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For many, the home is a place of unforgettable memories and great moments. A place of well-being, comfort and safety. To keep it that way, those four walls need an upgrade from time to time, fresh intentions and/or new design ideas. Wanting to enjoy natural daylight plays a major role in today's modernisations. At the same time, an optimal indoor climate should be preserved and, if possible, only lower energy costs should be incurred: All this is made possible by intelligently planned sun shading concepts. Treat your home to a rejuvenating 'energy makeover' where you not only do your household budget and the environment a favour, but also enhance your quality of life, meaning you can live comfortably in summer and winter.

For you as a homeowner, these questions can be used as a starting point to clarify your specific requirements and preferences in terms of sun shading solutions when carrying out a renovation or refurbishment. It can also be helpful to consult a qualified specialist for individual advice and solutions tailored to the needs of the house.

There are several good reasons why it makes sense to integrate sun shading solutions into your home or to update existing solutions.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider in your planning:

Sun shading solutions such as awnings, blinds, or roller shutters can help to reduce how much heat enters your home during the hot summer months. By intercepting direct solar radiation on windows and facades, they reduce the need for air conditioning and thus help you save on energy costs.

Using a sun shading system can help you create a more comfortable indoor climate, as it reduces the amount of excessive heat that enters the building. This creates a comfortable living and working environment for you and your family.

Sun shading solutions also provide protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. These rays can damage your furniture, floors and other furnishings and cause them to fade. Using a sun shading system can extend the service life of your systems and help you avoid expensive repairs and replacement purchases.

Sun shading solutions can protect your privacy by keeping prying eyes on the outside from looking in. Roller shutters in particular also offer an additional layer of security since they act as a barrier and can deter potential burglars.

Modern sun shading solutions offer a wide range of control options, from manual operation to automated systems. With automated solutions, you can programme sun shading devices to automatically adjust to changing light conditions or operate them remotely. This offers flexibility and convenience in use – and makes it easier for you to operate as you grow older.

A well-designed and modern sun shading solution can increase the value of your property. Potential buyers appreciate energy-efficient and comfortable houses that are equipped with high-grade sun shading solutions.

So modern sun shading solutions can help save energy, improve comfort and convenience in your home, protect your privacy, and increase the value of your property. Investing in such measures is therefore a worthwhile consideration when modernising your home.

The use of customised products for renovations and refurbishments offers a range of benefits which can help deliver better results.

In renovation and refurbishment projects, existing window openings or other areas may have non-standard dimensions. By using customised products, you can ensure that they are tailored exactly to your specific requirements. This guarantees a precise fit that avoids leaks, drafts and other problems that could occur with prefabricated products.

Customised products allow you to precisely match the design and aesthetics of your facades with your outdoor areas. You can choose materials, colours, patterns and finishes that suit your personal preferences and the style of your renovation. This way, you can ensure that the products all fit seamlessly into the big picture and create a harmonious appearance.

Customised products are usually made-to-order and many parts are handmade or manufactured under strict quality controls. This way, you can be sure that the materials used and the workmanship are high-quality. Customised products tend to be more durable and have a longer service life than prefabricated mass-produced products.

For renovations and refurbishments, you may have specific requirements in terms of functionality, sound insulation, heat insulation and/or safety. Customised products allow you to fulfil these requirements in a targeted manner. For example, you can choose special coatings or materials to improve sound insulation or heat insulation, or integrate security features to increase the protection of your home.

When selecting and planning customised products, you usually have access to professionals such as architects, interior designers or specialised craftsmen. These experts can support you in the decision-making process, give advice, and help you find the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Customised products such as WAREMA's sun shading solutions ensure a perfect fit, an individual design, high-grade materials, fulfilment of specific requirements, and professional advice. This way you can be sure that your renovation and refurbishment projects will meet your needs and deliver the best possible results.

WAREMA external venetian blinds, roller shutters and window awnings mean you are always on the safe side in your renovating and modernising pursuits! Sit back and enjoy your free time. Your new external sun shading system closes automatically – even when you're on holiday. Depending on the installation situation, different types of external sun shading systems are used. Each of them has different strengths. Use our modernisation guide to find which solution(s) is most ideal for your retrofitting or refurbishing needs.

They combine modern design with the highest degree of functionality. External venetian blinds allow you to create an individual light ambience inside and characterise the appearance of the facade outside. At the same time, they contribute significantly to a building's energy efficiency.

Front-mounted external venetian blinds score particularly well in modernisation projects.

For the greatest design variety, panels that are rectangular, half-round, square or that can be can be fully plastered are available for these blinds. No additional box fastening is necessary and thermal bridges are reliably avoided with front-mounted external venetian blinds, so that there is no increased heating requirement at the window. Another advantage: WAREMA front-mounted external venetian blinds are compatible with WAREMA front-mounted roller shutters in terms of both installation and optics, and can thus be combined for an ideal aesthetic.

A WAREMA front-mounted roller shutter is an excellent option for providing your home with effective sun shading during renovation or refurbishment work.

