WAREMA awnings with electric drive are leading you into the future of sun shading, today! WAREMA electric awnings offer you the highest level of operating comfort thanks to sophisticated drive technology, and at the same time also offer surprising possibilities for controlling your awning remotely with electric drive.

This means you have the sun under control all the time, without bothersome cranking and can create a shady spot for you and your loved ones at the press of a button.

Be it on your spacious patio or cosy balcony - WAREMA electric awnings boost well-being everywhere and create a cosy atmosphere in the shade for you and your guests. Almost all WAREMA awnings can be fitted with electric drives. So with articulated arm awnings, cassette awnings or pergola awnings there are a number of different awning solutions with electric drives available that make your style ideas a reality and fulfil the most demanding architectural specifications. Whether you're looking for a timeless slim-design model that fits unobtrusively into your facade architecture or you want to enjoy a taste of Italian lifestyle in your own home with a pergola awning: WAREMA offers an innovative awning solution with electric drive for any and all design requirements.

Awarded 'Best Brand of the Year' in the product category "Sun Shading".

Plus X Award for "Highest customer satisfaction 2021" in the awnings category.

The pergola awning Perea P20 from WAREMA receives an award for "High Quality, Design, Ease of use" at the Plus X Award.

With the WAREMA Configurator, you can customise your awnings exactly as you wish. It contains all designs and fabrics for the current awnings and a selection of the most popular colours for powder-coated parts. Features such as radiant heaters, different lighting variants and valance roller blinds can also be selected. What are you waiting for?

Superior quality is our standard. And we guarantee it with our fair and comprehensive extended 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Valid on all our Outdoor Living products - including accessories and control components! To benefit from this no-cost added value, all you need to do is register your product online following your purchase. With WAREMA offering the only 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the market for Outdoor Living products, you're on the safe side.

Step into the new age of sun shading now with electric awnings! Because apart from an electric drive, WAREMA awnings offer you many more technical refinements that will amaze you, your guests, your family and your neighbours. You can also fit your awning with electric drive with integrated light rails that enchant your patio or balcony with an atmospheric indirect glow - ideal for lavish garden parties or cosy barbecue evenings. And with integrated radiant heaters in your electric awning, you can extend the summer even well into autumn. Or set up an eye-catching light show with integrated LED strips that safely paves the way for an unforgettable evening for your guests.

With WAREMA, not only do you benefit from the proven quality and the style-defining design competence of Europe's leading SunLight Manager, but also from the proximity to you and your wishes, dreams and demands. Your local WAREMA dealer supports you in planning your individual awning solution with electric drive and also introduces you to the many possibilities of controlling your awning with electric drive remotely. So that you can enjoy WAREMA sun shading of the future, today!

With electric awnings from WAREMA, you can start your leap into the future today. Because awnings with electric drive can not only be conveniently remote-controlled by the press of a button; they can also be operated via the Internet using a smartphone or tablet. Simply integrate your electric awnings into innovative Smart Home solutions from WAREMA - you no longer need to be at home to control your sun shading system to the best effect. This creates a host of benefits: For one, your apartment or house looks like someone is home if your electric awnings move at irregular intervals. Also, you adjust your sun shading system to suit the position of the sun. The result: you'll be greeted with a pleasant temperature in your rooms when you arrive home. Smart Home makes electric awnings the starting point for digitally controlling all of your building technology. Because you can gradually integrate heating, air conditioning and lighting systems into WAREMA applications - and control them conveniently with the app. This way, you can enjoy the highest level of operating comfort, while at the same time ensuring that you waste neither power nor heat energy. Electric awnings with WAREMA Smart Home are therefore a good investment in the future for many reasons.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!


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