Awning fabric from WAREMA is a very special fabric. It turns sunlight into wonderful, cool shade for a relaxed siesta, acts as an effective sun shading system with light protection factor, effortlessly keeps out light rain and creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere on your patio or balcony. And it does so reliably over a period of several years. Because our high-grade awning fabric is tear-resistant, light-fast and dirt-repellent. Simply choose the awning fabric from our wide range that best meets your wishes and demands. The various different fabric qualities and designs ensure that for any awning, you will find the right awning fabric from WAREMA. On these pages, you will find valuable, practical tips on our awning fabrics.

Awning fabrics from WAREMA are much more than just a shade provider. They form the sky in the truest sense above your favourite summer place and invite you to relax and enjoy your coffee even when it is really hot, spend time taking it easy outdoors with the family or simply move your home office outside. In order to achieve all this, the awning fabric from WAREMA meets the highest quality demands and also offers you numerous different fabric variants and designs. With these WAREMA awning fabrics, you can individually control the solar radiation on your balcony or patio according to your wishes and simultaneously play with colours and patterns to add the finishing touch to the look of your facade.

Fascinatingly beautiful: This is the WAREMA awning collection.

Awning recyclables from WAREMA get a second lease of life.

Experience the range of colours and fabrics in the WAREMA collections. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your sun shading product to your wishes! We offer a large selection of trend designs and allow you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

Awning fabric is not just nice to look at. Aside from over 300 available colours and designs, numerous other positive characteristics make our awning fabrics particularly attractive. Even during production, only controlled materials are used. The awning fabric, which is distinguished by its light-fastness and robustness, is developed from these. Further positive features, which makes the fabric much easier to maintain, are its water and dirt-repellent characteristics thanks to a method of impregnation based on nano-technology. Numerous laboratory tests have confirmed this. The awning fabric still offers reliable protection even in drizzle.

Provide cool shade, ensure a relaxed feel-good atmosphere, reliably protect from light rain, resist sudden gusts of wind, enable easy cleaning, still look dazzling after several years, and much more – your WAREMA awning fabric can do all of that. It is therefore the logical first choice for awnings and sun sails to shade your balcony and patio. And from WAREMA you are even guaranteed to find an awning fabric that perfectly matches your taste and property. Since more than 300 colours and several different fabric qualities and trend designs do not leave much to be desired.

The highlight of the awning collection!

100% awning acrylic fabric

60% of the fibres are the new CBA (Clear Brilliant Acrylic) type

Looks and feels like 3D

Tear-resistant, light-fast, water-repellent (water-proof to 500 mm)

100% awning acrylic fabric with innovative CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic) fibre for a lush, luminescent and light-fast colour brilliance

Less dirt adhesion thanks to smooth surface and high fabric density

High tear resistance and longevity

100 % brand acrylic fabric

Spinning nozzle dyed, light-fast, weather-proof, tear-resistant, long-life

Dirt- and water-repellent and protected against rot by air-permeable impregnation

100% brand acrylic fabric with special perforation

Spinning nozzle dyed, light-fast, weather-proof, tear-resistant

High view out and transparency

Avoids heat accumulation

100% brand acrylic fabric with transparent acrylate coating on the outside

Temporary rain protection

Water-proof to 1,000 mm

Polyester mesh with PVC coating

Thin and light web construction

Slender and extremely effective rain protection (water column > 22,000 mm)

Polyester mesh with transparent coating

Creates pleasant lighting conditions with high transparency

Flame-resistant M2 in acc. with NFP 92-507

  • Non-flammable (building materials class A2 as per DIN 4102-1) glass fibre curtain with silicone coating
  • Reduces glare effect, heat radiation and guarantees adequate transparency
  • No toxic combustion gases in case of fire
  • PVC and halogen-free, odourless

Cleaning recommendation

The WAREMA SecuTex fabric A2 consists of a silicone-coated glass fibre fabric. Depending on the type of soiling, many different cleaning agents can be used. For this cleaning agents of an alcoholic basis are recommended, such as:

  • Isopropanol (undiluted)
  • Glass cleaning agent
  • Disinfectant*

Water containing detergent can also be used for minor soiling. The best way of cleaning is by wiping with a damp, lint-free cloth. The soiling can be removed by simply wiping it away. Too much friction from using a hard brush or a sponge must be avoided, as this can damage or remove the silicone layer. Dust deposits can be blown away or carefully brushed off. Removing dirt by dabbing with adhesive tape can often be sufficient for partial soiling.