Front-mounted roller shutters offer these advantages during renovation:

  • No problems with thermal bridges and sound insulation values thanks to external box
  • Many options for individual design
  • Perfect combination with front-mounted external venetian blind possible thanks to identical box shapes
  • Also suitable for retrofitting without replacing the windows
  • Can be used irrespective of building construction type

Front-mounted roller shutters therefore not only ensure comfortable temperatures inside the house, but also improve privacy and reduce outside noise. In addition, the security of your property is increased. A WAREMA front-mounted roller shutter can either be seamlessly integrated into the facade or placed as a visual highlight on the outside of the house, which also enhances the appearance of your property.

The WAREMA renovation roller shutters, RE-RO for short, are a practical solution in terms of energy efficiency for reusing existing lintel boxes. For these top-mounted roller shutters, the box is fitted onto the window from above, and the box and window are installed together – perfect for your renovations and new buildings. Both components can then be installed in a single step. The facade and inside plaster remain largely unaffected by the replacement.

The renovation roller shutter is available in various versions, including as a complete system with integrated insect screen and pollen protection. Roller shutters for renovations offer effective heat insulation.

Shaft roller shutters are extremely easy to install for renovations. The existing shafts on the facade are used for this. Thanks to its Minimax guide rails, the shaft roller shutter blends into your facade very well. And you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes.

There are several reasons why furnishing external sun shading systems such as external venetian blinds or roller shutters with an automatic control, particularly with regard to energy-saving refurbishments and senior-friendly living, is worthwhile. Modern radio systems such as WMS can also be retrofitted and can be integrated into modern Smart Home applications.

For starters, automatic control can help reduce energy consumption by decreasing the amount of heat and sunlight entering the building in the summer and increasing it in the winter. This can reduce the need for heating and air conditioning and lead to significant savings in energy costs.

Automatic control can also make you feel more comfortable at home. The sun shading system can be automatically adjusted to the insolation intensity in order to reduce glare and make the room temperature more comfortable. This can be particularly advantageous for elderly people who, for one thing, may be more susceptible to heat or cold stress and, for another, may have less strength to raise or lower the units themselves using the standard belt.

Finally, an automatic control can also increase safety, as it automatically takes over the opening and closing of the sun shading system. This not only protects the units, e.g., in the event of a strong storm, but also simulates the presence of residents, making it appear as if they're home, even if they are on holiday.

Using an automatic control for external sun shading systems when refurbishing for energy-saving purposes and/or modernising for age-related purposes is a worthwhile investment that can help lower your energy bill, increase your comfort and safety, and provide a higher quality of living overall.

If you are interested in retrofitting, WAREMA offers a wide range of roller shutters that are especially suitable for retrospective installation as part of property refurbishment or renovation. Together with a WAREMA specialised retailer, all of these options make retrofitting roller shutters extremely easy and, on top of that, an intelligent investment that is guaranteed to pay off.

Would you like to replace your awning fabric? This is also part of the topic of sustainable modernisation – because, when it comes to modernisation measures, it doesn't always have to be a new awning for the patio. Even if a good awning fabric is tough and holds its ground against the harsh elements for many years... at some point, its UV-ray protection will wear off, or at the very least, its colours will fade. You can find out how to proceed here:

Senior-friendly modernisation can include many elements: levelling steps, widening doors, making shower handicap-accessible. If you have a patio or a garden, you can go one step further in your considerations. After all, if the retired life gives you more time to enjoy your own home, it would be quite a shame if you couldn't use and enjoy your whole property. That is why this family from Lower Franconia has created a patio on the sunny side, which is shaded with a Perea pergola awning from WAREMA. Perfect for taking all activities in the summer outside.

The couple planned ahead and have largely completed the conversions for senior-friendly and sustainable living in and around the house in recent years. Thanks to aerated concrete, the building from 1976 can score well with good energy ratings. Today, new windows with front-mounted external venetian blinds from WAREMA allow more light inside and give the architecture a contemporary look. The only thing missing was a place where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the wonderful view of the countryside.

In order to be able to reach the patio in a few steps, the existing kitchen window was then enlarged to form a door and fitted with an external venetian blind and insect screen. For the construction of the patio itself, the area was first filled in to make it usable at ground level despite the slope. Thanks to shading with a weatherproof Perea pergola awning, the patio now sees nearly year-round usage and offers sufficient privacy.

Siegfried März

Do you value simple and discreet interior design? Do you love clean and pure shapes? Or are you more the type of person who likes to live "colourfully"? With our modern sun shading solutions, you can design your home individually according to your preferences and design ideas. All systems meet the highest aesthetic demands and fit smoothly into any living concept. Give your house a characteristic and unmistakable touch - with WAREMA!

With the interactive WAREMA Configurator, you can compose your desired sun shading products completely according to your wishes and experience them in realistic 3D.

Visualise your virtual sun shading system with the free WAREMA Designer app and you can see immediately what will work best in your own home. The app is available for free in all app stores.

Which fabric? Which design? Which colour? Get inspired by our range and find your ideal sun shading system quickly and conveniently.

Whether it's refurbishing to save energy, increasing living comfort, creating design accents or all of the above: WAREMA offers reliable solutions for your renovation projects – even including intelligent control systems for the Smart Home of the future. Discover the possibilities!

A couple from Munich searched for a unique property and finally found a garden flat with a pool near Lake Starnberg. The couple completely renovated the flat and redesigned it with the help of a sophisticated floor plan concept, select vintage furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows. The remodelling work took a good year. Today, the flat is characterised by sophisticated details.

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