The WMS radio system combines the latest technology and an aesthetic design in a radio remote control that satisfies even the most demanding users. Distant products can also be reached by transmitting commands from one receiver to another (mesh network). The radio system functions bidirectionally, which means that all WMS components confirm that a command has been received and executed. This means that users receive feedback about all the move commands sent to their sun shading systems. Saving scenes enables comfortable operation of several products at the single keystroke. A "TV" scenario, for example, can close the external venetian blinds and switch on the standard lamp – guaranteeing you a comfortable atmosphere.

  • A long operating range and reliable functionality thanks to an intelligent mesh network (every receiver on a sun shading product also serves as a repeater for radio commands)
  • Visual feedback when move commands have been executed
  • Comfort, efficiency and safety with clever control modes (e.g. protection of awning in bad weather, automatic black-out function in sunlight)
  • Expansions also make system suitable for use in larger construction projects
  • Operation using hand-held transmitter, wall-mounted transmitter, app and voice control
  • Easy to retrofit (without additional line routing)
  • Commissioning and configuration by your WAREMA specialised retailer
  • Flexible networking of sun shading systems, household appliances, lighting and more with WMS homee

Radio signals are transmitted from one receiver (M) to another (M) via the intelligent mesh network. This enables the failsafe distribution of the radio commands between the transmitters (1, 2, 4, 5) and the receivers (M) even over long distances.

The smart sensors (3) allow the system to be controlled automatically according to the brightness and weather conditions. On the basis of the weather data, radio commands are sent automatically to the receivers (M), which execute the commands (e.g. close or open roller shutters) and confirm this to the transmitter.

Extending the radio system to include WMS WebControl pro (6) allows all the sun shading products to be operated and the control functions to be managed via the app (4) and the voice assistant (5). The WMS WebControl pro hardware (6) is connected to the local WLAN router (7) for this purpose. The WMS WebControl pro app is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Smart sun shading is easier than ever before

Operation of awnings and more from an app

Alexa voice control

Preset control modes can be easily selected

Commissioning and configuration by your specialised retailer

Simple retrofitting into existing WMS networks

Smart home for the whole house

Operation of your entire home via just one app

Voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

Operation of your entire home (sun shading system, lighting, household appliances and much more) via just one app

Control modes can be configured manually

Support from the homee community

WMS operating elements for manual control

WMS receivers for sun shading products and other power consumers

WMS sensors for automatic sun shading product control

WMS additional components for commissioning, extension and diagnosis

Roller shutters, awnings and venetian blinds close automatically in direct sunlight to keep rooms from heating up in summer.

Private space at dusk - roller shutters and external venetian blinds close by themselves.

Protects awnings, sun sails and external venetian blinds from damage.

Convenient operation from smartphones, tablets, computers and Alexa voice control.

Can I use my smartphone to operate my sun shading system? How can I automate my home? Can I add WMS components to the network later on? You'll find answers to these and other questions in our Smart Home FAQs.

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