WAREMA shaft roller shutters are specially designed for installation in existing on-site shafts or lintel boxes. With these roller shutters, the windows and the sun shading system can be installed separately.

Shaft roller shutter systems from WAREMA are impressive, with their functionality, contemporary design and quality. In particular, they are extremely easy to install in new buildings or as part of renovation projects. They are highly adaptable: Depending on the situation, shaft roller shutters can be installed in shafts that are open at the bottom or in existing on-site lintel boxes with external or internal inspection access.

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  • maximum order width 3800 mm
  • maximum order height 3500 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Installation in existing boxes/shafts on-site
  • Unobtrusive integration in the building design
  • Independent installation of roller shutters and windows

When shaft roller shutters are installed, the consoles do not need to be fixed separately to the building. The roller shutter system is attached to the guide rails and these are then screwed onto the window or into the reveal. Discover our outstanding accessories, such as the integrated fall protection system, and a wide range of other features for roller shutters from WAREMA.

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Combine your shaft roller shutter with a solar drive.

Smart control systems and added safety. Find out about our accessories for roller shutters.

Roller shutters with extend function are the perfect solution for anyone who values flexibility and convenience. They are easy to operate and offer an optimum combination of ventilation, dimming and visual privacy.

Discover our high-quality shaft roller shutters with projecting arm now and benefit from the numerous advantages of this innovative technology. Ideal for living rooms, offices or other rooms - our roller shutters with extend function are the ideal addition to any window and give your home a Mediterranean flair.

Shaft roller shutters are ideal for installing in existing on-site lintel boxes or shafts. They can be integrated unobtrusively into the existing architecture and can be installed independently of the window. Shaft roller shutters are ideal for renovation projects. They are also often used in new buildings, for example when brick roller shutter boxes are constructed.

You can find the dimensions of shaft roller shutters on the Product detail pages.

You can read about the construction of shaft roller shutters on the Product detail pages.

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