A patio roof is the most stylish way to create additional outdoor living space: the Lamaxa slat roof from WAREMA gives you complete flexibility to choose your favourite space. Unique light guidance options and convenient weather resistance make the slat roof the ideal, stylish solution for all lovers of outdoor living who are looking for a high-grade patio roof.

The Lamaxa slat roof can be used to create your own space outdoors. The slat roof’s linear design can be installed in any location, either as a free-standing structure or attached to a building. As a modular roof system, the patio roof can be equipped with movable aluminium slats, a movable awning or glass to fulfil the highest design requirements.

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Modular patio roof: Patio roof made of aluminium, fabric or glass.

Patio roof with aluminium slats: Flexible slat roof with movable slats.

Patio roof with cabrio effect: Fully movable aluminium slat roof.

Use the free slat roof configurator and receive an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you.

Operate your slat roof and your entire home using intelligent controls – via the hand-held transmitter or an app.

You can use our accessories, such as lateral sash frames, vertical awnings, radiant heaters and various lighting options, to create a unique slat roof.

  • Individuality: WAREMA slat roofs are made to measure. That means you'll always get the right solution for your patio.
  • Top quality – made in Germany: Quality assured products from Europe's leading full-range provider of sun shading systems.
  • Easy operation: Operate the slats, lighting, vertical shading or radiant heater with extreme ease using a hand-held transmitter or smartphone.
  • Variety of colours: Enjoy a variety of trendy colours to choose from – whether it's subtle or eye-catching, there's something to match every patio and facade.
  • Outstanding service: 5-year manufacturer warranty and 1st place in the Service Champions Award for customer service.

Protection in all weather: Depending on the type, the incidence of light can be adjusted to various levels with the pivotable slats – all the way to a complete closure of the slat roof.

  • Maximum order width 4500 mm
  • Maximum order length 6020 mm
  • Maximum order area 27 m²
With a central pole, several roof systems can be elegantly lined up along the long side as well as the short side. Freestanding, with wall connection or in a star shape, an order area of up to 162 m² can be realised.

Year-round weather protection with style: The Cubic Line is the most slender cubic roof on the market – complemented by perfectly coordinated brackets as well as a custom-fit awning.

  • Maximum order width 7000 mm
  • Maximum order length 4500 mm
  • Maximum order area 31.5 m²

Shading can be regulated along the path of the roof product and lateral light gaps are prevented thanks to the tried and tested secudrive® guidance.

  • Maximum order width 4000 mm
  • Maximum order length 6000 mm
  • Maximum order area 24 m²

Protection in all weather: Depending on the type, the incidence of light can be adjusted to various levels with the pivotable slats – all the way to a complete, weather-proof closure of the slat roof.

  • Maximum order width 4750 mm
  • Maximum order length 6330 mm
  • Maximum order area 30 m²

With a central pole, several units can be elegantly lined up along the long side as well as the short side. An order area of up to 54 m² can be realised.

Protection in all weather: Depending on the type, the incidence of light can be adjusted to several levels with the tilting and moving slats – from a fully unobstructed view of the sky all the way to a complete, weather-proof closure of the slat roof.

  • Maximum order width 4500 mm
  • Maximum order length 6000 mm
  • Maximum order area 27 m²

With a central pole, several units can be elegantly lined up along the long side as well as the short side, an order area of up to 54 m² can be realised.

The Lamaxa Line is the perfect solution for shading very large areas: With a central pole, several units can be elegantly lined up along the long side as well as the short side. Double the flexibility: Combinations of the L60 (tiltable slats) and L70 (tiltable and movable slats) make even more individual solutions a possibility.

Control your Lamaxa with WMS WebControl pro. You'll benefit from a control system that you can retrofit and expand whenever you need to. Operation using Alexa, the voice-control system from Amazon, is also possible. This means you can conveniently control slats, awnings, lighting, heating, and much more.

