Your conservatory is your feel-good room. Enjoy your well-earned free time and quiet minutes in between the hustle and bustle of everyday life here – including when the sun shows itself from its best side. Make pleasant temperatures and soft lighting according to your tastes simple in these moments with a conservatory shading product from WAREMA. To enjoy nature at close quarters at any time of the year - this can be possible thanks to roofed terraces and conservatories. They extend the living area with a special spot offering a panoramic view outside and illuminated by pleasant daylight. Professionally shade large glass surfaces in summer to create a comfortable atmosphere. At WAREMA you will find your perfect conservatory shading product that will give you pleasant moments in your conservatory – whenever you need them.

Your own conservatory simply allows you to enjoy great moments at any time of the year. When opened to let air in in the summer, it creates the connection between indoor areas and nature. In spring and autumn it allows you to spend some time surrounded by nature while sheltered.

Even in the cold times of the year you can enjoy the uniquely romantic mood it creates in cosy warmth by candlelight on bitterly cold days. And with a conservatory sun shading system you always guide the sun's light and the heat the way you want.

A conservatory sun shading system from WAREMA is always the right choice. Because whatever model you choose: With your conservatory sun shading system you have sunlight fully under your control – and you simply create the right feel-good atmosphere at the right moment. Here, we offer conservatory sun shading systems in various models.

External venetian blinds are an option for the external shading of conservatory walls. The positioning of the slats allows the external venetian blinds to protect against glare while still letting in daylight and providing you with a view outside - for a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Window awnings in weather-proof fabrics provide reliable sun shading for your conservatory. With the easyZIP guidance, you can shade glass corners in the conservatory optimally and easily - available in many colours with different transparencies.

External conservatory awnings are installed on the cold roof of the conservatory. They absorb most of the sun's rays before they reach the glass, so that the heat can't make its way inside. Because the units are exposed to the elements, the Climara external conservatory awnings have been designed to be resilient and stable.

Internal conservatory awnings can be used as an attractive "under glass" solution. Advantage: the units are protected against becoming soiled or weathered and can be optimally incorporated into the room design. The awnings collection, with its large selection of colours and fabrics, offers a wide range of design possibilities.

Especially in summer, you want to enjoy fresh air in your conservatory, but you'd prefer to keep unwelcome insects outside. Insect and pollen protection is the perfect solution for you to enjoy spring and summer in peace and without needing a fly swatter. Whether for door or window frames, permanently or variably installed - everything is possible.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

Would you like to control the sunlight in your conservatory according to the time of day and personal preference, or protect from prying eyes? WAREMA control systems make it child's play. Whether it's permanently mounted on the wall or installed as a mobile app on your smartphone – we have control products for every preference. And best of all: if you happen to be taking a relaxing bath, your sun shading products can be voice-controlled via WMS WebControl.

Guide daylight into the conservatory with WAREMA sun shading products according to your preferences and enjoy a real feel-good atmosphere and a unique lighting ambience.

Every sun shading system for the conservatory is unique - made in Germany from the highest grade of materials according to your wishes and requirements. So you can be sure that your sun shading system in the conservatory will blend in perfectly and you can enjoy it for a long time to come. The easy operation of all models of the conservatory sun shading system from WAREMA also give you pure joy. In particular the models with automatic drive impress with maximum operating comfort, since they are controlled comfortably via the optional WAREMA control system or even via app.

Visually appealing, easy to operate, durable and highly functional: Those are the advantages of a conservatory sun shading system from WAREMA. Because our entire experience and passion go into our solutions for optimum SunLight Management. So that you can always create a perfect feel-good atmosphere for spending time relaxing with your conservatory sun shading system.

A conservatory awning from WAREMA is the most effective conservatory shading product. Here you have the choice between internal and external models in various colour schemes. Alternatively, a ceiling blind from WAREMA is a suitable conservatory shading product. It can, for example, also be easily attached inside at a later time. Venetian blinds that you can use to effectively protect vertical window surfaces are an ideal supplement to both shading solutions as well. An electric drive including control via app or control system also ensure particular operating comfort. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories for your awning for even more comfort, such as LED lighting and radiant heaters.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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