We spend most of our day at work. So finding the right sun shading system for the office is a big challenge. The products must enable a glare-free working environment while ideally absorbing sound and also providing overheating protection in summer and saving energy in winter. Effective sun shading products are also important in waiting areas and treatment rooms at doctor's clinics to protect patients. We will show you options for effective sun shading systems in the office or clinic.

Do you want to guide sunlight into your offices or surgery based on the time of day and your personal preferences? Would you like to create unique lighting effects and an atmosphere of true well-being in your living room? WAREMA control systems make it child's play. Whether it's permanently mounted on the wall or installed as a mobile app on your smartphone – we have control products for every preference.

Enjoy daylight and privacy in equal measure with external venetian blinds from WAREMA. They don't only create a comfortable ambiance in the office or clinic - with individually adjustable slat angles, they make it possible to control the incidence of sunlight and can also protect room occupants from prying eyes.

Window awnings in the office or clinic are a functional and attractive shading solution for the outside of the building. The fabrics used are extremely robust and weather-resistant. Stable guide rails such as the especially wind-stable ZIP guidance guarantee long-term functionality. Window awnings are specially tailored to your needs and made for your window dimensions.

The jack of all trades in the window: whether you're searching for sun shading products for your office or surgery, looking to save energy, or need effective protection against unwanted intruders – roller shutters are intelligent, and optionally fully automated, systems that deliver greater comfort and additional safety.

Offices and clinics are no exception to the need for adequate insect and pollen protection. Swivel fames, sash frames, swinging doors and other models are all a reliable way of keeping out unwanted guests. Our insect screen solutions can also be retrofitted and are custom-made to meet your individual needs.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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