Discover the right sun shading system for your home! Whether you are planning or building a house, our online guide gives you valuable tips and recommendations for windows, doors, patios, balconies and conservatories. Find out why sun shading systems are important and which types of system are available. We can help you to choose the right sun shading system and to take into account important factors such as climate conditions, your personal preferences and budget, and energy efficiency and sustainability. Let us inspire you! Find the ideal sun shading system for your home!

A black-out system that is perfectly designed to meet your needs, such as a roller shutter can keep your bedrooms cool during the day and ensure that you sleep well. When you need to concentrate on your work, but want to stay relaxed, glare-free daylight is essential in your home office. External venetian blinds make this possible, because they can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light for you. Another option is a textile sun shading system, such as an awning, which not only gives your patio or balcony an attractive appearance but also protects your skin from UV radiation. This means that you can really relax outdoors and forget the world around you.

As well as promoting good health, the right sun shading system also gives you the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your home and therefore to save money. An effective sun shading solution can help to control the amount of sunlight and heat entering the building. When the sun shines through the window, the temperature in the room will increase, which in turn means that the air conditioning system uses more energy to keep the room cool. By installing sun shading systems such as awnings or roller shutters, you can reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters the house. This lowers the room temperature, which helps to reduce the energy consumption.

The number of burglaries is constantly rising, causing damage worth millions of euros in many countries. This is one of many reasons to protect yourself and your home more effectively in the long term. If your home is fitted with high-grade, robust sun shading systems, this presents an initial obstacle for burglars. Other smart technologies from WAREMA, such as a presence simulation system or the SenSigna acoustic warning system for external venetian blinds, will also increase the safety of your home.

Planning a complete sun shading system for a new building or a renovation: Are you dreaming about owning your own home or in the middle of a building project? Your new home should be a very special place. Your space to cook, work, renovate, play with the kids or just simply relax. It will be the centre of life for you and the whole family for years to come. Reason enough as a property developer to adapt your new home to perfectly meet your individual requirements. Modern sun shading systems in your home meet a variety of requirements. It regulates the daylight, protects against prying eyes, creates a homely atmosphere, contributes to energy efficiency, is a style element on the facade and adds to living comfort through intelligent control systems. But what kind of sun shading is best suited for your requirements? Let us inspire you and help you to find the best sun shading system with our property developer guide, so that you can feel good at home – giving you greater comfort, unique architectural highlights and a long-term reduction in your energy costs!

Property developers with less experience should be particularly keen to read on: in our guide we provide you with some useful tips for before you start construction:

  • 1. Make your ideas concrete: Think about exactly how large the structure should be in advance. This is because the costs of new construction increase linearly with the volume of the building. Build less, and you'll pay less as well.
  • 2. Proceed cautiously and with determination: You can already save money in the planning phase by giving yourself sufficient time and developing different variants with an architect. Then make a final decision for one version. No hesitation or indecision is the motto. Replanning in the actual construction phase can be expensive.
  • 3. Lay out your project with as much detail as possible: This is important so that your architect can carry out your request for quotation exactly. All elements or trades of the new building are listed, including a description of quantity, performance and quality. You present this request for quotation to various craftsmen so they can make you an offer. You can discuss with your architect which service providers are suitable.

Which design do you prefer? A framed house is built over several months, has great durability and retains its value. The walls can hold in heat, but don't heat up too much in summer. A healthy room climate is typical for this design. Prefabricated houses are, above all, built quickly. They are very well insulated so that you can easily configure them as energy saving houses. No matter which type of house design you opt for, an architect is a reliable source of advice. But of course, your wishes are decisive. Would you like a large garden and plenty of private space? Then a freestanding single-family house is right for you. However, you need a large property, which costs money. For a terrace house you need less property. In every case you should at least basically plan a functional, flexible layout with for few projections and recesses in the facade to prevent energy loss.

Building a house is frequently building for life. That's why it is advisable to already think about growing older. It may become more difficult to climb stairs, or there may not be enough room to move in the bathroom or it could be difficult to get into the bathtub. Frequently it's the small details that can increase living comfort for all generations. Ideally, you should build for full accessibility, or at least ease of access. Learn what that means with our home construction guide:

DIN 18040 - part 2 sets out which accessibility requirements a new building should fulfil. For example, doors should be at least 90 centimetres wide, so that wheelchairs and walkers can pass through without issue. Movement areas and design features are also regulated. You can orientate the planning of your house around the specifications of this norm.