Lamaxa slat roofs are customised for you and precisely adapted to your particular situation and to your personal preferences. Weatherproof, wind-stable and highest material quality. This overview gives you an insight into the wide range of application options and features. A qualified Lamaxa specialist partner is available with assistance and advice for the detailed planning of your patio roof or roof system.


Lamaxa L50 roof system

Slat roof Lamaxa L60

Lamaxa L70 slat roof

Roof versions

Slats, glass, fabric



Integrated water drain (pole drainage)

Drive with motor/radio motor

Colours and surfaces can be selected from the WAREMA Colour World

Free-standing installation

Installation on the building wall


Integration into the architecture (free)


Tilting and closable slats

Movable slats (cabrio effect)



Installation on roof-top patio


Max. surface for individual unit

24 m² – 31.5 m²

30 m²

27 m²

Series-mounted units (Line)

Cosy warmth

Even if the weather abruptly changes and you're caught off guard by a sudden drop in temperature, the infrared short-wave radiator (in a colour matching your Lamaxa), featuring tinted glass ceramic and an output of 2,200 watts, allows you to enjoy yourself under the slat roof for even longer. And with the WMS Dimmer 0-10 V, you can switch and dim your radiant heater in three heating stages.

Lighting full of atmosphere

The integrated LED strips can be individually controlled thanks to the WMS dimmer. They can be installed horizontally and/or vertically to provide a perfect lighting atmosphere in the evening as either a direct or indirect light source.

Transparent protection

Lateral sliding glass elements (like the SL 20 sliding system from Solarlux) offer additional transparent protection against wind and cold weather, all while preserving a clear view outside.

Integrated rain protection

The drainage gutters integrated in the poles provide controlled draining. This allows rain and melted snow to drain off without affecting you from above or the side, meaning that you'll stay dry at all times!

Optimum closure

The protective profile reliably covers the transition slat to crossbeam. It also protects against dust and rain.

For even more open space

The offset pole on the slat roof creates a roof overhang, the ideal solution for covering neighbouring objects (e.g. pools).

In wind, rain or snow

When they are closed, our Lamaxa slat roofs have a max. permissible snow load of 50 kg/m². The roof's complete range of functions is available again once the snow has fully melted. These roofs also withstand loads of up to 230 kg/m² at the maximum size of 6.0 x 4.5 m.

Guaranteed connection

To make sure that all your needs are fully covered under your Lamaxa slat roof, you have the option of equipping it with an outdoor power socket, which includes a weatherproof hinged cover. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen, electric grill or audio system – you'll never be without power.

Stylishly shaded

The vertical sash frames ensure an optimum sun shading system, and wind and weather protection. You decide whether to go for the natural character of wood or elegant aluminium.

For even more private space

The basic awnings with easyZIP guidance make sure your time outdoors is shielded from all sides. Just some or all sides of the Lamaxa can be equipped.

For more throughholes

The additional pole creates additional throughholes, into which awnings with easyZIP guidance or LED strips, for example, can be integrated. Create even more flexibility.

Two systems perfectly combined

The KNX converter WMS reliably integrates your Outdoor Living products, which are equipped with the WMS radio system, into any KNX system. This allows you to easily retrofit and expand an existing KNX system without too much installation effort. Lamaxa, awnings and the like can be operated and automated either via KNX or via WMS Hand-held transmitters, smartphones or WMS weather sensors.

Weatherproof, wind-resistant and suitable for virtually any time of year, Lamaxa is far more versatile than other sun shading and visual protection products. With integrated ZIP awnings, side covers made from glass and wood, lighting with a choice of colours and Design radiant heaters, the patio roof offers practically endless possibilities. The slats and all other functions are easy to control with a wireless device.


Lamaxa L50 roof system

Slat roof Lamaxa L60

Lamaxa L70 slat roof

Design radiant heater

via LED or RGB strips

Vertical shading
With integrated awnings with easyZIP guidance

Lateral sash frames
made of wood, aluminium or glass

Additional pole
for creating a clear throughhole, for example


Offset pole
for realising a roof overhang


Integrated external plug
in three different colour versions

Protection profile
for additional protection against dust and rain



Superior quality is our standard. And we guarantee it with our fair and comprehensive extended 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Valid on all our Lamaxa slat roofs – including accessories and control components!

