The interplay of light and shade is simply delightful when the sun shines through your venetian blinds. With venetian blinds from WAREMA, you can have a positive effect on the impression your rooms make – and create an atmosphere of enjoyment in the process. When it comes to selecting colours and variations for internal and external venetian blinds, you've got full rein for creative design. You'll even find sun shading products that fit triangular windows. And you can pick the operating comfort of your choice for your system – whether you open it by hand or remote controlled motor.

Design rooms with light and shade: Look forward to external venetian blinds from WAREMA. They keep the heat out and let the light in exactly how you like it.

Design and functionality in perfect combination: WAREMA offers you an extensive range of internal sun shading solutions for shading different window surfaces, glass facades and doors.

Whether for windows or conservatories: vertical louvre blinds are ideally suited to a wide variety of window surfaces. As they are easy to operate, you can optimally control the light entering the room.

Would you like to control the sunlight in your home based on your personal preferences and the time of day? Do you want to create unique lighting accents? And ensure a pleasant indoor climate to feel good, even on hot days? External venetian blinds They offer excellent heat protection while providing a view of the outside and enabling the user to harness the natural light, which is essential for wellbeing. Light and heat can be adapted as desired without sealing the room off from the sun.

The Inside Portfolio from WAREMA meets the highest demands for quality, flexibility and design. Custom-made roller blinds, internal venetian blinds and vertical louvre blinds are all on offer, which can be optimised depending on the construction project and the user. All variants share a uniform and modern look. Whether in a modern residential building or for the public and commercial sectors, from doctors' surgeries to nurseries, schools to office blocks - WAREMA offers innovative and made-to-measure solutions Made in Germany.

Find exactly the right external venetian blind to fulfil all your requirements while having fun in the process with the help of the digital WAREMA Configurator.

You receive quality assured products from Europe's leading, full-range provider of sun shading systems.

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955.

To make sure that you are satisfied before and long after the purchase, we offer you comprehensive services.

Find suitable documents and tools and learn more about our repair and support services.

What makes a venetian blind special is that its slats can move horizontally or vertically. Compared to other sun shading solutions, the installation of venetian blinds is particularly flexible, they protect against excessive sunlight and prevent rooms from overheating, yet always allow enough daylight indoors.

WAREMA offers venetian blinds for outdoors (external venetian blinds) and for indoors (internal venetian blinds and vertical louvre blinds). External venetian blinds are especially sturdy units which can create a feel-good atmosphere in the room at any time, thanks to the variety of their functions. Venetian blinds for indoors not only effectively protect against heat, provide visual privacy and glare control, but they also add to the room's decoration on the windows.

Our venetian blinds selection is vast. So is the range of possible applications. Would you prefer an external or internal solution? Do you need a special shape? Whatever it is you're looking for: you'll find the perfect venetian blind for every purpose and taste – all from WAREMA.

WAREMA external venetian blinds are sun shading systems attached in front of windows that are ideal for use both on private residential buildings and in offices.

The individually adjustable slat angle enables you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes. Thanks to the flexible daylight utilisation, you achieve a significant increase in living comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

Find out here which external venetian blind suits you.

The external venetian blind is equipped with individually adjustable slats that enable optimal, glare-free use of daylight. The classic roller shutter, on the other hand, consists of fixed slats and is thus suitable for complete room dim-out, among other things.

Different sun shading products are often combined on modern buildings. Particularly in residential buildings, roller shutters are often used in bedrooms to ensure ideal dim-out and reliable sound insulation. Living rooms, on the other hand, should be flooded with light, but should still offer glare control and visual privacy as required - a strength of WAREMA external venetian blinds. For a uniform appearance of your facade, we have also developed a mutual colour range for both products. The best solution from a single source – with sun shading solutions from WAREMA. It is suitable for complete room dim-out, among other things.

Regular care and maintenance improve the appearance of your external venetian blind and contribute to the conservation of the shading ability. It is worth planning this work for the end of the season, so that the spring cleaning the following year can be done more quickly. If you get around to cleaning your sun shading system and having the units maintained by a qualified specialist early, you can enjoy the first rays of sun carefree.

As a leading manufacturer of sun shading systems, WAREMA knows what's important for cleaning. That's why you'll achieve optimum results with our aids. The tested and certified WAREMA sun shading system cleaner combined with the WAREMA cleaning glove is suitable for cleaning metal and plastic surfaces. The glove is made of a special microfibre fabric and is particularly suitable for loosening and collecting a large amount of dirt. For cleaning the slats of your external venetian blinds, it is best to use the specially developed WAREMA slat cleaning tongs in combination with the sun shading system cleaner. For efficient cleaning of numerous external venetian blinds, we recommend the slat cleaning brush.

The cleaning of all external sun shading products, such as external venetian blinds always starts in the same way: remove loose dirt from cover panels, frames, profile rails, slats etc. with whisk broom or vacuum cleaner and rinse off with clear water if necessary. To do this you move from top to bottom or from back to front. Due to potential short circuiting, electrical components must not come into contact with water during this.

Next, all enamelled metal or plastic surfaces are cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge. Optimal results can be achieved with two of the WAREMA cleaning products specially developed and certified for sun shading systems, the cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products together with the cleaning glove. The glove consists of a special microfibre fabric and is particularly suitable for loosening and collecting dirt. The next steps of the cleaning process differ depending on the sun shading product.


As a rule, no high pressure washers, abrasive sponges or aggressive cleaning agents and solvents, such as alcohol or benzene, should be used when cleaning the sun shading system.

Every WAREMA venetian blind is custom-made specifically to fit your individual needs. No two venetian blinds are the same. This is also true when it comes to their price. Please contact your local specialist dealer for more information. They'll be happy to assist you with finding the right venetian blind.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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