Sun shading is a matter close to our hearts! It offers comfort and ensures well-being in your own home. And that's just one of the many advantages! Because sun shading systems also increasingly have a climate protection function - something that has a particular resonance in times of climate change. Sun shading solutions from WAREMA - for a pleasant temperature.

A study by the Industrial Association of Roller Shutter Sun Shading Automation (IVRSA) confirms that, depending on the building, the correct combination of windows and automated sun shading can save up to 70% of cooling energy and up to 30% of heating energy compared to windows without sun shading systems.

With an automated sun shading system, heat and power savings can be made throughout the year. If all buildings in Germany were fitted with the perfect combination of windows and automated sun shading systems, the heating energy savings would be comparable to the annual energy production of approximately two medium sized atomic power stations.Compared to buildings without automated sun shading systems, a total of up to six million tonnes of CO2 emissions would be avoided.

For us, CO2 reductions and sustainability are part of the high quality and longevity of our products. This is highlighted by our services, such as the 5-year manufacturer's warranty or the 10-year protection package for our outdoor living products. Curtain replacements or repairs instead of buying again - the serviceability of our products speaks for itself and thus also protects both the environment and your wallet.

Buildings are not yet sufficiently geared towards the advancing climate change - neither in refurbishments nor in new construction.Therefore, these buildings increasingly threaten to overheat in summer. Current forecasts show that the number of days on which the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees will increase. The use of air conditioning systems seems like an obvious solution, but would lead to a massive increase in energy consumption.

A new study by the engineering firm Hauser (IBH) on behalf of the Repräsentanz Transparente Gebäudehülle (Transparent Building Envelope Representative Office) shows that various sun shading measures are an effective means of preventing overheating and can minimise or, in many cases, completely prevent energy consumption for air conditioning. Learn more in our video!

Clear facts are needed about the climate transition in the construction sector. This applies to planners, project managers and property developers. For this reason, WAREMA has analysed the CO2 footprint of its three best-selling products - the so-called Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

The result clearly shows that an external sun shading system can save up to 28 times more CO2 in its use phase than is produced during its entire life cycle, from raw material procurement, production and logistics through to use and disposal. 

With an external venetian blind from WAREMA, for example, you save 5.8 tons of CO2 over the entire service life of the product.It's a true "climate protection system".

Cool inside, cool outside.

Many of our products are great at saving on CO2. Which means you can save 5.8 tons of CO2 over the entire service life of the product with an external venetian blind from WAREMA, for example. 

This issue is becoming increasingly important in light of climate change. In just a few years, we will be experiencing Mediterranean temperatures in summer here too. And anyone who doesn't figure out the right solution is sure to lose out.

So make sure to rely on intelligent sun shading solutions. These will transform your home into a pleasant retreat!

We have a clear goal: we want to reduce CO2 emissions from our products by a further 30% by 2030.

That's why we do the research: we have calculated the CO2 footprints of our most popular products. The results clearly show that an external sun shading system can save up to 28 times more CO2 in its use phase than is produced during its entire life cycle, from raw material procurement, production and logistics through to use and disposal.

But that's not enough for us: using this information, we have set ourselves the clear goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of our products by a further 30% by 2030. Aluminium is one of our most important raw materials. We are already focusing on a combination of CO2 reduction and longevity. We will achieve this by using recycled materials and manufacturing using renewable energies.

We are certified.

A key requirement for WAREMA is ensuring and continuously improving the high quality standards of our products, services, occupational safety and environmental protection through a comprehensive management concept.

Through this, we ensure that the world-renowned reliability, safety and longevity of our sun shading systems, as well as their impact on the efficiency of residential and office buildings will be guaranteed now and well into the future.

We are on the way together:

As well as measuring our product carbon footprints (PCFs), we have also drawn up environmental product declarations (EPDs) in collaboration with the German Association of the Roller Shutter, Sun Shading and Automation Industry (IVRSA e.V.) and the German Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU e.V.) to provide detailed information about the environmental impacts of our external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window awnings.

We are on the way together:

A|U|F e.V. is an association that maintains a closed material cycle for aluminium in the window, door and facade sectors. The goal: The environmentally friendly and resource-conserving reuse and recycling of aluminium. 

Scrap from production and dismantled components are collected, shredded, sorted and cast into new extrusion billets for aluminium profiles by certified environmental partners at the end of the usage phase. WAREMA became the first member company in the sun shading sector in February 2024.

Doing business sustainably is an all-embracing subject that nowadays applies not only to production processes. As well as manufacturing high-grade products with a long life that improve the energy footprint of buildings, WAREMA has also been working for years to expand its comprehensive range of services and to continuously improve its own environmental management and efficiency.

To us, sustainability means holistic responsibility – and is deeply rooted in the WAREMA Group's DNA. Sustainability is not new for us. For many years, people, cooperation, and the protection of the environment have been at the heart of our work. We are already on our way to achieving this using of a range of measures.

WAREMA stands for quality. It is the starting point for our sustainability initiatives and the key idea behind them. This is because the longer a product is used for, the more sustainable it is, as it allows valuable resources to be saved and waste to be avoided. We use high-grade raw materials from certified suppliers and guarantee high social standards in our supply chains. Our Life Cycle Service for WAREMA sun shading systems is unique in the industry. Our comprehensive network of service partners and guaranteed supply of spare parts and services, such as fabric replacement for awnings, ensures a long service life for our sun shading solutions and helps us to save valuable resources.

The times when the value chain ended with the delivery of the product are long past. Reliable, comprehensive services are of crucial importance. They not only make a key contribution to a high level of customer satisfaction, but also meet the requirements for increased sustainability by allowing the products to be used for longer. For example, with our outstanding service, we help our partners to provide all-inclusive service packages. We were awarded the "Service Champion 2022" seal of quality for our high quality standards and our exceptional performance in the area of service and support.

With the unique 5-year manufacturer warranty for outdoor living products from WAREMA, you don't have to worry. In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty ensures not only that your product is repaired quickly, but also that you do not incur unplanned additional costs.

With WAREMA's unique 10-year protection package, you can enjoy the protection of a warranty for even longer. Benefit from a 10-year manufacturer warranty, rapid repair in the event of damage and the additional maintenance service for even greater reliability.

As long ago as 2002, WAREMA introduced a certified environmental management system which was re-certified in 2006, 2015 and 2021 according to ECOPROFIT criteria. ECOPROFIT stands for "Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology". The project is a cooperation between administrative districts and companies at the local level. Its goal is to reduce the operating costs incurred by businesses and conserve natural resources.

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