External venetian blinds from WAREMA offer much more than just shading and a pleasant room climate. An external venetian blind harmonises light, design and privacy. Find the perfect external venetian blinds for your windows: get in touch with a WAREMA specialised retailer near you.

See the outstanding design and first-class functionality of a customised external venetian blind for yourself. WAREMA external venetian blinds are made-to-measure, developed and produced in Germany.

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Operate your external venetian blind and your entire home using intelligent controls - via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

With our accessories, you are investing in more comfort and security in your home.

  • Flexible visual privacy and sun shading
  • Individual and made-to-measure
  • Energy-efficient and convenient
  • Incidence of light and shading can be individually controlled
  • Comprehensive optional extras for more safety and comfort
  • Slat shapes that dim rooms for cosy sleep
  • Suitable for retrofitting and new builds

The basic external venetian blind can be integrated into virtually any facade. It is suitable for use with both new buildings and renovations. Thanks to the selection of different colours and slat geometries, you'll enjoy full creative freedom for your design. The basic external venetian blind is available with either cable or rail guidance.

What sets our top-mounted external venetian blind apart is its attractiveness and flexibility – all it takes to attach the blind to the window is a simple clip system. Together with the window, the blind can be installed in any structural opening. Its compact dimensions even allow the blind to be used in smaller and medium-sized wall openings.

Are you renovating and looking for an ideal external sun shading system solution? Then you need a WAREMA front-mounted external venetian blind! In terms of looks and installation, this blind is an excellent combination with the WAREMA front-mounted roller shutter. And as an additional bonus, an insect screen can be added at any time.

Take advantage of energy efficient sun shading systems. Our external venetian blind window systems can be easily attached to exterior insulation and finish systems. Open or concealed? The decision is entirely yours. What's more: these external venetian blinds can be combined with ProVisio for increased visual privacy.

With our self-supporting systems, you get a fully individual range of sun shading design possibilities: you can mount the cover panel either on top of or in between the guide rails.

The asymmetrical external venetian blind is the made-to-order solution for ensuring a consistent look, since they are easy to combine with other WAREMA external venetian blinds. An additional benefit is that the optional comfort switch-off function is available to prevent damage in the event of a frozen end rail.

Available in the three different S1, S2 and SE models, the external shaft venetian blind is the perfect sun shading system. It can be easily attached to exterior insulation and finish systems or other shafts – in a concealed or visible installation. And all that with a huge selection of colours.


External venetian blind window system

External shaft venetian blind

Top-mounted external venetian blind

Front-mounted external venetian blind

Self-supporting external venetian blind

Asymmetrical external venetian blind

Basic external venetian blind

New buildings



Refurbishments and renovations


Replacing windows




Visible installation



Invisible installation









WAREMA external venetian blinds can be integrated in a number of Smart Home systems, making them easy to control and monitor on your smartphone or tablet. Automated processes can also be installed to automatically open or close your external venetian blinds as required.

Choose the perfect shade from a wide selection of attractive powder colours for powder-coated aluminium parts such as guide rails, guide profiles, cover panels, boxes or frames.

Our aluminium external venetian blind cover panels are available in various shapes and colours.

With the coordinated collection, the sun shading can be perfectly harmonised.


External venetian blind window system

External shaft venetian blind

Top-mounted external venetian blind

Front-mounted external venetian blind

Self-supporting external venetian blind

Asymmetrical external venetian blind

Basic external venetian blind

Rail guidance


cable guidance




Zetra dim-out slat


Super-fast terrace motor (STM)



Solar drive





The Bauer family from Schwäbisch Gmünd

With the SecuKit for external venetian blinds, blinds can be quickly raised or lowered, independent of the power supply. This allows you to get outside safely in the event of a fire or power failure.

SenSigna detects unusual movements of the external venetian blind, e.g. in an attempted break-in, and immediately emits an acoustic signal. The alarm sounds before the window is damaged with a signal strength of approx. 90 decibels. SenSigna is integrated unobtrusively into the external venetian blind end rail. Simple retrofitting is possible.

With the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for external venetian blinds, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way.

External facade venetian blinds in corner positions can now also be designed without obstruction of the guidance on the corner using corner joint connectors - for an unobstructed view of the modern all-glass corner!

