Relaxing hours in the cool shade of your awning are simply wonderful. Especially if your sun shading system also looks dazzling. So that it stays that way, you should also clean your awning.

Sun, wind and weather continuously put strain on your shading system. The cold season is a perfect time for careful awning maintenance after continuous use in the summer. Cleaning your awning regularly allows for more gentle cleaning. And it prevents stubborn dirt that is hard to remove when cleaning your awning. The result is a spotless, well-maintained and valuable sun shading system that gives you long-lasting joy.

Our tips will make cleaning your awning a piece of cake:

First use a soft brush to gently remove any dirt that has accumulated on the dry sun shading system.

You can remove coarse dirt by wetting the awning fabric.

You can then rinse off partially loosened dirt with a stream of water from the garden hose.

Smaller streaks of dirt can also be removed with a rubber eraser.

The best way to remove stains is with a mild cleaning solution and soft sponge. Then rinse off the cleaning agent thoroughly from the awning to retain the impregnation.

Now let your awning dry thoroughly before retracting it to prevent algae and mould from growing.

Cleaning your awning regularly ensures long-term pleasure with your sun shading system from WAREMA. However, you should be careful when doing do. Scrubbing the awning fabric intensively is just as much of a no-go as cleaning the awning fabric in the washing machine and using aggressive cleaning agents that attack the impregnation. Ideal aids when cleaning the awning include water, a soft sponge and a mild cleaning agent made up of mild detergent and water. The WAREMA cleaning glove and our cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products are also ideal for maintaining awnings.

The right cleaning agent allows awnings to shine properly again after a long season. The best way to clean the frame of your WAREMA awning is with the cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products from WAREMA. It has been specially developed for plastic and metal surfaces. When it comes to cleaning your awning, putting the awning fabric in the washing machine is a no-no. A simple cleaning solution made up of five to ten percent mild detergent in lukewarm water is ideal. Simply foam up the self-prepared cleaning agent by squeezing the sponge when you clean the fabric of your awning. After approximately 20 minutes, rinse the awning fabric thoroughly with water. This way, the protective layer of your sun shading product is retained.

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