Use WAREMA cleaning tips and aids to increase the durability of your sun shading system. Restore your home to its former splendour.

External sun shading systems such as awnings, roller shutters, external venetian blinds and sun sails are used all year round and therefore are often exposed to changing weather conditions and soiling. Over time, a layer of dirt builds up on the surfaces of the components, and can be permanently burnt into the coating by solar radiation. In addition, dirt can penetrate the mechanism and damage movable components. It is therefore important to clean and maintain your sun shading system regularly in order to protect the high-grade materials against permanent soiling. This makes more sense than one, first laborious clean after several years.

Specially shaped tong brush for cleaning the slats of external venetian blinds

Ideal for 50, 60 and 80 slats

Tong brush surrounds the slat to enable effective and thorough cleaning of the external venetian blind

Ergonomically shaped handle for ease of use

Slat cleaning pads can be washed on a normal cycle

Contains: slat cleaning tongs incl. 2 slat cleaning pads

Article number: 2012405 (available from your local specialist dealer or from Amazon)

Cleans your sun shading system with metal and plastic surfaces gently and effectively

Suitable for external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window frames

Certified by GRM Gütegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden e.V.


Contains: 1 x 500 ml bottle of concentrate

Safety information

Article number: 2011811 (available from your local specialist dealer or from Amazon)

High-grade cleaning glove for cleaning your sun shading system

Special microfibre fabric for loosening and collecting a large amount dirt

Suitable for both wet and dry cleaning

Makes it easier to clean smooth surfaces such as roller shutter curtains, awning frames, window sills or guide rails

Cleaning glove can be washed on a normal cycle

Can also be used for cleaning in the interior (e.g. pleated blinds)

Contains: 1 cleaning glove

Article number: 2013854 (available from your local specialist dealer or from Amazon)

As a leading manufacturer of sun shading systems, WAREMA knows what's important for cleaning. That's why you'll achieve optimum results with our aids. The tested and certified WAREMA sun shading system cleaner combined with the WAREMA cleaning glove is suitable for cleaning metal and plastic surfaces. The glove is made of a special microfibre fabric and is particularly suitable for loosening and collecting a large amount of dirt. For cleaning the slats of your external venetian blinds, it is best to use the specially developed WAREMA slat cleaning tongs in combination with the sun shading system cleaner.

Our tips will make cleaning your awning a piece of cake: Relaxing hours in the cool shade of your awning are simply wonderful. Especially if your sun shading system also looks dazzling. So that it stays that way, you should also clean your awning.

Find out how to clean your external venetian blinds and slats effectively and safely. Our experts have put together detailed instructions to make sure that you can care for your venetian blinds professionally.

Regular care and maintenance improve the appearance and contribute to the conservation of the shading ability. “It is worth planning this work for the end of the season, so that the spring clean the following year can be done more quickly. If you get around to cleaning your sun shading system and having the units maintained by a qualified specialist early, you can enjoy the first rays of sun carefree,” says Hannes Hemrich from the Product Management service.

The cleaning of all external sun shading products, such as venetian blinds or curtain panels, always starts in the same way: remove loose dirt from cover panels, frames, profile rails, roller shutter and external venetian blind slats etc. with whisk broom or vacuum cleaner and rinse off with clear water if necessary. To do this you move from top to bottom or from back to front. Due to potential short circuiting, electrical components must not come into contact with water during this.

Next, all enamelled metal or plastic surfaces are cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge. Optimal results can be achieved using two of the WAREMA cleaning products specially developed and certified for sun shading systems, the cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products together with the cleaning glove. The glove consists of a special microfibre fabric and is particularly suitable for loosening and collecting dirt. The next steps of the cleaning process differ depending on the sun shading product.


As a rule, no high pressure washers, abrasive sponges or aggressive cleaning agents and solvents, such as alcohol or benzene, should be used when cleaning the sun shading system.

In cleaning mode, the slats of external venetian blinds can be freed of dust etc. with a sponge or cloth as described. “We have developed specialised products, for example our slat cleaning tongs, for a practical method of cleaning slats. This makes it much easier to clean the slats, a task which can otherwise be tedious" says Hinrich Troff (technical service specialist at WAREMA).

Once the fixed components are cleaned, the awning fabric comes next: over time, stains are inevitable. Occasionally, isolated dirty strips or smaller spots can be carefully removed while dry with a non-marking rubber eraser. Thickly caked dirt particles will come off more easily if you wet the awning with clean water beforehand. You can best remove partially loosened dirt with a stream of water from a garden hose. A simple cleaning solution that you can make yourself is just as effective: pour five to ten percent of mild detergent into lukewarm water, foam up the mixture by squeezing it through a sponge repeatedly and then apply the foam to the dirty areas. Make sure that this cleaning solution does not exceed a temperature of 30°. After an exposure time of 15 to 20 minutes, the fabric is rinsed with clear water. Repeat the process several times if necessary and allow the awning fabric to dry completely to prevent mould or stains from forming.

