iF Design Award 2022

Your home is a place of comfort and safety. Sadly, there are around 85,000 attempted break-ins per year in Germany. To ensure that they are not successful, your home needs to be well protected. With SenSigna, the only early warning system for external venetian blinds of its kind on the market, you will be on the safe side.

The SenSigna acoustic signal transmitter for external venetian blinds is not only convincing in terms of security, but also design. The early warning system for burglary protection was awarded the popular iF Design Award 2022 in the category "Product - Building Technology".

We offer you an early warning system for protection against break-ins that is unique in the industry – our SenSigna acoustic signal transmitter. SenSigna detects the movements of your external venetian blind and evaluates them. If these are atypical, SenSigna sounds an alarm via a loudspeaker alarm integrated into the system and drives away intruders before they can even cause any damage. SenSigna also has an obstacle detection function. If the external venetian blind hits a stone, for example, a signal will alert you to the problem at a reduced volume.

Daylight has an important effect on us as human beings. All the better, then, if we can control it to suit our own individual needs. Whether it's filling your living spaces with bright sunlight or focusing while you work – you can let light into your home as you please with external venetian blinds from WAREMA.

Do you want to reliably protect your home against the sun while increasing your living comfort and safety at the same time? Then our innovative products are just right for you. Whether it's new buildings or renovations – we offer an ideal solution for every requirement.

With WAREMA control systems, you always have the perfect Smart Home solution at hand – whether through simple retrofitting, during renovation work or in new buildings.

Our new early warning system ensures that you can always feel safe and comfortable in your familiar surroundings. So get in touch with your specialist dealer today and get this added safety for yourself.