Basically, there are two options for ensuring the hot water supply:

  • Centralised, coupled with the heating system
  • Decentralised via flow heater or small water tank

Important to know: these devices can be operated using electrical energy, but this is not necessarily practical. Since it is relatively expensive. With electrical energy you can feed power peaks and receive basic heat from renewable energy sources, for example with the help of a solar system. This allows you to heat about 60 percent of your annual hot drinking water supply. Clarify at an early stage of the planning of your new building what conditions should be fulfilled for a solar system. Examples here are the areas on the roof, the inclination and the shading.

If you're looking to save energy in construction, you should become familiar with the following concepts. They are included in the building energy certificate and will appear again and again over the course of planning:

Annual primary energy demand (QP)

This is how much energy a house needs annually, from energy production to heat generation.

End-of-year energy demand (QE)

You should procure this amount of energy annually - for instance in the form of heating oil, gas or pellets.

Annual heating demand (QH)

Your house needs this amount of energy while heating, in order to maintain the normal inside temperature.

Transmitted heat loss (H't)

You can take into consideration the heat loss through exterior surfaces (wall, roof and floors on the ground).

Environmentally-friendly design begins right from the choice of plot. This has an effect on the energy consumption of the house. Because it depends on the nature of the building, which heating system can be integrated and which building materials must be used. Additionally, it should be ensured that air, water and soil are kept clean and that renewable energies are used.

Always make sure to keep health and ecological concerns in mind when planning:

  • Safe materials
  • Efficient heating systems
  • Optimal waste disposal and avoiding hazardous waste
  • Focus on regional energy and material flows
  • Reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions
  • Good heat insulation
  • Use of solar energy

Tip: with the proper automatic sun shading system solution you can conserve energy in home construction.

Type of house

Framed house or prefabricated house? Freestanding single-family house or terrace house?

House size

How many square metres and how many rooms? How large is the garden?


Can the rooms be repurposed if necessary? Can the house be divided later, and the rooms sublet?


Should this be a luxury build or are there cheaper but comparable alternatives?


Is the home still comfortable and accessible for seniors or wheelchair users and other persons with limited mobility?


How large a budget do you need and can you save money through sensible planning? What is the financing situation? Do you have enough capital available?

Environmental protection

Can you rely on renewable energy and use resource-saving materials?


How will you prevent heat loss? What is the insulation situation?

Energy efficiency

EnEV - does your house fulfill the requirements of this European regulation?

Hot water supply

Central or decentralised?

For many, a garden simply means quality of life. There you can spend a whole day relaxing, grill with friends or let out your creative energy. Children have a place to play, and at the same time a well-planned, well-cared for garden increases the resell value of your house. A part of this is the proper sun shading system for the garden . This not only provides shade and keeps out damaging UV rays, but also protects against wind and rain showers.

Hint: Not enough property for a garden on the ground? No problem. Facades, garages and roofs can be planted just as well. A balcony can also be transformed into a city garden.

SenSigna is a unique and completely new early warning system for external venetian blinds, which has been developed by WAREMA and uses acoustic warning signals. The system independently evaluates the movements of your external venetian blind and if they are not typical, it immediately emits a loud alarm via its integrated loudspeaker. This not only warns the house owner in good time, but in the best case also quickly deters burglars from going any further.

Burglars have a particularly easy time if they know that a house or an apartment is temporarily unoccupied, for example because the owners are away on holiday. One clear indication of this is sun shading products, such as venetian blinds or roller shutters, which have been left down and have not moved for several days. With the holiday season approaching, it makes sense to find out about smart living functions because they can provide practical security assistance. The clever Smart Home systems from WAREMA improve the indoor climate with their intelligent controls and also increase energy efficiency because of their connection to heating and lighting systems. In addition however, the smart controls, which adjust independently to the weather conditions, can simulate the presence of the owners. With WMS Web Control pro, the extension to the WAREMA WMS radio system, homeowners have complete control at all times and can operate the products at any time of day from their smartphone, even if they are thousands of miles away.

...because ultimately that will save you money. Ideally you should take sun shading and thermal protection systems into consideration during the planning phase for the building, even though they can generally be retrofitted with only minor building work. To ensure that you do not realise too late which steps you have forgotten to take, you should always employ an assembly expert and an energy efficiency specialist who can help you to decide which measures and products offer the greatest potential for savings.

