With the drop-arm awning, the awning fabric is projected forward away from the window instead of resting vertically against the facade. This breaks up austere facades and adds a light Mediterranean flair to buildings. This permits an outside view even when they are lowered. Drop-arm awnings from WAREMA are available in various designs and with numerous accessories.

Your WAREMA drop-arm awning makes it possible for you to reliably shade your windows and small balconies. And it does so thanks to various models and different designs with sun shading exactly according to your needs. High-grade materials also guarantee reliable functioning of your drop-arm awnings over a prolonged period – and even especially comfortably thanks to optional operation using a WAREMA control system.

Find out more here, take advantage of our free services via WAREMA plus and order your new window awning from a WAREMA specialised retailer near you.

A wide range of designs to match different facades types and various accessories make WAREMA's front-mounted awnings with drop arms particularly versatile. All drop-arm awnings are projected forward to allow for sun shading paired with outside views.

The modern arm technology of WAREMA's drop-arm awnings ensures optimised fabric tension, while the top-quality frame components provide for perfect functionality and a long service life. You can choose between open and closed drop-arm awnings from WAREMA. When retracted, fabric of a closed drop-arm awning is protected against the effects of weather by a cassette. The coordinated, half-round shape of the cassette also allows for an ideal combination with the WAREMA window awnings with ZIP guidance. An open drop-arm awning is ideal for use in locations where the fabric does not need to be protected against rain. Its small installed size makes this type of drop-arm awning perfect for fitting into small spaces such as inside the reveal or in existing lintel boxes.

You can easily create pleasant shading for individual windows and small balconies with a drop-arm awning from WAREMA. And even if you have fully extended this special sun shading system, an excellent view out is still guaranteed. In addition to its function of providing shade, an awning with a drop-arm from WAREMA also fulfils an aesthetic function by brightening up facades and giving buildings a Mediterranean charm.

A home is a stage that we can design to suit our own lives, and Ute Laatz has fulfilled her long-held wish to design her own home. In just four months, she completely renovated a three-apartment building in the city of Neuss by the Lower Rhine. Facing southwest, the 1920s brick building basks in the sun all day long, especially in summer. A total of eight matte black, smart-controlled WAREMA front-mounted awnings with drop arms protect the windows and facade from the heat, while their Mediterranean look evokes memories of strolling through Italian alleys.

With the WAREMA Configurator, you can customise your window awning exactly as you wish. It contains all designs and fabrics in the current collection and a selection of the most popular colours for powder-coated parts. Other features like VisioNeo or SecuKit are also available. What are you waiting for?

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quotation for your own customised window awning. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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