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Construction limit values
max. width: 6000 mm | max. height: 6000 mm (individual unit)
Available with motor

Product data sheet

Description Valid from
Window awning with ZIP guidance data sheet 04.2017 Send document linkSend document linkSend document link

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Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.


Window awning with ZIP guidance as a corner solution

Window awning with ZIP guidance as a corner solution

In order to also keep the generous fully-glazed corners shaded, WAREMA offers the window awning with ZIP guidance as a corner solution (90 degrees).

This permits reliable yet slender all-round shading. No guide rails are required in the corner area. This perfectly emphasises the generous and transparent style of fully glazed corners.

This innovative product solution is ideally matched to the Solarlux patio roof atrium with drawn-in poles and can also be integrated into the facade.

Window awning with ZIP guidance for patio roofs

Window awning with ZIP guidance for patio roofs

Window awnings with ZIP guidance are ideally suited to shading vertical areas of patio roofs.


Awning collection

Acrylic fabrics - long-lasting joy with sun shading systems
Acrylic is the classic awning fabric and the bestseller among awning textiles. This fabric provides reliable long-term UV radiation protection, is highly tear-resistant and is impregnated with a protective agent against soiling.
The innovative Lumera fabrics of the WAREMA Brilliant Collection consist of the new CBA fibre (Clear Brilliant Acrylic). Lumera acrylic has an exceptionally smooth surface. This keeps the colours saturated and brilliant for a long time without losing the typical fabric look of the material.

Colour ranges

Let yourself be inspired by the four colour ranges of the WAREMA awning collection and enjoy comfort from its most beautiful angle.

Passion Leidenschaft_38241v1_8779
From light pink buds to fully developed red blossoms, flowers create a brilliant display that lets nature shine in its most luminous colours.
Energy Energie_38236v1_8781
A bright yellow field of sunflowers rises up powerfully from among gentle meadows and lets nature thrive with all of its energy
Touch Beruehrung_38242v1_8782
From the luscious greens of soft moss to the subdued greys of weathered stones – the variety and intensity of natural colours is unique in its beauty.
Rhythm Rhythmus_38257v1_8783
As multifaceted as the ocean, nature impresses us with its changeable splendour of colour and its most subtle nuances.

WAREMA Collection Assistant
Would you like to know which fabric from our new collection best suits your facade? Then the Collection Assistant is the right place for you!
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WAREMA accessories for your selection

WAREMA control systems

Convenient and comfortable

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

WAREMA insect screen

Ideal for large areas

Insect screen as sash frame. Easy and quick installation directly with your sun shading system.

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