Heating and cooling are responsible for around 80 percent of domestic energy consumption. Therefore, sun shading systems offer huge potential for reducing the incidence of energy in summer and energy losses in winter. However, this will only be the case if the products are adjusted and used correctly in the long term. Automation is the ideal solution for ensuring this is the case without too much work. An automated system will be familiar with the settings and, in combination with a weather station, it can adjust to changes in the weather conditions.

Under the terms of the Paris Agreement and the German Climate Action Plan 2050, the German government has committed to full climate neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve its planned interim targets, the government is offering a 15 percent subsidy for individual measures such as the renovation of sun shading systems or the retrofitting of building controls as part of the Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings scheme (BEG). Our digital funding assistant will explain the requirements, help you to determine whether your products are eligible for funding and provide you with the necessary application documents (applies only to Germany).

This is a useful tip for the future, because if you do not do this, you will not have the necessary flexibility and there will be restrictions the sun shading systems that you can install at a later date. Electricity is needed for automated solutions without a belt or crank and these will have a positive impact on your energy bills.

Fitting windows without considering the sun shading system is a mistake. On the one hand, the sun shading system needs to be taken into account if you replace a window, because the incidence of energy and the comfort of your home depend on the combination of glazing and sun shading systems. On the other hand, guard rails and insect screens can often be installed at the same time.

Would you like every room to have the same sun shading solution simply so that they look identical? If so, you will find it irritating in the long term that you cannot make more flexible use of daylight and shading. Think in advance about your everyday routines and activities in each room and ask yourself what the ideal lighting conditions and shading options would be. On this basis you can choose between external venetian blinds, roller shutters and other possibilities. WAREMA's varied designs, colours and fabrics allow the appearance of the different products to be coordinated perfectly with one another.

While you are planning an outdoor area, you should give thought to how it will be used to make sure that it faces in the right direction. For example, a north-facing patio is in shade all day during hot weather, while anyone who likes to have breakfast outside to prepare for the day ahead can enjoy the first rays of sunshine on an east-facing patio. True sun lovers can start working on their tan from late morning onwards on a south-facing patio, but if you want to watch the sunset in the evening, your patio should face westwards.

Light sensitivity differs from person to person, and plays a large part in the sun shading products we choose. But many other factors also come into play, such as the lighting atmosphere in a room, safety, design and technology. Very few people suit just one type of sun shading – we need to combine them to fit our personalities. Warema, Europe’s market leader for technical sun shading products, has come up with five sun shading types as examples.

People in this group want to feel safe and cosy in their bedrooms. To spend the night recovering from the stresses of the day, they need the perfect black-out system. This is the only way that they can get a good night’s deep sleep that boosts their performance and brings harmony to mind and body. WAREMA roller shutters with handy radio remote control prevent the incidence of bothersome light from streetlights or the early morning sun, ensuring sleep remains undisturbed. They also provide the safety and protection these people need to feel comfortable closing their eyes. The security package for roller shutters with a reinforced push-up guard, widened guide rails and riveting on the inspection covers makes life difficult for thieves and protects effectively against break-ins. This reassurance helps dark sleepers to block out their surroundings and enter the land of dreams with confidence.

Daylight boosts our mood and ability to concentrate. It’s good for body and soul, and sun worshippers know how important this is. With external venetian blinds from WAREMA, they can direct the incidence of daylight however they wish and enjoy all the benefits of large window facades. The days of hot rooms and intrusive glances are over: external venetian blinds combine heat and glare protection with privacy to form an aesthetically pleasing sun shading solution. If desired, they can catch the sunlight before it hits the windowpanes to stop unwanted heat from entering the room. Alternatively, they can guide natural light into the room without glare to create a pleasant ambience. This enables artificial light to be significantly reduced. If someone wants to bring the outdoors inside – not just daylight, but fresh air too – then an integrated VisionAir pollen protection gauze will protect against pollen and insects. Even people with allergies can make their homes as airy and sunny as possible and harness the benefits of the sun.

Individualists know that every detail counts when designing a living space. So it’s just as well that WAREMA sun shading is available in numerous variants and colours that can be combined as desired. Sun shading gives each room a distinctive character based on its function and style. Whether they want external facade solutions such as roller shutters, external venetian blinds and facade awnings, or to create a new outdoor space with awnings, sun sails or slat roofs – every product is available with various forms of shading and promotes well-being in its own special way. Textile sun shading systems give a cosy feel and invite people to relax at home, snuggled up inside their own four walls. Slats have a particularly modern and elegant feel. Stylishly aligned with the interior or used as a fresh, eye-catching feature, they can blend in with the furnishing style or add attractive pops of colour. And, of course, they reliably protect against heat and provide privacy to create a special lighting atmosphere. Online tools provide initial inspiration for colours and materials from WAREMA, including the WAREMA Configurator and the WAREMA Designer app, which can be used to visualise new sun shading systems in the home via augmented reality.

