Roller shutters from WAREMA provide effective visual privacy and sun shading, reliable noise protection, and optimal thermal protection for your windows. See for yourself: get in touch with a WAREMA specialised retailer near you!

Roller shutters from WAREMA also improve the energy efficiency of your property and thus sustainably increase its value. Whether you are building a property or want to retrofit roller shutters, we have the perfect solution for every installation situation.

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Operate your roller shutters and your entire home using intelligent controls - via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

With our accessories, you are investing in more comfort and security in your home.

  • Stable visual privacy and sun shading
  • Made-to-measure and individual
  • Energy-efficient and convenient
  • Reliable noise protection
  • Dim-out & glare control
  • Weather protection for windows
  • Comprehensive optional extras for more safety and comfort

Top-mounted roller shutters from WAREMA are used in new buildings or renovation projects. Unlike front-mounted roller shutters, the roller shutter box is mounted directly on top of the window element. As a result, roller shutters and windows can be efficiently installed in a single step.

WAREMA front-mounted roller shutters are an excellent choice for retrofits. They are often used as part of renovations and refurbishment projects. They can either be integrated 'invisibly' in the facade or utilised as an optical facade highlight.

Shaft roller shutters from WAREMA offer impressive functionality, contemporary design and superior quality. The are easily installed in new buildings and renovations. All you have to do is use an existing shaft.


Top-mounted roller shutter

Front-mounted roller shutter

Shaft roller shutter

New buildings


Refurbishments and renovations

Replacing windows


Installation and assembly with window



Installation in existing shafts on site



Visible installation



Invisible installation

WAREMA roller shutters can be integrated in a number of Smart Home systems, making them easy to control and monitor on your smartphone or tablet. Automated processes can also be installed to automatically open or close your external roller shutters as required.

Choose the perfect shade from a wide selection of attractive powder colours for powder-coated aluminium parts such as guide rails, guide profiles, cover panels, boxes or frames.

With the coordinated collection, the sun shading can be perfectly harmonised.


Top-mounted roller shutter

Front-mounted roller shutter

Shaft roller shutters


Motor with additional collapsible crank


Motor with radio motor



Solar drive


Minimax guide rail



WAREMA roller shutters with SecuKit are equipped as standard with a motor-operated drive that can be operated with an intelligent WAREMA control if desired. In the event of an interruption to the power supply in an emergency, the additional belt operation quickly and easily provides an escape route from the building.

With the VisioNeo Sun integrated fall protection for roller shutters, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way. VisioNeo is combinable with front-mounted roller shutters, top-mounted roller shutters for new buildings, shaft roller shutter systems or VisioNeo Single (without sun shading).

The perfect duo against unwelcome troublemakers: WAREMA roller shutters with integrated insect and pollen protection. Our shutter protection is individually tailored to your roller shutter at the factory and is easy to operate when installed. We also offer further shutter solutions such as swivel frames, roller blinds and sash frames for swinging doors, for example for your patio and balcony doors.

You know the uneasy feeling when you're about to start your well-earned holiday: if the roller shutters never move, every potential intruder can see that there's nobody home. The timer for roller shutters from WAREMA will put an end to this. Not only do they automatically retract or extend your roller shutters, they also have a clever presence simulation feature.

The perfect protection for the home. The security package offers additional protection and increased burglar resistance as per DIN 18073. With the reinforced push-up guard, secured guide rails and riveted cover panels, our roller shutter security package for roller shutters is the perfect protection for the home.

Top-mounted elements in standard models contain no window-stabilising or load-transferring components between the window and structure as standard. The planner or customer is responsible for determining the structural strength (wind load) on the basis of the window profile selected. An improvement of the structural strength is possible and can be achieved through the different measures listed here.

With one WMS Photo sensor per facade, nothing stands in the way of fully automatic comfort: prevent your house from heating up by automatically moving the roller shutters to the desired position when the sun is shining. This means the roller shutters can be lowered to any height. You decide whether they are at 80% or completely closed, leaving only small gaps open. Create a cosy climate within your own four walls while saving on energy costs required to cool a warm room.


Top-mounted roller shutter

Front-mounted roller shutter

Shaft roller shutters

SecuKit auxiliary operation


SecuKit auxiliary operation Maxi


Fall protection VisioNeo Sun

Integrated insect and pollen protection


Security package



Roller shutters should not be fully closed at temperatures over 30 degrees. As a bare minimum, the light and ventilation slots should be kept open to ensure ventilation. It will also reduce the risk of deformation if plastic roller shutter curtains are being used.

Whether renovating or modernising – WAREMA provides you with the optimum roller shutter solution for your project. Roller shutters can also be easily retrofitted, particularly as almost all roller shutters are custom-made exactly according to your needs.

Make sure to close your windows during bad weather like storms. Eliminate air drafts. The Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance also recommends fully closing roller shutters in the case of bad weather. They must not be partially opened under any circumstances. Otherwise, they may sustain damage due to wind reaching between the roller shutter curtain and the window, ripping the roller shutters from their guide rail.

Roller shutters from WAREMA are intelligent, fully automatable systems (on request) that reduce energy consumption, provide more comfort and offer additional security. Use roller shutters as elegant and functional elements for your facade. At WAREMA you will find a large selection that exactly fits your architectural requirements.

Our roller shutter curtain made from foam-filled aluminium offers top stability. Maximum security is guaranteed by smart presence simulation and the security package provided with the front-mounted roller shutter, offering you an extra level of protection for your home.

A roller shutter acts as an additional wall in front of your window that deflects sound. Benefit from extra noise protection thanks to the air pocket between the closed roller shutter curtain and the window.

WAREMA roller shutters protect your windows and house against all kinds of weather. Whether you're dealing with rain, snow or wind – roller shutters shield your house, helping it retain its value.

Achieve an almost full dim-out effect in your rooms with roller shutters. They provide optimal glare control while the daylight can be controlled as desired thanks to the light slits, meaning you no longer need to decide between full light or darkness.

Roller shutters provide good heat insulation and heat protection: improve the energy efficiency of your building all year round with a roller shutter. When the roller shutter is lowered, an insulating layer of air is formed between your window and the roller shutter.

When using a control unit without an ice alarm, automatic operation should be deactivated in icy conditions. If snow, rain or ice falls onto your roller shutters, they may freeze up in low temperatures. You should not operate the roller shutters while iced over. The roller shutters must be cleared of ice and snow before they can be used.

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