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Venetian blinds from WAREMA
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Internal and external venetian blinds

External venetian blinds

Sun shading systems for every installation situation

Shade your rooms with external venetian blinds from WAREMA.

External venetian blinds

Internal venetian blinds

Sun shading systems for windows and doors

Control the light and design your rooms – with internal venetian blinds.

Internal venetian blinds

WAREMA Configurator

Experience interactive sun shading systems – go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

Which venetian blind suits you?

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Slat colours

Internal venetian blinds for your home

Double-glazed facade venetian blind

This product is an excellent choice for double-glazed windows and is installed between the window panes.

Double-glazed facade venetian blinds

Glass profile venetian blind

This venetian blind is directly attached to the profiles on which the window is installed in the frame.

Glass profile venetian blind

Vertical louvre blind

This vertical louvre blind has vertical slats and is suitable for large windows and doors.

Vertical louvre blind

Venetian blinds for inside

WAREMA venetian blinds are made to measure This means you always get the right solution for your rooms.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality of your venetian blind.

Simple installation

You can also easily attach WAREMA internal venetian blinds at a later time.

Comfort made to measure

Whether operating with a cord, crank or motor – WAREMA offers you all options entirely to your preferences.

Product and operating variants

Cord/cord operation

This venetian blind is raised and lowered using a cord, and it is tilted using a cord as well. This type of operation can be combined with different slat widths.

Glass profile venetian blind with ball chain operation

This venetian blind has a laterally offset ball chain and is mounted directly in the glass profile. Only a small amount of incoming sunlight therefore has any chance of making into your room. The perfect solution for computer workstations!

Ball chain operation

Raise, lower and tilt the slats using a single element: the ball chain. This model is available for different slat widths and top rails.

Operation via crank

The slats are raised, lowered and tilted using a collapsible crank – especially suitable for large venetian blinds. This operating type can be combined with different slat widths and top rails.

Cord and tilt rod operation

The venetian blind is raised and lowered using a cord and tilted using an acrylic tilt rod. This operating type can be combined with different slat widths and top rails.

Motor drive

The venetian blind is operated by a built-in motor (24 V or 230 V) and can also be radio-controlled. The motor operation can be combined with different slat widths and top rails, and can be equipped with additional extras like central control systems from WAREMA.

Application examples for venetian blinds


    Your WAREMA venetian blinds

    Construction limit values
    max. width: 4000 mm | max. height: 4000 mm | max. area: 16 m2
    Lateral guidance
    Available as standard or as an option (lateral guidance with a steel wire cord)
    Fields of application
    Indoor light protection, glare control and visual privacy