Free-standing awnings are not only in demand in outdoor hospitality. Structural conditions can also make it difficult to install an awning on a façade in private residential buildings. With the flexible, free-standing frame for WAREMA patio awnings, you still get sun protection exactly where you need it.

Enjoy the cool shade on the sunny days of the year wherever you want it. A free-standing awning from WAREMA gives you the freedom to do it all. And thanks to the wide range of models and high-grade awning fabrics in several colours and designs, you set design highlights in your garden at the same time.

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A free-standing awning from WAREMA gives you reliable protection against sun, heat and the prying eyes of your neighbours – exactly where you want it: on your balcony, patio or in the garden. Thanks to its sturdy frame, this awning is a sun shading product that delivers welcome shade where it's truly needed. No facade is necessary for installation.

In addition to this freedom, the design possibilities are also limitless: simply pick an awning fabric from over 100 available colours and designs for a perfect fit with your personal ambience.

Once you know what you want, the specialists at WAREMA will then produce your free-standing awning in Germany. The result: your very own made-to-measure sun shading system with first-rate quality and a product you'll enjoy for years to come.

Top quality and high functionality are two prominent features of your free-standing awning from WAREMA. Other features include its attractive design and simple operation, something that applies to awnings with manual operation but is especially true of the models with electric drive.

When equipped with an optional WAREMA control system, these electrically powered models can also be controlled from a smartphone or tablet – and can even be automatically retracted to a protected position in strong wind when combined with the intelligent WMS Wind sensor. It's impossible to get more comfort than that! Unless you also treat yourself to the LED lighting elements or a radiant heater for maximum enjoyment of the open air, even after dusk falls and cooler periods start.

At WAREMA you will find free-standing awnings for your garden, balconies and patios exactly according to your wishes. The flexible, durable and reliable protection against the sun, summer heat, light drizzle and prying eyes is manufactured individually for you in Germany. A number of designs and models guarantee you a free-standing awning that is as individual as you.

A free-standing awning is your protection against sun and prying eyes. So is the free-standing sun sail from WAREMA. The sun sail is a way to create a protected space in open areas wherever you need it – for events, in gardens, or even by sandpits and outdoor swimming pools. This flexible alternative from WAREMA can be set up quickly and easily in the desired location to deliver optimal protection from the sun. A selection of over 90 different awning fabrics and designs, along with two fabric sizes, means that you get a movable sun sail that's an exact fit for you taste – one that captivates with its outstanding functionality as well as its quality and refined look.

The WAREMA slat roof Lamaxa is the perfect choice for those who are also looking to use their free-standing awning as protection against wind and weather. This extravagant shade-maker offers you up to 24 square metres of protection and shade. And the expansive, free-standing sun shading system also provides impressive wind stability. It's all made possible by the pivotable and manoeuvrable slats featured on this ideal alternative to the free-standing awning – which you can operate with an incredibly comfortable press of a button thanks to the electric drive. In addition to its outstanding functionality, the WAREMA slat roof is also available in a wide variety of colours, allowing individual configuration of the frame and slats.

With the WAREMA Configurator, you can customise your awnings exactly as you wish. It contains all designs and fabrics for the current awnings and a selection of the most popular colours for powder-coated parts. Features such as radiant heaters, different lighting variants and valance roller blinds can also be selected. What are you waiting for?

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quotation for your own customised awning. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!


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