In late August the evenings grow cooler, the first signs of fall appear, and coldness and moisture creep onto your patio. Create a favourite outdoor space, even for cool days with WAREMA radiant heaters. The powerful infrared radiant heater with an elegant, cubist design can be installed on the wall or directly on the awning – for cosy warmth the whole year round.

Infrared short-wave radiant heater with black glass ceramic cover. This radiant heater delivers instant heat thanks to short-wave radiation for a cosy atmosphere. The chic housing design creates visual accents and can be ideally combined with all patio awnings and slat roofs from WAREMA. It couldn't be easier to adapt the housing colour to the frame colour or the colour of your house thanks to powder coating and the wide range of colours available from the WAREMA Colour World.

The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of the open-air season. WAREMA's attractive radiant heaters help make things extra cosy. You're free to decide how to operate the infrared radiant heater designed for patios. You can conveniently switch your patio radiant heater on and off using the switch or remote control. Certain safety aspects need to be taken into consideration when using the electric radiant heater. For this reason, we recommend obtaining advice from a qualified specialist during installation.

  • Power: 2200 W
  • Operation:
    • Optionally with the switch or via the WMS Plug receiver and WMS Hand-held transmitter
    • Switching and dimming in three heating stages with WMS dimmer 0-10 V
  • Attachment: Possible on a slat roof or the building wall with a bracket.
  • Operating voltage: 230 V AC
  • Connection type: 5 m without plug connector with open cable whip
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Inclination angle: 30-40°
  • Dimensions LxWxH [mm]: 900x170x80

Please note that in the lighting area the minimum distance to flammable materials must be at least 1000 mm and that the radiant heater is only suitable for outdoor use. Special care must be taken for awnings with valances or valance roller blinds. Please observe the safety instructions in the installation and operating instructions.

The chic housing design with a black glass ceramic cover creates visual accents and is the perfect complement for WAREMA sun shading solutions. The housing colour can be adapted to suit the frame colour of the awning or the colour of the building facade, for example. Thanks to the bidirectional WMS radio system, the radiant heater can be operated using a hand-held transmitter or from within your Smart Home applications - the choice is yours.

The patio radiant heater is exclusively designed for outdoor use. As a result, indoor use is not recommended. If you aren't sure about where to use your radiant heater, get in touch with a local specialised retailer to receive advice.

If you have a patio roof such as the Lamaxa slat roof, your radiant heater can be installed using a bracket on the slat roof.

Radiant heaters can be installed on slat roofs using a special bracket. If you want to install your radiant heater under an awning, wall installation is required. In this case, certain aspects for safe use need to be taken into consideration, including maintaining a necessary safety distance from flammable materials such as the awning fabric.

WAREMA radiant heaters can be mounted on a wall on your patio. Please pay attention to our safety instructions in the installation and operating instructions when installing radiant heaters on the wall and make sure a minimum distance of one metre is maintained to flammable materials in the lighting area.

No, installation on the ceiling is not recommended.

There are no rules that prohibit the use of patio radiant heaters for private use. However, certain towns or municipalities may have local regulations that restrict or do not permit the use of radiant heaters in public spaces. As a restaurateur or hotelier, we recommend consulting the local regulations and laws in your area. In any event, care must be taken to ensure radiant heaters are safely installed and operated to minimise potential fire and safety risks.

The WAREMA Design radiant heater requires a mains connection with degree of protection IP65 for outdoor areas. You can use a 5-metre long open cable whip without a plug connector to connect the radiant heater to the mains. Depending on the distance to the closest mains connection, installation on a patio is also possible without power. Please note when planning that a separate fuse C16A is required for radiant heaters. We therefore recommend speaking to your local specialised retailer and receiving advice if your patio does not have a power source.

The radiant heater for patios and balconies is an infrared short-wave heater. The special feature with this type of radiant heater is that they deliver instant heat thanks to short-wave radiation. The radiant heater produces infrared radiation by heating the glass ceramic. The generated radiation has a short wave length and can therefore heat surfaces it comes into contact with more quickly. As a result, the patio radiant heater is a special infrared heater, or infrared short-wave heater, that can achieve high heat efficiency. This makes it particularly suitable for areas where you require heat quickly.

Electric radiant heaters designed for outdoors are generally very easy to operate and don't require any special knowledge or skills. That being said, certain safety aspects need to be kept in mind. Always follow the operating instructions and make sure that the radiant heater is correctly positioned and not used in the vicinity of flammable materials or surfaces.

Different types of radiant heaters are available. These include patio radiant heaters. As a rule, this type of radiant heater works by producing an electrical current through a heating wire or heating elements, which is then emitted into the surrounding area.

When used outdoors, a radiant heater can either be switched on and off using the switch or a radio remote control. Radio operation involves the use of the WAREMA Mobile System (WMS). A WMS plug receiver makes it possible to operate the heater using a WMS Hand-held transmitter.

An infrared radiant heater with 2200-Watt power consumes 2.2 kilowatts of energy each hour (kWh). However, actual consumption depends on the duration of use. For example, if you use your patio radiant heater for one hour, you will use 2.2 kWh. This value is then halved if the heater is only used for 30 minutes. Compared to other electrical heating equipment, the current consumption of infrared radiant heaters is generally lower. This is due to the fact that these radiant heaters generate heat through infrared radiation, which then directly targets people and objects instead of heating the entire surrounding area.

The price for a patio radiant heater consists of the costs for the device, installation and the selected operating variant. As a result, the price may vary based on the options and configuration you select. You can also take advantage of special deals offered by WAREMA specialised retailers when buying an awning or slat roof, for example. This gives you several options depending on the installation and operating variants selected in addition to when you purchased your radiant heater. We recommend getting in touch with a local specialised retailer to receive competent advice.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

Want to enjoy more time outdoors without compromising on a perfect sun shading system? With the help of our innovative awning solutions, you can create an entirely new living space on your own patio for working, relaxing or playing. You can find high-grade Terrea patio awnings for every installation situation and taste in our current programme.

Do you expect your sun shading system to provide not just a cosy shaded area, but also to place great importance on attractive design? Then discover the high-grade pergola awnings Perea from WAREMA. They impress with their harmonious styling and thus add unique highlights to any patio. At the same time, the stable construction ensures optimum sun shading and weather protection at all times – even in stormy weather.

The Lamaxa slat roof, both as a free-standing model or attached to the wall of your home, is not only a true eye-catcher in your garden or on your patio: it also delivers impressive functionality. This slat roof can be used almost the entire year round and offers ample protection against sun, wind and rain.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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