*Substances that must be avoided under all circumstances are acidic and oxidising cleaning agents, as they can attack the aluminium vapour coating and destroy it. In addition, using cleaning agents containing acetone, cleaner's naphtha and diluents (or similar) is not recommended.

  • Fabric made from PVC-coated glass fibre yarns
  • Highly transparent with sun shade and glare control
  • Excellent dimensional stability and high UV resistance
  • Flame resistant according to Building materials class B1

  • Highly tear-resistant polyester yarn with PVC coating
  • Glare control and sun shade with view out
  • Reliable heat protection thanks to high reflectance
  • Flame resistant according to Building materials class B1

Polyester fabric with a very good view out

Excellently suited for use with valance roller blind

Flame resistant according to Building materials class B1

Awning fabrics are created in Europe's leading weaving mills, with which WAREMA has collaborated successfully and driven forward with joint developments for many years. The production-related web widths of 120 cm are processed to create the desired awning fabric. Various processing methods can be applied, and these depend on fabric quality, technical fabric characteristics or personal preferences. The different processing methods are compared below:

UltraSeam™: the new type of fabric connection

The innovative UltraSeam™ gluing process is changing the future of awnings. When processing seams with UltraSeam™, the strips of fabric at the cut edges of the fabric are aligned and joined together with the UltraSeam™ Tape (butt joint tape). The fabric layers wrap flat on top of one another, reduce the winding diameter in the seam and hem area and effectively improve the winding behaviour of the fabric on the awning.


The conventional lockstitch and latest sewing machines ensure uniform seams. All seams and hems that are under strain are sewn with the highly durable Tenara® PTFE (Teflon) sewing thread in plain white. Unless otherwise specified, all Terrea articulated arm and cassette awnings are delivered sewn as standard.


The Screen fabric, Soltis 92 and paint fabric qualities are generally connected together by bonding. The connecting seams as well as the hems of these fabric qualities are permanently bonded vertically and horizontally. This is performed with the aid of a high-frequency or thermal impulse welding device.

Our awning fabrics fulfil the highest technical quality requirements. In the production process, we check and guarantee the waterproofness, rigidity, dirt-repellent and water-repellent characteristics, tear resistance, light-fastness and many other factors for each fabric. We only use controlled material of the highest quality. Yet even state-of-the-art fabrics have physical limits, which you should know as the owner of the awning. Certain phenomena cannot be completely prevented from appearing in the fabric and can sometimes lead to complaints. Such phenomena impair neither the value nor the function of the awnings and are therefore no cause for complaint. With this knowledge you will have long-lasting joy from your new WAREMA awning. Further information can be found at ITRS e.V. under .

Wrinkling can occur when the awning fabric is cut, sewn, or pulled onto the awning frame.

A light line may be visible at the wrinkled location, especially in the case of light colours. When viewed against the light, this line is sometimes mistaken for a streak of dirt.

We sew the awning fabrics with lockstitch on state of the art sewing machines. This allows us to ensure even and defect-free seams. All connecting seams and hems are produced with the particularly durable, white TENARA® PTFE sewing thread, which is made of Teflon.

Since two strips of fabric overlap in the awning fabrics' seam and hem area, the strip of fabric on top must cover a longer distance when raised. This produces tension, which can occasionally result in the formation of small waves in the awning fabric.

The awning fabric must always be kept taught. Here, seams and hems provide additional reinforcement. When the cloth is rolled up, the pressure on seams and hems lying on top of one another can increase.

This strain may stretch the awning fabric, which leads to slightly wavy side hems when the awning is extended.

To ensure optimal absorption of the tensile forces in the awning fabric, the warp threads are woven more densely than the weft threads. The different weave of the threads can cause a waffling effect. This effect can be exacerbated by moisture or an unfavourable incidence of light. To prevent this from happening, avoid retracting a wet awning whenever possible.

In very rare cases the “honeycombs” can also stretch to the middle of the strip of fabric.

The special impregnation protects the awning fabric from rainwater and other effects of weather. At a minimum inclination of 14°, light rain can run off easily and the awning remains weather-proof.

