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Good maintenance protects your awning

Good maintenance protects your awning

Awnings from WAREMA captivate the summer and make your patio or balcony a feel-good oasis for the whole family. Enjoy relaxing hours in the shade, even when the sun is scorching outside, and you can spend most of your time outdoors. So that you can enjoy your WAREMA product for a very long time to come, it requires a little care and attention from time to time. Because your awning is subjected to numerous environmental influences that can damage the awning fabric: oily dust, moisture, leaves, twigs and bird droppings can niggle away at it. So by cleaning it regularly, you are not only doing something for the appearance of your awning, but you are also contributing to its value retention.

Enjoy every sunray

Enjoy every sunray

With the WAREMA cleaning agent for sun shading products there is a powerful concentrate available to you that was developed specially for sun shading systems, but can also be used for window frames and similar plastic parts. If you clean your awning at the end of the season, you are guaranteed to experience undisturbed summer fun again in the following year. With awnings from WAREMA, you can enjoy summer, sun and relaxation on your patio or balcony at all times. So who needs to go on holiday?

Awnings need the right care

Awnings need the right care

Just like our skin, awnings are subjected to diverse weather conditions. And just as we wash and groom ourselves, they also need to be cleaned and looked after carefully and effectively. Because weathering and the environment soil both the valuable awning fabric and the mechanical parts. It should be cleaned on a regular basis - and not only once the sun has burnt the dirt into the awning fabric. You can achieve the best results with professional cleaning accessories. Because high pressure washers are just as big a no-no as aggressive, corrosive cleaning agents or alcohol. WAREMA therefore offers you a range of tested and certified cleaning assistants.

Awning cleaning agents: gentle, but effective

Awning cleaning agents: gentle, but effective

With awning cleaning agents from WAREMA, you rely on the expertise and experience of the leading SunLight Manager in Europe and on tested "made in Germany" quality. Awning cleaning agents from WAREMA not only give your product a fresh look, but also ensure it retains its value. Because regular cleaning is the requirement for proper functioning. So it's best to use WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading systems. This removes not only stubborn dirt from the awning fabric, but also cleans the awning frames and the window frames. Used together with the WAREMA cleaning glove, which acts as a magnet for dirt thanks to its microfibres, an unbeatable duo is formed for maintaining your awnings!


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Volant-Rollo A valance roller blind is an awning fabric that extends on the front rail of the awning and that protects against prying eyes or the low-lying evening sun.



Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.

WAREMA Collection Assistant

Experience the range of colours and fabrics in the WAREMA collections. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your sun shading product to your wishes! We offer a large selection of trend designs and allow you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

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Pergola awning made to measure

Pergola awnings Perea

High-quality design

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide more than just a cosy shaded spot and also attach great importance to attractive design and weather resistance? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA. They impress with their harmonious styling and thus add unique highlights to any patio.

Patio awning

Patio awnings

Exclusive shady spots

Hardly anything is better than enjoying the summer outside on your own patio. But sometimes the sun can get very hot. And then it's good if you can extend your awning easily for protection. You can select the shape and colour of WAREMA patio awnings Terrea exactly according to your wishes and architectural expectations.

Conservatory awning

Conservatory awnings Climara

Pleasant climate

The large glass surfaces of a conservatory require special shading from the sun. On top of that, hardly any conservatory is like the next. What might at first sound complex and difficult is easily and individually solved by the WAREMA conservatory awnings. Because they are made to measure, they even fit into unusually shaped glass facades.

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