Find inspiration in the wide variety of WAREMA awnings and discover the perfect awning for your patio, balcony or windows. Our specialised retailers near you will be happy to advise you and to draw up an individual quotation on request.

Are you looking for an awning for your patio or your balcony? Would you like shade from the sun in your conservatory? Or do you want to enhance the design of your windows with awnings?

With a custom-made awning from WAREMA, you can enjoy the highest quality combined with a first-class service, covering everything from the choice of awning and expert advice through to installation and maintenance.

Use the free online configurator and find the awning that meets all your needs.

Feel good at the press of a button: Operate your awning using intelligent controls.

With our accessories, you are investing in more comfort and security in your home.

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  • Top quality – made in Germany: Quality assured products from Europe's leading full-range provider of sun shading systems.
  • Smart sun shading: awnings and control systems from WAREMA are perfectly harmonised.
  • Excellent awnings: Plus X Award for the Perea P20 pergola awning for "High quality, design, ease of use" (2021/2022) and for "Highest customer satisfaction 2021" in the awnings category (2021).
  • Outstanding service: 5-year manufacturer warranty and 1st place in the Service Champions Award for customer service.

Would you like to enjoy more time outdoors with the ideal sun shading system? With the help of our innovative awning solutions, you can create an entirely new living space on your own patio for working, relaxing or playing. You can find high-grade Terrea patio awnings for every installation situation and taste in our current programme.

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide a pleasant shaded area? And is an attractive design also very important to you? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA. They impress with their harmonious styling and thus add unique highlights to any patio. At the same time, the stable construction ensures optimum sun shading and weather protection at all times – even in stormy weather.

Do you want to be able to spend the whole year relaxing in your conservatory and enjoying the view of nature? With Climara conservatory awnings you can feel good all the time, while being, when necessary, perfectly protected from the sun. Depending on your requirements, we offer optimal sun shading, visual privacy and glare control – whether for classic conservatories, individual architectural solutions with large glass surfaces or patio roofs.

Low sun, nosy neighbours or a light summer breeze: not a problem with our patio side screen! It always cuts a good figure – thanks to its sloped fabric design, it harmoniously adapts to patio awnings Terrea, pergola awnings Perea or patio roofs.

Window awnings from WAREMA are so attractive to look at that you almost don't want to open them. You can select from virtually countless colour models for your individual facade design. These fabrics are sturdy and weather-proof.


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The SPECTRUM collection consists of a variety of colours and designs.

Choose the perfect shade from a wide selection of attractive powder colours for powder-coated aluminium parts such as guide rails, guide profiles, cover panels, boxes or frames.


Terrea patio awnings

Perea pergola awnings

Climara conservatory awning

Vertical awning



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Would you like to have dimmable lighting on your patio? The integrated LED lighting in the front rail and/or cassette can be individually regulated thanks to the WMS dimmer. From bright light to atmospheric ambience lighting, all the lighting options for pleasant summer evenings are available.

Would you like to enjoy longer evenings on your patio even when temperatures start to drop? The design radiant heater (2,200 watt) with tinted glass ceramics allows you to extend your time outdoors and creates a cosy, feel-good atmosphere.

Do you need more protection on your patio? The valance roller blind provides protection against low-lying sun and prying eyes from outside. Depending on the awning type, the valance roller blind can be operated by crank or conveniently with a WMS hand-held transmitter.

Digital large-format printing on awnings offers a wide range of applications in both the private and commercial sectors. Large-scale prints are possible over the entire awning or over a specific area.

The PVC viewing window provides your Perea P60 and P70 pergola awnings with effective lateral privacy, sun and wind protection while still allowing you to see outside. The vertical viewing window made of transparent PVC can be inserted in the centre between the fabric quality screen or as a variable length with a textile section.

The outdoor socket provides you with a secure power supply under your Lamaxa slatted roof, the Perea P60 or P70 pergola awning. It is available in three colours and can be easily positioned in the post.

The WAREMA SecuKit is an additional belt operation for emergency situations, which can optionally be used with front-mounted awnings with motor drives. This allows the awning to be easily raised manually in the event of a power failure, for example.

For floor-to-ceiling windows, an effective window fall protection is indispensable. The WAREMA integrated fall protection VisioNeo (certified according to the applicable standard) is an integrated window pane that combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender window pane integrates itself smoothly into your facade, enhancing it optically while protecting your family, friends and guests from falling.

Specially designed for the WAREMA Lamaxa L50, pergola awnings, conservatories and patio roofs. Large unit sizes for small box and slender guide rails possible.

Thanks to innovative technology, our front-mounted awnings with easyZIP guidance can also be easily used to provide shade for all-glass corners – without an obtrusive guide rail in the corner, of course.


