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For shady spots with the best views

For shady spots with the best views

You can easily create pleasant shading for individual windows and small balconies with a drop-arm awning from WAREMA. An even if you have fully extended this special sun shading system, an excellent view out is still guaranteed. In addition to its function of providing shade, a drop-arm awning from WAREMA also fulfils an aesthetic function by brightening up facades and giving buildings a mediterranean charm.

Sun shading system for special demands

Sun shading system for special demands

A drop-arm awning from WAREMA is the perfect shade provider for windows and balconies. Thanks to its awning fabric extended steeply outwards, it reliably dims sunlight without disrupting your view outside. And at the same time your high-grade drop-arm awning looks really good and decorates your facade exactly according to your tastes. Because at WAREMA you will find a wide range of designs and accessories for a sun shading system made exactly according to your taste.

Comfort takes precedence

Comfort takes precedence

Your WAREMA drop-arm awning makes it possible for you to reliably shade your windows and small balconies. And it does so thanks to three different models and different designs with sun shading exactly according to your needs. High-grade materials also guarantee reliable functioning of your drop-arm awnings over a prolonged period – and even especially comfortably thanks to optional operation using a WAREMA control system.


Your WAREMA drop-arm awnings

Construction limit values
Max. width up to 4000 mm (individual unit) | up to 8000 mm (2-fold coupled units) | up to 12000 mm (3-fold coupled units)
Max. length of the drop arms 1600 mm
Available with motor or crank
Projection angle 90° or 135° adjustable
Drop-arm awning 330

Drop-arm awning 330

The drop-arm awning 330 is an open awning that is ideal for use in locations where the fabric does not need to be protected against rain.
Exclusive, highly durable drop-arm technology and first-class frame components ensure that the product will continue to function properly over a long service life.
Thanks to its small installed size, this drop-arm awning can be used in small spaces such as for reveal installations or when mounting in existing lintel boxes.

Drop-arm awning 340

Drop-arm awning 340

The drop-arm awning 340 with its attractively designed half-round cover panel with a water drip, made from powder-coated aluminium, provides reliable protection for the awning fabric.
The gas pressure springs in the drop arms ensure excellent fabric tension in every arm position.
The drop profile is either equipped with a valance or without one.

Drop-arm awning 355

Drop-arm awning 355

In this closed drop-arm awning a cassette protects the fabric from the effects of weather when retracted.
Thanks to the coordinated shape of the half-round cassette, an ideal combination with the WAREMA window awnings with ZIP guidance is also possible.
Ideal for individual adjustment to the users' wishes. An innovative arm mechanism ensures ideal fabric tension, and the awning's elegant shape makes it an eye-catcher on any facade.

Cover panel

Cover panel

Aluminium panel with water drip


Awning fabrics

Advanced technological processes make our fabrics for awnings, sun sails and similar sunshades all-rounders with special characteristics.

You can find out everything you need to know about our fabric qualities by clicking here Interesting facts about awning fabrics. From the very latest trend colours to timeless classics, the WAREMA Awnings Collection can fulfil any of your colour wishes with over 300 designs. Our extensive fabric collection shows you how creative the design of your exterior can be with WAREMA awnings. Furthermore, colours are of huge importance for your mood and well-being and can have a significant effect on the ambience.

The WAREMA Collection Assistant will inspire you and help you find the right colour.


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Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.


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WAREMA control systems

Convenient and comfortable

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

WAREMA insect screen

Ideal for large areas

Insect screen as sash frame. Easy and quick installation directly with your sun shading system.

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