“As cleaning agents and fabric impregnation work in opposition to each other, rinsing off is an important step in making sure that as much of the awning fabric's water-repellent impregnation as possible remains”, says Hinrich Troff (technical service specialist at WAREMA). The water-repellent characteristic protects the fabric against soaking through too quickly and allows the fabric to dry better. The formation of mould is prevented if the awning is retracted when dry and well-ventilated, not only at the end of the season, but constantly throughout the year.


Awning fabrics cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Avoid heavy friction, e.g. from hard brushes or sponges. This can cause the awning fabric to become rough or damaged and may wear down the impregnation.

Please refrain from using high pressure washers to clean the awning. This will also remove the impregnation and may additionally cause seams to tear and the fabric to become damaged. Stay on the safe side with the gentle cleaning products from WAREMA.

Using the WAREMA cleaning glove together with our cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products is an ideal way to properly clean roller shutter surfaces.

The sun shading system should be cleaned gradually from top to bottom: from the box along the guide rails and roller shutter curtain to the bottom rail.

Performing preliminary cleaning:

Remove any loose soiling from the complete product (e.g. dust). A whisk broom or vacuum cleaner can be used for this.

Performing detailed cleaning:

Prepare the bucket with water and cleaning agent. Note the dosing quantities specified by the cleaning agent manufacturer while doing this. Wet a microfibre cloth or sponge and clean the product components with a wiping motion. Repeat the procedure as needed based on the degree of soiling and remove freed dirt before drying. The surface of the product can be rubbed dry using a microfibre or cotton cloth to prevent scale marks from forming around dried water droplets.

Good news: sun sails with an electric drive do not have to be dismantled in winter. They should, however, be packed away dry using a protective winter covering, as they do not have a cassette or protective cover. During the cold season the sail should also be disconnected from the power supply system. If the sun sail is tested, cleaned and stored fully dry, the winter break does not pose any more problems. An exception is fixed sails without a shaft. If necessary due to weather conditions or safety reasons, they must also be dismantled during the season and stored dry. The sun sail should be cleaned as is an awning fabric, and it is also important to extend and allow it to dry on a regular basis.

In order to keep insects out next spring and to stop the dust from the summer from accumulating on the fly net during the wet season, autumn is the perfect time to clean the insect screens on windows and doors. To do this, they are also carefully brushed down with a soft brush and if necessary washed with a wet sponge or cleaning glove. Get your cleaning done for the winter break.

For roller blinds, curtain panels, vertical louvre blinds and black-out blinds, there are essentially three ways to clean them:

  • clean with mild detergent solution at maximum 30°C (do not machine wash)
  • wipe with a damp cloth
  • brush off with a soft broom or vacuum carefully

However, the materials are very different and the ideal cleaning method depends greatly on the fabric. Let your specialist dealer advise you how best to proceed and of what to be aware.

Ideally, dust and clean venetian blinds and roller blinds of slight soiling with a feather duster.

In general, you should avoid using strong cleaning agents on your sun shading system, avoid washing fabrics in the washing machine, avoid bending sun shading products (especially venetian blind slats) and in case of doubt, always seek expert advice from your specialist dealer.

Over time, a film of dirt will settle on the surfaces of sun shading products due to environmental influences. Due to the effects of solar radiation, this soiling can become permanently burnt into or stuck to the surface coating. These factors reduce the value and possibly impair the function of the sun shading product. For a long service life of the sun shading product, the surfaces should be cleaned regularly or at least once a year. In certain ambient conditions, such as those found near industrial zones and close to heavy road traffic, the sea (salty air) or swimming pools (air with chlorine), more frequent cleaning may help to protect against surface damage caused by these conditions and against the heightened risk of corrosion.

  • Do not use high pressure washers, steam washers, abrasive sponges, abrasive cleansers, or aggressive cleaning agents or solvents such as alcohol or naphtha!
  • Do not use chlorinated cleaning agents on or near the product!
  • Do not rub the awning fabric excessively with a hard brush/sponge or other hard objects! This may damage the surface.

Electrical components must not come into contact with water - risk of short circuiting and fatal danger. No sun shading fabrics can be washed in the washing machine. As a rule, no high pressure washers, abrasive sponges or aggressive cleaning agents and solvents, such as alcohol or benzene, may be used. Use WAREMA cleaning products instead for effective and careful cleaning. Only have maintenance carried out by a qualified specialist in sun shading systems.

arising from the care instructions indicated above will not be honoured, since the effectiveness of these measures depends on a large number of factors that vary from case to case. Additional care instructions can be obtained from your specialist dealer.

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