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With the WAREMA configurator at, you can find the right awning and customise it to meet your needs. The configurator includes all the fabrics from the current collection, plus popular colours for the aluminium parts and accessories. After configuring your patio awning, pergola awning, patio side screen or conservatory awning, you can register on WAREMA+ and request an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you.

There's nothing more wonderful than whiling away the hours in the cool shade of your awning. Especially if your sun shading system also looks dazzling. And to keep it that way, you should clean your awning now and again.

A WAREMA awning lets you enjoy your time outdoors without a care. Now fully automated and extremely smart: Thanks to WAREMA Smart Living.

Cubic design is more than just a passing trend. It is a timeless architectural and design language marked by its simplicity and angular, accentuated lines. Set aesthetic standards with our new Cubic Line awnings.

Sustainable production can be surprisingly innovative. Proof of that is the close cooperation of WAREMA and BRICHBAG. It sees scraps of fabric left over from cutting awning fabrics turned into attractive bags and rucksacks. Each BRICHBAG bought also helps produce a rucksack for the homeless, filled with useful items for living rough on the streets. And so sustainability meets social commitment. It doesn't get better than this.

A special solution designed for your property to maintain comfortable temperatures on the patio: The covered patios at this passive house in Ingelfingen are stylishly shaded with customised Perea pergola awnings from WAREMA.

In a family home in Viersen, the professional shading from WAREMA helps create a pleasant room climate. The awning too had to harmonise with the building and its occupants in every respect. The property developers opted for products that helped the family overcome certain challenges, such as a very short construction phase and installation on the exterior insulation and finish system.

By choosing a WAREMA product, you have opted for the highest quality in material and production. If your awning does need to be repaired, you can find out what you need to know here.

Before you decide which awning is the right one for you, we'd like to clarify what an awning even is. Generally, they consist of two components:

  • Frame: the frame construction serves as support for the awning. Here it can be decided between a cassette awning, articulated arm awning, pergola awning or a rail-guided awning such as a window awning or drop-arm awning.
  • Fabric: a sturdy fabric is stretched across the frame, providing protection from the sun - the awning fabric.

In general, awnings can be extended and retracted. They especially provide protection against sun or light rain, as well as offering visual privacy and wind protection. In private households they are usually installed on the patio or balcony, but are also used as sun shading systems in ice-cream parlours, restaurants or public facilities.

Our Terrea patio awnings can withstand wind speeds of up to 35 km/h, depending on their position. Because they have an integrated wind sensor, they are sensitive to being shaken and are automatically retracted in strong winds.

Our innovative window awnings with easyZIP guidance can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h. The wind speed limit depends on the product design and installation situation.

Every WAREMA awning is custom-made specifically to meet your individual needs. No two awnings are the same. This is also true when it comes to their price. For a non-binding price guide, you can use the WAREMA configurator to create your individual configuration and request an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you. This will give you a more accurate idea of the price on the basis of your specific requirements and preferences. Or you can go directly to your local specialised retailer. They will be happy to help you choose the right solution.

Just like our skin, awnings are subjected to diverse weather conditions. And just as we wash and groom ourselves, they also need to be cleaned and looked after carefully and effectively. Because weathering and the environment soil both the valuable awning fabric and the mechanical parts.

It should be cleaned on a regular basis - and not only once the sun has burnt the dirt into the awning fabric. You can achieve the best results with professional cleaning accessories. Because high pressure washers are just as big a no-no as aggressive, corrosive cleaning agents or alcohol. That's why WAREMA offers you a selection of tested and certified cleaning tools.

With awning cleaning agents from WAREMA, you rely on the expertise and experience of the leading SunLight Manager in Europe and on tested "Made in Germany" quality. Awning cleaning agents from WAREMA not only give your product a fresh look, but also ensure it retains its value. Because regular cleaning is the requirement for proper functioning.

So it's best to use WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading systems. This removes not only stubborn dirt from the awning fabric, but also cleans the awning frames and the window frames. Used together with the WAREMA cleaning glove, which acts as a dirt magnet thanks to its microfibres, it makes an unbeatable duo for maintaining your awnings!

Good care is the be-all and end-all when you want to get as much enjoyment from your awning as possible. But after years of use in wind and weather it may become necessary to replace the awning fabric. There are several reasons for this:

  • Holes or other damages
  • Surface is thin or tearing
  • Colour is strongly bleached
  • Fabric has lost its UV protection

Only have your awning fabric replaced by a qualified specialist. Otherwise the fabric or the frame can be damaged. We at WAREMA are the best partner to help you replace your awning fabric. We offer a large selection of sturdy fabrics in many different colours and designs.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quotation for your own customised awning. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!


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