Sun, wind or even rain – nothing keeps outdoor fans from their patios, gardens or balconies. They simply extend their living rooms into the outdoors, provided they are protected from UV rays, gusts and showers. For them, outdoor space is another place to spend their time, if possible all year round. Terrea patio awnings and Perea pergola awnings from WAREMA create the feel of an outdoor room by reliably covering the balcony or patio and adding to the ambience with their colourful fabrics. Particularly in cities, they also ensure intimacy by providing visual privacy from above. The weatherproof variants can withstand even heavy rain. Additional lateral awnings ensure that a stiff breeze has no chance of ruining outdoor fun on the patio. The Lamaxa roof system is an exclusive and attractive alternative that opens up new favourite spaces in gardens or on patios. With its elegant appearance, the slat roof blends in with the landscape or architecture. It can be adapted to an individual’s wishes, ensuring just the right amount of sunlight falls through the slats from above. When it rains, the slats are closed completely, and a weatherproof outdoor room is created with easyZIP awnings or glass sash frames on the sides. LED lighting and radiant heaters ensure a feel-good atmosphere practically all year round, even when darkness starts to fall. The roof system is available with aluminium slats, fabric curtains or a glass roof, meeting even the highest design requirements.

Technically minded types control the devices in their homes with convenient digital tools. They enjoy new technologies that make their lives easier and remove the need for manual actions. For example, their smart homes are perfectly networked via automation systems. They care about operating their sun shading with a handy app and about the energy efficiency of their buildings. Automated control systems such as the WMS radio system respond quickly and automatically to changes in temperature and climate, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere while optimising solar energy usage. This significantly reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. The building doesn’t even need to be occupied; users can rest assured that the system will do everything for them. Another advantage is that automatically lowering the roller shutters or switching on the lights in the evening gives the impression that someone is always home – scaring away potential thieves.

The different areas of a house are designed for different functions. You may like socialising with friends in the kitchen, set up your home office in the living room and enjoy privacy in the bathroom and bedroom. In just the same way, the play of light and shading needs to be adapted to your requirements and routines in each room.

Therefore, WAREMA offers a wide range of sun shading systems and privacy solutions for the whole house. All of them have innovative technology, modern control systems and varied designs. They can be integrated seamlessly into your home or highlighted as design features, depending on your preferences, and they will create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. All the products are characterised by their high-grade workmanship and materials, their longevity and their unique functionality. In addition, WAREMA provides a 5-year manufacturer warranty on its outdoor living products.

For many people, the living room is the centre of life in their home. Other than the bedroom, this is where they spend the most time. The living room should therefore be equipped with the best possible sun shading system. Learn about the options for shading in the living room.

Don't need sun shading in the bedroom? Far from it! A roller shutter not only protects you from the sun, it also shields you from the light and noise of the street. Some don't want it to be pitch-black, and instead prefer to individually adjust the incidence of light. It's no problem at all with WAREMA. We'll show you all the possibilities available to you.

For most people, the day begins with a visit to the bathroom, whether they are at home or in a hotel. A variety of sun shading products are available to ensure that you are not dazzled by the sun, but nevertheless have enough light while you are washing and cleaning your teeth. The light and shading can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements.

Lifestyle starts with your windows, especially in the kitchen. The sun shading system shouldn't just look good and control light and shade, but also withstand high humidity. If it can also keep prying eyes at bay and ensure privacy when necessary, every home cook will be happy.

Expand your living space outside and enjoy your patio all year round. Nothing can keep nature lovers from their patio. An awning protects from the sun, UV rays and rain, and transforms your patio into a new space to live out and feel in. Find more solutions here.

Your own private balcony is an amazing refuge for relaxing in your spare time, creating true added value for any flat or home. With a patio awning, pergola awning or sun sail, it can provide protection against UV rays, the sun's heat and poor weather. There's nowhere better than on your balcony at home.

A conservatory functions as an extra room in your home and gives you the feeling of being both indoors and outdoors and surrounded by nature all year round. WAREMA has a wide range of solutions available that allow you to enjoy the best sun shading.