To avoid the formation of spot mould, retract the awning in heavy rain and extend it once again to dry after the rain has passed.

You love sunny days and want to enjoy as much time as possible outside when the weather is nice? With a WAREMA awning you can fulfil that wish! Our awning fabrics achieve a filter effect for UV rays of between 83 and 100 %. So you stay perfectly protected! The colour of the awning fabric also plays a key role in UV protection. Light colours offer low UV protection, while darker colours provide higher UV protection. Under lighter fabrics, the temperature feels warmer than under darker fabrics, since darker fabrics absorb more solar radiation.

Textile sun shading systems based on UPF

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and specifies the sun shading factor of awning fabrics. UPF is comparable in principle to the SPF sun protection factor of sunscreen lotions, although awnings offer a much higher protection.

The UPF value is divided into different levels. The table shows you how long, depending on your skin type, you can stay protected under an awning when the sun is out.

  • Use a soft brush to remove any loose dirt that has accumulated on dry awning fabric.
  • Thickly caked dirt particles will come off more easily if you wet the awning with clean water beforehand. You can best remove partially loosened dirt with a stream of water from a garden hose.
  • Isolated streaks of dirt can be easily removed using a rubber eraser.
  • To remove soiling or spots, add no more than 5 to ten percent of mild detergent to lukewarm water. Make sure that this cleaning solution does not exceed a temperature of 30°. Submerge and squeeze a sponge to create suds in the mixture. Then, apply the suds to the dirty locations and let suds soak in for approx. 15-20 minutes. After this, rinse the awning off using plenty of clean water.
  • You must be sure to rinse off the awning in order to preserve the impregnation of the awning fabric!
  • Let the awning dry completely after treatment to prevent the growth of algae and mould. Even if you have to retract the awning when it is wet, you should extend it again as soon as possible to allow it to fully dry.

If and how often your awning needs to be cleaned depends in large part on environmental factors, such as traffic, air pollution, exhaust gas from factories, etc., and on the colour of the fabric. Please understand that waiting several years before performing an initial cleaning will make it impossible to reproduce the new condition of the fabric.

Please also note this important information:

  • Awning fabrics cannot be washed in a washing machine.
  • Attention! Avoid heavy friction, e.g. from hard brushes or sponges. This can cause the awning fabric to become rough or damaged and may wear down the impregnation.
  • Please refrain from using high pressure washers to clean the awning. This will also remove the impregnation and may additionally cause seams to tear and the fabric to become seriously damaged.

Claims for damages arising from the care instructions indicated above will not be honoured, since the effectiveness of these measures depends on a large number of factors that vary from case to case. Additional care instructions can be obtained from your specialist dealer.

The free WAREMA Designer allows you to virtually configure sun shading systems for your garden, balcony and patio. Try it for yourself - the application is very easy to use! Configure your perfect sun shading solution.

Colours are of huge importance for your mood and well-being. With awnings, this atmosphere is instrumentally influenced by the colour of the fabric. Awning fabrics scatter the light and colour it, meaning that the effect can range from cool to warm. To attain the harmonious effect to precisely suit your personal style, you should also integrate the colours of the facade, windows, patio doors and patio floor into your holistic concept. What are the actual trendsetters, in fact? Nature and design combine harmoniously and the outdoor space becomes a “living area”. Fresh, vintage charm and strong colours make a statement in Outdoor Living and open up individual design opportunities. The latest trends are acrylic plain coloured designs in muted tones, such as beige and grey. The forerunners among the top striped awning fabrics are the block stripes with large, structured pattern repeat.

Awning fabrics from WAREMA have characteristics that promise you long-term pleasure when it comes to the appearance and function of your sun shading system. All are light-fast, tear-resistant, dirt and water-repellent. A new kind of impregnation on a nano-sized scale prevents dirt from entering the fabric and ensures that it is simply washed away by the water the next time it rains. This allows your awning fabric's colours to shine brightly and guarantees long-term functioning of your awning. The nano impregnation also makes it easier to clean your awning fabric. Regardless of whether its acrylic fabric, PVC-coated glass fibre yarn or polyester, you can enjoy high tech "Made in Germany" - and not just at the height of summer, but also in the spring and autumn thanks to its robust characteristics. Because wind and weather can (hardly) do anything to your awning.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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