Sun shading solutions from WAREMA make an important contribution to quality of life. WAREMA's product range includes external sun shading solutions as well as sun and weather protection for designing open spaces and perfectly suited intelligent control systems. Our customer solutions provide well-being and quality of life - whether in the home, the workplace, the garden or even on the patio of the local cafe.

WAREMA sun shading solutions stand for outstanding quality and high standards for individuality. As the market leader in the field of technical sun shading systems for private homes, we stand by our high-grade and innovative products. Discover our solutions for Outdoor Living, Home Comfort and Smart Home. Be inspired, use modern planning tools such as the WAREMA Configurator and get guide from a specialist dealer near you.

Modern sun shading meets a variety of requirements. It regulates the daylight, protects against prying eyes, creates a homely atmosphere, contributes to energy efficiency, is a style element on the facade and adds to the residents' comfort through intelligent control systems. But what kind of sun shading is best suited for your requirements? WAREMA guides you through the selection process, providing the information and inspiration you need to make the right decision for new buildings.

Are you looking for your own four walls and have decided to take on a renovation project? Or are you empty nesters who now want to use and modernise the freed-up space on your property or make it more accessible? WAREMA has the right solution for the right sun shading system, whether for facade or patio. Whether an external venetian blind, roller shutter, awning, insect screen or the right control system - WAREMA offers you all the solutions you need, with or without window replacement.

WAREMA offers you much more than just sun shading systems: our customised solutions create comfort for your home.

Every room in the house has different requirements for sun shading, visual privacy and energy efficiency. Whether you're planning a new building or renovation – sun shading from WAREMA has the right solution for every requirement. To give you an idea of which sun shading products are offered for different rooms, what material is available in which colour, and how the products can be individually configured to meet your needs, we've grouped our solutions in the following categories for you: living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen for inside the house, and conservatory, patio, balcony and garden for outside. Design light and shading exactly as you'd like them.

Time for a change of scenery: the warm summer months finally allow us to spend more of our time outdoors again. WAREMA has designed individual outdoor living solutions for balconies, gardens, terraces and conservatories so that every outdoor area can be beautified with the right sun, privacy and weather protection, regardless of the living situation and condition.

Intelligent, automatically controlled sun shading has an influence on people's quality of life and the energy efficiency of buildings. Solutions from WAREMA ensure a real feel-good climate in your home - with daylight to suit your taste. With our numerous sun shading solutions for windows and façades, you will always find the right solution for new buildings, modernisation or renovation. This is how Home Comfort succeeds with WAREMA.

Do you want to reliably protect your home against the sun while increasing your living comfort and safety at the same time? Then our innovative products are just right for you. Whether it's new buildings or renovations – we offer an ideal solution for every requirement. Choose added security and learn about our solutions here.

The lights are on and the heating is running – for a complete feeling of well-being, the room must offer a perfect ambience. No wonder, then, that around 36 percent of final energy consumption in Germany is accounted for by the building sector, as found by the dena Building Report Compact 2018. And much greater levels of efficiency can be reached. Smart Home automation is able to create a pleasant room climate while saving energy for heat and power at the same time. The automated sun shading system plays a key role here.

Building a house is a major construction project. That's why it's even more important to maintain an overview right from the beginning and to stay fully informed so that you can make the right decisions with ease. Our comprehensive interactive planning tools and helpful tips for new buildings will help you make your new home a reality and make it easier for you to choose the best sun shading concept and a suitable Smart Home system – perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

With the WAREMA Designer, outdoor living products are experienced as smart applications within the limits of Augmented Reality at your own house.

Explore the range of our WAREMA collections and experience the colours and designs for awnings and black-out blinds.

All help topics for private customers at a glance

Do you have a question? We're happy to help. Here you'll find an overview of all help topics as well as the option to contact us directly.

Intelligent solutions from WAREMA are important components of climate-friendly building envelopes worldwide. Here you will find various free tools that you can use at any time day or night for optimally planning your shading solution. Select practical tools for your planning and be inspired.

Are you planning a sun shading system for a building and wondering whether the product you want can be used for your particular building situation. The Dimensions Assistant for external venetian blinds will soon tell you.

The WAREMA Fastener Assistant helps you to select suitable fixing material.

The WAREMA console planner helps with planning the awning installation.

The interactive, web-based software tool “WAREMA Sun Shading Planner” supports you when planning the appropriate sun shading system and is available to you in “Light” and “Expert” variants.

Your fast track to a Smart Home: Benefit from our new, intuitive software with high user reliability - ideally suited to beginners as well as experienced users. With significantly fewer clicks and clearer visualisation, you can have a Smart Home quicker than ever before.

The control systems product finder is part of the interactive, web-based software tool “WAREMA Sun Shading Planner”. It supports you when choosing a suitable control solution (product finder) and provides you with principle management schematic diagrams. In order for control and sun shading systems to match perfectly, WAREMA takes care of commissioning and/or optimisation of all WAREMA control systems for you.

Brochures, operating and installation instructions, circuit and schematic diagrams as well as software/manuals - everything you need to simplify your planning can be found in our download section for electricians.

Use your smartphone as an additional transmitter in the WMS system, for incredibly simple operation using an app or a web browser. You can get the app for Android and iOS.

Safety at the expense of style? Not with the integrated fall protection VisioNeo from WAREMA. This reliable and almost invisible fall protection is a stylish solution that replaces bars and railings on floor-to-ceiling windows. The certified fall protection combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender glass pane integrates harmoniously into every facade, enhances it optically and protects the inhabitants from falling out a window.

We spend most of our day at work. So finding the right sun shading system for the office is a big challenge. The products must enable a glare-free working environment while ideally absorbing sound and also providing overheating protection in summer and saving energy in winter.

The best possible use of available open spaces for serving guests is an important success factor for food establishment owners. Because more and more people prefer sitting outside at restaurants - regardless of the season. The installation of a high-grade sun shading and weather protection system is often indispensable here.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!