The carefree feeling for your Lamaxa slat roof: With WAREMA's unique 10-year protection package you can enjoy the carefree feeling of warranty protection for even longer. Benefit from a 10-year manufacturer warranty, rapid repair in the event of damage and the additional maintenance service for even greater reliability.

Customise your slat roof to suit your needs! You can use the WAREMA configurator to choose from the current Lamaxa models and add features such as radiant heaters and lighting variants. Select the colour you want and request an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you. Don't wait a moment longer!

The patio has been an important part of people's living space at home for quite some time now. It's a place where we eat, relax and even work. But as an outdoor living room, there's one thing the patio simply must have: the right covering. The slat roof is a stylish and reliable way of meeting this need. Slat roofs consist of a frame construction on which individual slats are installed and can be arranged to form a fully impermeable surface. When the slat roof is closed, you get effective protection against strong sunlight and rain. Opening the slats allows you to enjoy sunshine and beautiful weather. You can adjust the roof's individual elements, meaning that you have full control of exactly how much sunlight comes in. Even snow is no match for the slat roof.

At WAREMA, you can choose from the following models: L50, L60 and L70. You have the choice of installing a free-standing slat roof on your property or attaching it to the wall of your home. Not only does this allow you to cover your patio: you can also create a fully standalone living space in your garden. That means you can always stay dry while enjoying a classic patio atmosphere.

There are various options for the control of the slats, retracting and extending or turning and tilting:

Remote control: the standard way to control your slats is by remote control. You can open or close your roof at the press of a button.

App: conveniently adjust your slats using the WMS app on your smartphone.

Voice control: in smart homes, you can comfortably operate heating, lighting or roller shutters by voice control. You can also use voice commands to control your slat roof, e.g. with Alexa.

Every WAREMA slat roof is custom-made specifically to meet your individual needs. No two slat roofs are alike. This is also true when it comes to their price. You can use the WAREMA Configurator to get an indication of price without obligation. You can create your individual configuration and request an immediate quote from a specialised retailer near you. This will give you a more accurate idea of the price on the basis of your specific requirements and preferences. Get in touch with a specialised retailer near you. They will be happy to help you choose the right solution.

When they are closed, Lamaxa slat roofs have a different snow load, depending on building dimensions and snow depth. Your specialist partner will be happy to advise you and show you solutions for optionally increasing the snow load of your patio roof.

Our Lamaxa slat roofs are more than just a visual standout: one of the biggest benefits they offer is their impressive functionality. Here's a brief description of the numerous available functions in our slat roof guide:

Side awnings give you opaque protection against sun, wind and weather in a vertical format.

Integrated water drainage provides a reliable system for channeling away rain and melted snow from your slat roof.

Charge a phone, switch on a reading light, watch TV – power sockets installed in the outer poles ensure that you've got electricity whenever you need it.

LED strips: create a relaxing feel-good atmosphere with dimmable light. With the RGB lighting, you can also set colourful accents at night.

Radiant heaters: entertain friends on your patio even in winter. With radiant heaters you'll enjoy cosy warmth. Guaranteed. You can switch and dim the radiant heater in three heating stages using the WMS dimmer.

Sliding glass elements: Keep out rain on the sides of your slat roof without sacrificing the view of your surroundings.

Glass, wooden or aluminium sash frames: Finish the roof and provide additional visual privacy and weather protection.

The powder-coated aluminium components of WAREMA slat roofs can be finished in accordance with WAREMA Colour World . You are sure to find the perfect colour for your personal Lamaxa here.

Not found what you're looking for in the WAREMA Colour World? Contact a Lamaxa specialist partner near you. On request, colours not included in the WAREMA Colour World are also available.

