Sun shading systems for property developers
Planning guides for new buildings

Find the right sun shading solution for you

Window and facade

Visual highlight or integrated virtually invisibly into the facade – discover the versatile possible uses of a WAREMA sun shading solution. Here you will find everything you need to make your decision easier.

Living and working spaces

Perfectly planned sun shading and glare control guarantees optimum lighting and climate conditions for you. Discover how WAREMA sun shading systems can positively impact your living or working environment.

Balconies, patios, open spaces

Shading is not the same as shading. Find out how you can enjoy the sunny hours outdoors even more and create open spaces with flair using sun sails or awnings.

Control systems

Intelligent control systems add to your comfort and increase the energy efficiency of your WAREMA sun shading solution – regardless of whether it's a one-family house or a large property.

brochures and leaflets
with various ideas

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WAREMA Configurator

Interactive experience of sun shading – go into your living room, kitchen or on the patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

The checklist for your new building

Type of house
Solid house or prefabricated house? Detached family house or terraced house?
House size
How many square metres and how many rooms? How large is the garden?
Can the rooms be repurposed if necessary? Can the house be divided later, and the rooms sublet?
Should this be a luxury build or are there cheaper but comparable alternatives?
Is the home still comfortable and accessible for seniors or wheelchair users and other persons with limited mobility?
How large a budget do you need and can you save money through sensible planning? What is the financing situation? Do you have enough capital available?
Environmental protection
Can you rely on renewable energy and use resource-saving materials?
How will you prevent heat loss? What is the insulation situation?
Energy efficiency
EnEV - does your house fulfill the requirements of this European regulation?
Hot water supply
Central or decentralised?

We are happy to support you with your plans

WAREMA Designer

The sun shading system configurator, the AR app for configuring in you own home

Smart Home

Home Comfort with smart technologies. Intelligent solutions for creating the most comfortable home environment at all times.


Here you can find our individual brochures and leaflets. You can conveniently download them or directly order a printed copy.

Frequently asked questions

There are some questions we are asked on a regular basis – either before or after purchase. Here we have compiled the main areas of concern for you.

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