The slat roof Lamaxa L60 gives you exactly the right amount of sun for your favourite spot in the garden. Thanks to the practical slat tilting mechanism, the sun shading system of your patio roof can be precisely regulated. When the slats are closed, the slat roof offers reliable protection against rain.

Lamaxa slat roofs are a real eye-catcher for any garden or patio. Thanks to the tilting slats, the Lamaxa L60 patio roof provides protection against sun, wind and rain almost all year round.

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  • Integrated awnings with easyZIP guidance for vertical shading or to create protection against wind and visual privacy
  • Glass, wooden or aluminium sash frames for lateral visual privacy and/or weather protection
  • Dimmable LED strips in the horizontal or vertical area, direct and/or indirect
  • RGB lighting as an indirect lighting option
  • Dimmable radiant heater
  • Outdoor power socket for working outdoors
  • Guided drainage

  • maximum order width 4750 mm
  • mamimum order length 6330 mm
  • Maximum order area 30 m²
  • Large-area, sun shading and weather protection system with pivotable slats
  • Easy operation via smartphone or tablet
  • Wide range of accessories such as integrated LED strips, Design radiant heaters and much more.
  • maximum order width 9000 mm
  • mamimum order length 12000 mm
  • Maximum order area 54 m²
  • Lamaxa L60 Line provides shading for large areas with only one central pole 

  • A combination of L60 and L70 provides even more flexibility

The minimalistic design and uncomplicated handling of the Lamaxa slat roofs L60 and L70 impressed the international jury of the German Design Award competition organised by the "German Design Council".

According to the jury: "The interesting design combines contemporary functionality and modern aesthetics, while the varied selection of colours and models offers a high degree of individuality".

Customise your slat roof to suit your needs! You can use the WAREMA configurator to choose from the current Lamaxa models and add features such as radiant heaters and lighting variants. Select the colour you want and request an immediate quotation from a specialised retailer near you. Don't wait a moment longer!

It's different when it's yours. Especially when you discover outdoor solutions with Lamaxa slat roofs. No two Lamaxa slat roofs are alike. Each and every one is an expression of personal style. With a unique creative aesthetic. Find inspiration in the pages that follow from the creativity of people who have realised their Lamaxa dream with an L60 patio roof.

Markus Guggenberger, Lamaxa customer #MyLamaxaMoment

Superior quality is our standard. And we guarantee it with our fair and comprehensive extended 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Valid on all our Lamaxa slat roofs – including accessories and control components!

The carefree feeling for your Lamaxa slat roof: With WAREMA's unique 10-year protection package you can enjoy the carefree feeling of warranty protection for even longer. Benefit from a 10-year manufacturer warranty, rapid repair in the event of damage and the additional maintenance service for even greater reliability.

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