The WAREMA Colour World doesn't just offer a wide range of options in terms of colour variety, it also offers a vast array of surface structures and gloss levels. Thanks to the individual characteristics of the WAREMA Colour World, you can perfectly adapt your powder-coated aluminium components to the structural conditions at hand. The outstanding quality of the coating guarantees long-term satisfaction with our products. This has been independently tested by the German Quality Association for the Coating of Building Materials (GSB). The surface coating with a chrome-free pretreatment complies with the GSB AL 631 directive.

You can choose from the following surface textures:

  • Satin finish: The satin finish is a slightly glossy surface with a smooth finish and optimal light and weather resistance.
  • Matt: Matt surfaces are distinguished by a smooth matt finish and optimal light and weather resistance.
  • Fine texture: The fine texture has impressive effects, as characterised by the optimal light and weather resistance of the surface.

Highly weather-resistant powder coating:
The highly weather-resistant finish is particularly suited to all severe weather conditions. It is colour-fast, has a long-lasting uniform finish, does not chalk and is extremely weather-proof. This kind of coating is only available in combination with matt surface structures.

Not able to find the right surface quality? On request, surface qualities and special versions not included in the WAREMA standard range are also available. Get advice from a specialised retailer near you .

Each country or federal state has its own building regulations. Some paragraphs specifically deal with the topic of requirements and freedoms as related to permits or to procedures. It is necessary to check whether the Lamaxa has procedure-related requirements. The property owner is responsible for clarification. The building supervisory authorities provide information on whether or not the unit requires a permit.

Clarification and compliance with the applicable requirements, such as the observance of distance areas, the specifications of a development plan, etc., must therefore be ensured as one's own responsibility. Likewise, whether any other permit is required. Any approval costs and costs for preparing the substructure (e.g. foundations) must be taken into account. For the planning of your systems, a qualified Lamaxa specialised retailer at WAREMA is available with assistance and advice.

Alignment towards the sun: The Lamaxa slat roof should always be aligned so that the slats are perpendicular lengthways to the sunlight for as long as possible. This allows direct solar radiation to be minimised while maximising daylight utilisation at the same time. The dimensions of the slat roof Lamaxa should still be set such that the glass and window fronts are covered to the greatest possible extent, but no pole restricts the viewing area of glass or window fronts.

  • Tip on the Lamaxa L70 slat roof: In order to maximise the light yield inside the house, especially in winter, the package should be planned on the side facing away from the house wherever possible, if the slat roof Lamaxa is close to the house facade. This prevents the shadow created by the package from falling inside the house.
  • Alignment on a south, southeast or southwest-facing patio: This means that for a south, south-east or south-west facing patio, the slats should be aligned as parallel as possible to the house wall.
  • Alignment on a north, east or west-facing patio: For a patio facing north, east or west, on the other hand, we recommend aligning the slats vertical to the house wall.

In addition to the alignment of the slat roof, the alignment of the slats (angle) also has a great impact on solar radiation. Depending on the alignment of the slats, the incidence of light is reduced or increased when the slats are opened.

  • Ideal alignment of the Lamaxa slat roof in summer (light is blocked more quickly): The alignment of the Lamaxa slat roof and the alignment of the slats (angle) mean that the area to be shaded is protected from solar radiation from the south when the roof is opened.
  • Ideal alignment of the Lamaxa slat roof in winter (light is let in more quickly): The alignment of the slat roof Lamaxa and the alignment of the slats (angle) cause light to be let in more quickly.

The mains connection is located inside the slat roof. Connecting lines for the accessory components ordered are preassembled at the factory. For slat roofs (L50, L60, L70) and L50 Tex, only one on-site connecting line (5 × 2.5 mm²) is required for the complete roof system. For the L50 view, one 3x2.5 mm² connecting line is required. You can find out the exact recommendation for the on-site connecting line from a specialised retailer near you.

