The lights are on and the heating is running – for a complete feeling of well-being, the room must offer a perfect ambience. No wonder, then, that around 36 percent of final energy consumption in Germany is accounted for by the building sector, as found by the dena Building Report Compact 2018. And much greater levels of efficiency can be reached. Smart Home automation is able to create a pleasant room climate while saving energy for heat and power at the same time. The automated sun shading system plays a key role here. Live sustainably and use the power of the sun: Automated sun shading systems save energy for heat, light and cooling

Depending on the building, the right combination of building and automated sun shading system can save up to 70% of cooling energy and up to 30% of heating energy.

A current study by the Industrial Association of Roller Shutter Sun Shading Automation (IVRSA) confirms that, depending on the building, the correct combination of windows and automated sun shading can save up to 70% of cooling energy and up to 30% of heating energy compared to windows without sun shading systems.

With an automated sun shading system, heat and power savings can be made throughout the year. If all buildings in Germany were fitted with the perfect combination of windows and automated sun shading systems, the heating energy savings would be comparable to the annual energy production of approximately two medium sized atomic power stations. Compared to buildings without automated sun shading systems, up to six million tonnes of CO2 emissions would be avoided, the IVRSA study shows.

Save on heating costs in winter

During the cold months, the sun's radiation is directed into the rooms to provide heat. At night, air pockets between the tightly sealed external sun shading system, a roller shutter for example, and the window increases the heat insulation, preventing heat from escaping to the outside.

The use of sun shading systems at windows surfaces cuts energy costs during the heating period through simple physical principles.

Protection against overheating during the summer

This conventional function of the sun shading system can have a major impact on a building's energy requirement. Often, there is even no need to install an air-conditioning system, and this significantly reduces both construction costs and the running costs of properties. In summer, the sun shading system prevents rooms from becoming too warm during the day. An external sun shading system, such as an external venetian blind, which intercepts the sunrays before they hit the window, is especially efficient here.

Cooling loads can be significantly reduced with the right combination of windows and automated sun shading system.

Best possible daylight utilisation

In addition to heating and cooling energy, power for lighting can also be saved. According to our calculations, a sun shading system with slats combined with a good automated control can achieve energy savings for artificial lighting of around 20 percent or more. Modern daylight technology can help you to significantly reduce the current consumption for artificial lighting and save energy.

Decide on a WAREMA solution and save at least 20% of the energy required for artificial lighting!

Automated control systems, such as the bi-directional radio system WMS, are key to optimising energy savings. Because an automated sun shading system responds to temperature and climate changes independently and in good time, the result is a permanent feel-good atmosphere with use of the sun's energy as and when its required – even when the occupants are not at home.

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