for front-mounted roller shutters, whereby the required solar panel can be directly installed on the box.

You should hire a specialist fitting company qualified to install roller shutters. Window manufacturers or sun shading system specialised retailers are another alternative.

The window manufacturer or sun shading specialised retailer usually take care of installing roller shutters and shutter boxes.

Your roller shutter has to put up with wind and weather every single day. In the course of this, it can become soiled over time. Strong solar radiation can bake soiling into the roller curtain. Dust and dirt can also damage the roller shutter mechanism. That's why you should clean your roller shutter on a regular basis, at least once each year.

The following tools are required for cleaning:

  • Whisk broom (soft bristles)
  • Vacuum cleaner (optional)
  • Bucket
  • Low-calcium water (recommendation)
  • Cleaning concentrate suitable for metal and plastic surfaces
  • Damp cloth/cleaning glove
  • Cotton cloth

Products should be cleaned gradually from top to bottom: start with the guide rails, move down to the curtain and then to the end rail.

Products should be cleaned gradually from top to bottom: start with the guide rails, move down to the curtain and then to the end rail.

Start with preliminary cleaning:

  • Remove any loose soiling from the entire product (e.g. dust). A whisk broom or vacuum cleaner can be used for this.
  • If the product is installed outside, you can also rinse off loose dirt with clear water at a low water pressure.
  • Before you start, remove any objects that must not get wet.

Then you can start with the heavy-duty cleaning.

  • Prepare a bucket with water and cleaning agent for sun shading products. Note the dosing quantities specified by the cleaning agent manufacturer.
  • Wet the cleaning glove.
  • Clean the product components with a wiping motion. Repeat the procedure as needed based on the degree of soiling.
  • Remove the detached soiling before drying.

Set trends with the aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings from WAREMA. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, they guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in your home or office. The individually adjustable slat angle enables you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes.

Thanks to innovative Smart Home technology from WAREMA, sun shading systems, light, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!