Do you want to reliably protect your home against the sun while increasing your living comfort and safety at the same time? Then our innovative products are just right for you. Whether it's new buildings or renovations – we offer an ideal solution for every requirement.

Roller shutters not only make it harder for unwanted guests to enter your home, they also provide a reliable emergency route in critical situations thanks to our SecuKit solution. VisioNeo prevents you – and most importantly children – from falling out of the window, while roller shutters with SecuKit allow you to exit your home quickly and safely in an emergency. Feel completely safe with WAREMA.

SenSigna detects unusual movements of the external venetian blind, e.g. in an attempted break-in, and immediately emits an acoustic signal. The alarm sounds before the window is damaged with a signal strength of approx. 90 decibels. SenSigna is integrated unobtrusively into the external venetian blind end rail. Simple retrofitting is possible.

An effective window fall protection is therefore indispensable. WAREMA fall protection VisioNeo combines safety with an optimal view out. With the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for external venetian blinds, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way.

With our SecuKits for motor-driven sun shading, you can get outside quickly - regardless of the power supply.

The perfect duo against unwelcome troublemakers: WAREMA roller shutters with integrated insect and pollen protection. Our shutter protection is individually tailored to your roller shutter at the factory and is easy to operate when installed. We also offer further shutter solutions such as swivel frames, roller blinds and sash frames for swinging doors, for example for your patio and balcony doors.

The perfect protection for the home. The security package offers additional protection and increased burglar resistance as per DIN 18073. With the reinforced push-up guard, secured guide rails and riveted cover panels, our roller shutter security package for roller shutters is the perfect protection for the home.

With individual automation, the intelligent WMS radio remote control always ensures the perfect feel-good climate at home depending on the time of day, position of the sun and weather conditions. In addition to the hand-held transmitter or wall-mounted transmitter operation, you can also control your sun shading system via tablet or smartphone with the iOS and Android app. From the comfort of your home, from the office, or on holiday – WMS WebControl pro provides you with direct access to your smart sun shading system no matter where you are.

The WAREMA plug receiver protect provides perfect protection against all kinds of extensive and costly damage. If lightning strikes, overvoltage can be conveyed into the building through sun shading products with electrical drives. This can cause significant damage to the sun shading system itself, but also to other power consumers and even IT systems. The plug receiver protect is an important component of the lightning protection concept.

With the battery-operated emergency retraction set, the external venetian blind has a fail-safe drive that raises the unit at a particularly high speed.

The flush-mounted battery module is suitable for installation in a flush-mounted box. In an emergency, it ensures safe raising of the sun shading product with a direct current drive. The battery pack guarantees an unobstructed route to the outside, even in the event of power failure.

Safety in the event of a power failure: The emergency power supply kit is a comfort control system for ensuring that sun shading products are raised in the event of a power supply interruption.

The acoustic SenSigna early warning system offers additional safety. It records and evaluates every movement of the external venetian blind. If an intruder tries to tamper with the blind, it will move differently than when used as normal or affected by the weather. SenSigna recognises this difference and sounds the alarm at around 90 dB. This drives away potential trespassers before they can damage the facade. Not only can the sensor be integrated into new external venetian blinds, it is also suitable for retrofitting in already existing units as it comes with its own power supply, making it independent of the electricity grid.

Today, most sun shading systems are comfortably controlled automatically. This makes a safe emergency operation function, for example in case of a power failure, all the more important. A reliable and cost-effective solution for this is the WAREMA SecuKit, a combination of motor drive and manual operation that is able to reliably clear emergency routes within a matter of seconds. Day-to-day, the sun shading system is intelligently controlled but in the event of a power failure manual intervention is always possible. Manual intermediate operation has no influence on motorised operation under normal circumstances. This means that no resets are necessary and the settings will remain unchanged. All facade products from WAREMA – roller shutters, external venetian blinds and window awnings – can be equipped with this intuitive and unobtrusively integrated feature.

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