Good mood on hot days: The seemingly floating sun shading sail fabric from WAREMA guarantees this. After all, the slender sun shading system provides pleasantly cool shade. Should a light summer rain surprise you in your favourite spot under the sun sail fabric, you are well protected. Because the high-grade awning fabric also overcomes drizzle brilliantly. If the rain falls more heavily, then simply roll in your sun shading sail fabric. The sail fabric is well protected and ready for its next use as soon as the sun shines for you again. Particularly practical here are the fixed models of the sun sail shading system. With their automatic drive, they offer particularly outstanding operating comfort.

You will find different models of sun shading sail fabrics at WAREMA: as a free-standing model or one that is fixed to your property, with triangular or diamond-shaped, asymmetrical or symmetrical sail fabric. Each fixed sun shading sail fabric variant from WAREMA models has an electric drive that enables particularly comfortable operation. Particularly clever: In strong wind your sun shading sail fabric is automatically rolled in. Meaning that it is optimally protected against bad weather. The roll-up command is generated by the sun sail's control system, which includes a weather station and comes standard with the fixed models. The same system also offers you unbeatable on-demand operating comfort, as you have the option of controlling your sun shading sail fabric from an app on your mobile device.

Your sun sail fabric is as individual as you. Because WAREMA makes yours specially for you – in the dimensions you want and from the awning fabric you choose. Here it is particularly easy to prove style and set visual highlights with your personal sun shading sail fabric. That's because, with over 90 different awning fabric colours and designs to choose from, you have maximum creative freedom. And as soon as you have made your choice, the WAREMA experts in Germany produce your shade provider to measure. Care and experience in conjunction with high-grade materials guarantee you a sun-shading sail fabric in impressive quality and with a long durability.

WAREMA sun sail fabric impresses from start to finish, because it is not just a reliable shade provider. Thanks to first-class processing and high-grade materials, it is also particularly durable. Further plus points that speak in favour of a custom-made sun shading sail fabric from WAREMA are its exemplary operating comfort and the wide range of high-quality awning fabrics that guarantee you a sun shading system exactly according to your requirements.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide not just a cosy shaded area, but also to place great importance on attractive design? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA.

Design your favourite space just the way you want it. Modern. Elegant. Light. Always with safe shading from the sun thanks to the custom-made sun sail.

Looking for an elegant shading solution for your open space that also provides protection against rain? Our beautiful new Lamaxa slat roofs make it possible.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!