Would you like to get out into nature, but also need a shady place to spend time especially in summer? WAREMA has a large selection of solutions available, well-designed and made in Germany from high-grade materials – whether it's a sun sail, parasol or Lamaxa slat roof. Design a sun shading system for your garden.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

At WAREMA, we are passionate about sunlight. We want everyone to be able to create their preferred atmosphere of light and warmth at home and in their workplace. That is why we have developed a complete range of sun shading products for inside and outside, as well as modern control systems and innovative technologies to enable exactly that. As well as comfort, sustainability is especially important to us in this process. The intelligent sun shading controls significantly lower energy consumption for heating and artificial lighting. We offer the right package for everyone, whatever your individual requirements.

The lighting in our houses influences the mood in every room. It creates a sense of comfort and well-being and therefore has the power to influence the entire atmosphere of the room. This lighting can be controlled with the right sun shading products. In addition, factors such as privacy and safety, energy efficiency and temperature regulation are closely linked to the shading solutions.

Our innovative products are developed and manufactured in Germany. They are characterised most importantly by high levels of functionality, longevity and outstanding quality. WAREMA reinforces this by offering a 5-year manufacturer warranty. In addition, for lovers of the great outdoors, WAREMA offers a wide range of technical features, striking colours for frames and fabrics and a variety of fabric options, plus products in tailor-made shapes and sizes to ensure that your sun shading product harmonises with your garden and your house facade.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds you can create an atmosphere in your home or office in which you always feel comfortable.

WAREMA roller shutters don't just offer the best visual privacy, glare control and light protection. They also improve the energy efficiency of your property and thus sustainably increase its value.

Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, window awnings guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection. Large fronts are effectively protected from the sun or prying eyes.

With the clever WAREMA insect screens and pollen protection solutions, you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year without limitations.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds you can create an atmosphere in your home or office in which you always feel comfortable.

WAREMA roller shutters don't just offer the best visual privacy, glare control and light protection. They also improve the energy efficiency of your property and thus sustainably increase its value.

Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, window awnings guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection. Large fronts are effectively protected from the sun or prying eyes.

With the clever WAREMA insect screens and pollen protection solutions, you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year without limitations.

The high-grade Terrea awnings give you the greatest design freedom with their attractive designs and frame colours. The clever accessories provide operating comfort and a boost to your quality of life.

Pergola awnings provide shade, impress with their design and satisfy with their weather protection. With the styling of a pergola awning Perea, add highlights to any patio and any balcony.

With a patio side screen from WAREMA, you optimally supplement your sun shading system. It provides you with lateral protection from the sun, wind and weather. And it keeps the prying eyes of neighbours or passers-by away.

Depending on your requirements, conservatory awnings offer optimal sun shading, visual privacy and glare control – whether for classic conservatories, individual architectural solutions with large glass surfaces or patio roofs.

WAREMA fall protection VisioNeo combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender glass pane integrates harmoniously into every facade, enhances it optically and protects the inhabitants from falling out a window.

The Lamaxa slat roof, both as a free-standing model or attached to the wall of your home, is not only a true eye-catcher in your garden or on your patio: it also delivers impressive functionality.

They appear to be floating in mid-air – they're sun sails from WAREMA, and they'll transform your garden , patio or balcony into a shaded and peaceful oasis.

Integrating insect screens into roller shutters has a number of benefits that not only simplify the planning process and the installation, but also represent a high-quality and very reliable solution. In this article, you will find out why insect screens for roller shutters are the ideal option for property developers and how you can have an insect-free home.

Building a house is a major construction project. That's why it's even more important to maintain an overview right from the beginning and to stay fully informed so that you can make the right decisions with ease. Our comprehensive interactive planning tools and helpful tips for new buildings will help you make your new home a reality and make it easier for you to choose the best sun shading concept and a suitable Smart Home system – perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.

With the interactive WAREMA Configurator, you can compose your desired sun shading products completely according to your wishes and them in realistic 3D.

Visualise your virtual sun shading system with the free WAREMA Designer app and you can see immediately what will work best in your own home. The app is available for free in all app stores.

Which fabric? Which design? Which colour? Be inspired by our range and find your ideal sun shading system quickly and conveniently.

You receive quality assured products from Europe's leading, full-range provider of sun shading systems.

We have been developing and producing WAREMA technical sun shading products since 1955.

To make sure that you are satisfied before and long after the purchase, we offer you comprehensive services.

Find suitable documents and tools and learn more about our repair and support services.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!