A Lamaxa is an open outdoor roof made of aluminium with a frame construction that is not guaranteed to be completely water-proof. Therefore, 100% water-proof construction cannot be guaranteed. Depending on the version, it still offers protection against wind, rain and snow.

Please therefore note the following:

  • Lamaxa is provided with a drainage system that is able to cope with the most frequently occurring rainfall.
  • When closed, the slats or glass roofing protect the patio from rain.
  • Furnishing and floor coverings must be suitable for outdoor use.
  • Raindrops can enter the interior in cases of:
    • Rain events heavier than those examined by WAREMA*
    • Opens after a downpour
    • Splashing of rainwater from the drainage gutter (largely but not completely prevented by splash protection profile)
    • Condensation that can form depending on the weather
    • Strong or changeable gusts of wind
    • Drops can form on the frame and poles

Notice: Lamaxa fabric roofs

The Lamaxa L50 Tex fabric roof with moveable, non-weatherproof awning fabric is a sun shading system and needs to be immediately retracted when it starts to rain. To prevent the fabric from getting wet, we recommend automatic control according to sun, wind, rain and time of day, using a WAREMA control unit.

Lamaxa slat roofs are able to withstand a maximum permissible wind speed of 13.4 m/s according to statistical calculations in accordance with DIN 1991-1-4 'Actions on substructures'. For wind speeds > 13.5 m/s, two adjustment positions can be configured for the slats, depending on the order length:

  • Order length > 5.1 m: Slats opened to at least 90°
  • Order length ≤ 5.1 m: Slats closed

Lamaxa fabric roofs achieve wind resistance class 4 in accordance with DIN EN 13561 with a maximum permissible wind speed of 13 m/s.

  • L60/L70: Both slat roof types have a max. load-bearing capacity of up to 350 kg/m².
  • L50: The Lamaxa L50 slat roof has a max. load-bearing capacity of up to 230 kg/m².

The tests were performed without stabilisation such as additional supports, tension cables or similar. A load of this kind will lead to permanent deformation of the profiles. With smaller dimensions or additional poles, the Lamaxa slat roof can bear significantly larger loads. If the maximum load-bearing capacity is exceeded, the slat roof may be destroyed.

The Lamaxa L50, L60 and L70 is suitable for a structure on roof patios. The static requirements and load values that apply to Lamaxa must be observed during planning and dimensioning.

The following criteria must be taken into account during planning:

  • Weights of the product
  • Roof load-bearing capacity
  • Installation height
  • Fixing options (e.g. fastening in the substructure / weighting base plates)
  • Sealing level (sealing the on-site spacing-base consoles)
  • Occurring winds due to terrain category and wind load zone
  • Load limit values for wind and snow. Vertical fixtures such as ZIP awnings, fixed walls, glass sliding system or sliding shutters must be taken into account without fail.

To avoid damage from exposure to wind and water, the product must be controlled via weather sensors. A structural engineer, planner or architect must carry out the calculation and production of the fastening structure for base plates, foundations, bolting at the sealing level or larger weighting plates. Larger base plates serve as a weight and substitute for a fixing.

A slat roof is fully exposed to wind and weather. You should therefore clean it thoroughly at least once a year.

For a general clean, the entire product should be freed from loose dirt (e.g. dust, leaves). You can use a whisk broom or vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Alternatively, the loose dirt can also be rinsed off with clear water and low water pressure. If you would like to carry out a deep clean, we recommend you prepare a bucket of water and WAREMA sun shading system cleaner. Please note the dosing quantities specified by the cleaning agent manufacturer. Then moisten the WARMEMA cleaning glove and start cleaning the components with wiping movements. The process must be repeated depending on the degree of soiling. Also clean the lateral opening for the slats on the beams to eliminate the possibility of malfunctions, e.g. due to leaves. The drainage gutters and drainpipes should also be cleaned so that any blockages, e.g. caused by leaves, can be removed. Finally, the dirt must be removed before it dries on.

Visit us in one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer to get a quotation for your individual patio roof. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!