Insect screens from WAREMA can be perfectly combined with external venetian blinds for windows and doors. You can receive effective protection straight from the factory on request that can be integrated into a wide variety of external venetian blind types. Retrofitting is also possible in many cases.

As the name suggests, slowturn means a reduced slat tilting speed. The tilting time is three times longer than that of other external venetian blinds. This makes it possible to position the slats extremely precisely.

With the battery-operated emergency retraction set, the external venetian blind has a fail-safe drive that raises the unit at a particularly high speed.

The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA is a fully automatic way to increase safety and consists of an uninterrupted power supply and a special motor control unit.


External venetian blind window system

External shaft venetian blind

Top-mounted external venetian blind

Front-mounted external venetian blind

Self-supporting external venetian blind

Basic external venetian blind



Early warning system SenSigna

Integrated insect screen

VisioNeo Sun railing system


Corner joint for all-glass corners




External venetian blinds can also help regulate the indoor climate, improve the level of comfort in your own home and reduce energy costs. By reducing the amount of sunrays and heat that enter the room, external venetian blinds are capable of reducing room temperatures, making the indoor climate more comfortable. In addition, you also can even adjust air circulation in a room when the window is opened by opening and closing the slats.

External venetian blinds can help improve your burglary protection. Thanks to their position outside the window, they act as an additional obstacle for potential burglars attempting to open or break in through the window. In addition, external venetian blinds offer a certain degree of privacy by preventing burglars from looking into your room and finding potential items of value or other interesting objects. However, an external venetian blinds alone don't provide full burglary protection. It's important to take other action, like installing an alarm system, to improve the security of your house or apartment. We also recommend retrofitting the early warning system SenSigna von WAREMA.

Enhance your property architecturally and functionally! Retrofitting your property with external venetian blinds is not just an investment in greater energy efficiency; with WAREMA, it becomes a whole new living experience. Choose external venetian blinds for renovation and modernisation exactly according to your wishes – made in the dimensions you need with impressive quality thanks to first class materials. Here you can choose between dim-out external venetian blinds, self-supporting or wind-stable models. Enhance your sun shading system with the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for floor-to-ceiling windows.

Our reporter Toni has set out to answer this question. To do so, he met with our colleague Lukas from Development to find out more about the top quality of our external venetian blinds. Toni gained an intriguing insight into how we test our products and what happens when WAREMA external venetian blinds are exposed to strong gusts of wind. Check out the results for yourself on a company visit with Toni!

Especially for new buildings, topics like climate control, heat protection, glare control, dim-out, view out and visual privacy from the outside are important factors in your planning process. WAREMA external venetian blinds fulfil all requirements in terms of energy efficiency and modern design. Customised slat geometries provide the right solution for achieving your desired sun shading effect. Enjoy daylight and your privacy in equal measure. With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in your home.

Venetian blinds were developed in Italy, and their Italian name "gelosia" means "jealousy". Originally, this term described window grilles that allowed a view out, but prevented a view in. In Venetian palaces or harems, for example, it was custom to install an appropriate privacy screen to avert the gaze of prying eyes.

Over time, the term "venetian blinds" came to be used for other types of window and door dressings consisting of horizontal or vertical slats. Nowadays, the term "venetian blinds" commonly refers to internal and external sun shading systems with movable slats – such as the WAREMA external venetian blinds.

This is because the slats direct the radiation into the interior during the day, meaning that the heat of the sun enters your home. In the evening, when the external sun shading is closed, this increases the insulation performance of the windows so that heat does not escape and the maximum amount of natural heat is stored. The result: an effective reduction in energy used for heating and of course in the related costs.

Our reporter Toni has set out to answer this question. To do so, he met with our colleague Stefan from Development to find out more about the top quality of our external venetian blinds. Toni gained an intriguing insight into which conditions our products have to withstand and whether the external venetian blinds still work in sub-zero temperatures.

With the help of automatic slat tracking, which analyses the current light conditions and ensures the optimum slat position, the natural light is fully utilised during the day, even when there are only few sunny hours. With an additional dose of sunlight, the body can release the mood-lifting happiness hormone serotonin, even in the cold months. This also saves electricity for artificial light. With high-grade external venetian blinds, the energy consumption for artificial lighting can be reduced by 30 to 50 percent.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quote for your own customised external venetian blinds. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!