Control sun shading systems and lighting remotely with EWFS. Using the control is just as comfortable and easy as for example operating your TV. EWFS solutions are particularly effective when it comes to expansion and retrofitting: wireless components and a wide range of control options allow you to expand your individual sun shading system later with a minimum of installation work.

  • Ideal for expansion and retrofitting
  • Control can be extended individually with the minimum of installation work
  • Convenient radio remote control of sun shading system
  • Switching and dimming of light is possible
  • Several receivers can be operated simultaneously at the push of a single button
  • Comprehensive product range for control of sun shading products such as external venetian blinds, awnings and roller shutters
  • Additional components can be added, e.g. radiant heater control for patio awnings

The EWFS radio system is designed for controlling sun shading products on one floor of the building. Transmitters (e.g. hand-held or wall-mounted transmitters) or sensors (e.g. weather stations) transmit move commands in the form of radio signals to one or more receivers (e.g. flush-mounted or plug receivers). The receiver executes the move command – the sun shading product (roller shutter, awning or external venetian blind) moves into the required position and the lighting is switched on or dimmed.

EWFS operating element for manual control 

EWFS receiver for sun shading products and other power consumers

EWFS sensor for automatic sun shading product control

Additional EWFS components for expanding conventional controls and more

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