With a patio side screen from WAREMA, you optimally supplement your sun shading system. It provides you with lateral protection from the sun, wind and weather. And it keeps the prying eyes of neighbours or passers-by away. It always cuts a fine figure – thanks to various different fabric designs and models that go with your conservatory, balcony or patio perfectly.

On request, clever details give you a perfect view out and also guarantee that you can enjoy your patio side screen for a long time to come.

WAREMA patio side screens are made to measure. This means you always get the right solution for your home.

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy superior material quality and perfect functionality.

Many years of experience constantly lead to optimisations. The result: high levels of comfort and long-lasting joy.

Discreet, conspicuous, matching the patio, balcony and facade in every case – enjoy the variety of trendy colours for your selection.

With our patio side screens, you won't have to worry about permanently ruining your view. When you don't need any visual privacy, simply retract the screen. Once it's stowed away in the cassette, the fabric is perfectly protected against dust and dirt. Operation is easy-peasy, so that you can extend or retract your weather protection in no time at all. But functionality isn't the only highlight that our lateral sun shading system provides. Our high-end designs and huge colour selection mean that you'll find just the right patio side screen for your patio or balcony. When used in tandem with other WAREMA products, for example a balcony awning, you can coordinate the perfect sun shading system to obtain both optimal protection and a consistent overall design.

  • maximum order height 2500 mm
  • maximum excerpt 5000 mm
  • Maximum order area 10 m²
  • Manually extendible patio side screen provide lateral visual protection, as well as protection from sun and wind
  • Optional sloped fabric shape

Thanks to the slope of the fabric, the patio side screen is ideally adapted to e.g. the inclination of the patio roof or conservatory. You can also of course order the WAREMA patio side screen with the fabric running straight. When retracted in the cassette box, the fabric is optimally protected against dust and soiling. It is extremely easy to extend the patio side screen. The handle is simply hooked into the holder on the opposite side.

Awnings from WAREMA are the perfect protection against sunlight from above. To complement your awning, we recommend one of our extendible patio side screens. These side screens are installed vertically on your balcony or patio and protect you against prying eyes, wind and weather, as well as from lateral sunlight.

A patio side screen from WAREMA will be tailor-made for you in Germany. Sloped or straight fabric ensures that your patio side screen perfectly matches the inclination of your patio roof, awning or conservatory.

The wide range of fabrics guarantees a patio side screen exactly according to your tastes. Simple operation of your retracted patio side screen is as much a matter of course as its optimum protection.

Experience the range of colours and fabrics in the WAREMA collections. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your sun shading product to your wishes! We offer a large selection of trend designs and allow you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

You receive quality assured products from Europe's leading, full-range provider of sun shading systems.

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955.

To make sure that you are satisfied before and long after the purchase, we offer you comprehensive services.

Find suitable documents and tools and learn more about our repair and support services.

Superior quality is our standard. And we guarantee it with our fair and comprehensive extended 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Valid on all our Outdoor Living products - including accessories and control components! To benefit from this no-cost added value, all you need to do is register your product online following your purchase. With WAREMA offering the only 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the market for Outdoor Living products, you're on the safe side.

With the WAREMA Configurator, you can customise your awnings exactly as you wish. It contains all designs and fabrics for the current awnings and a selection of the most popular colours for powder-coated parts. Features such as radiant heaters, different lighting variants and valance roller blinds can also be selected. What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for a lateral sun shading system that's exactly what you have in mind? Then a patio side screen from WAREMA is the right choice. You can freely configure all aspects of the side screen. In our Patio Side Screen Configurator, you can combine different awning fabrics and other elements to configure the screen exactly as you'd like. We'll manufacture your patio side screen to fit your specific needs, whether that's shading a large patio or adding a bit of visual privacy to your balcony. You also have the option of customising your weather protection with a sloped fabric. This ensures a perfect fit between your patio side screen and the slope of your patio or conservatory roof. In our Configurator, you can see a preview of what your visual privacy will look on your home.

To ensure that your sun shading product stays clean for as long as possible, you should always retract the awning fabric whenever you're not using it. For the fixed parts of the awning, we recommend our sun shading cleaner. Light soiling on the fabric can be brushed off with a soft whisk broom. Heavy soiling, on the other hand, should be pre-treated with a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water. You can then rinse off the detergent using a garden hose. Caution: powerful detergents can attack the patio side screen's impregnation. Therefore, always be sure that you rinse off all traces of detergent. Do not use a washing machine, stiff brush or pressure washer to clean the fabric. These can also remove the water-repellent impregnation and even damage the seams and material.

WAREMA side screens are designed so that they can also withstand strong gusts of wind. In the event of severe weather or storms, however, you should always retract your visual privacy to prevent damage.

When your children are romping and playing in the garden, things can sometimes get a little crazy. Before you know it, a football has been kicked against the awning fabric. No problem! WAREMA awning fabrics are high-quality and tear-resistant. Of course, you should still always try to go easy on your awning and avoid subjecting it to strong loads. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your sun shading product for as long as possible.

Yes, there are! At WAREMA, you have the option of configuring your weather protection with a viewing field. This gives you wind and weather protection without sacrificing a clear view.

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide not just a cosy shaded area, but also to place great importance on attractive design? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA.

Design your favourite space just the way you want it. Modern. Elegant. Light. Always with safe shading from the sun thanks to the custom-made sun sail.

Looking for an elegant shading solution for your open space that also provides protection against rain? Our beautiful new Lamaxa slat roofs make it possible.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!


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