Skylights, light domes and co. make it possible to flood internal rooms with daylight, too. But it's not always good things that come from above – for example when indoor areas heat up unbearably due to highly intensive solar radiation. Or when daylight is a nuisance, as can be the case during presentations or film screenings, for example. But horizontal awnings from WAREMA quickly put things right in both cases. Pressing a button is enough to keep the sun out. The horizontal awning provides cool shade or reliably blacks out horizontal areas whenever you need it. And when you don't, the awnings retreat discreetly and unnoticeably into their awning box.

Horizontal awnings from WAREMA are the perfect form of light protection for rooms which feature sloped or horizontal modern glazing and need to be completely blacked out every now and then. WAREMA horizontal awnings are therefore the first choice in convention, conference and meeting rooms or laboratories. Not least also thanks to their automatic drive, which enables comfortable operation even by means of the optional WAREMA control system and also via app. This way optimum lighting conditions can also always be effortlessly achieved in indoor areas with incidence of light from above – and even fully automatically. Horizontal awnings also blend in seamlessly with the ambience of the room while featuring an impressive design that includes clear lines and high-quality materials.

With the WAREMA Configurator, you can customise your awnings exactly as you wish. It contains all designs and fabrics for the current awnings and a selection of the most popular colours for powder-coated parts. Features such as radiant heaters, different lighting variants and valance roller blinds can also be selected. What are you waiting for?

WAREMA horizontal awnings are custom products made from high-grade materials and installed in indoor spaces. Widths of up to three metres and heights of up to four metres can be achieved. Their guide and end rails, boxes, and black-out l-rails are made from high-class aluminium and available in different colours. Thanks to their outstanding quality, this sun shading system stand up to even the most demanding technical requirements. For the black-out blinds, there are three qualities to choose from which are rated as either flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 or non-flammable according to DIN 4102 A2. Fabrics are available in a total of 12 different designs. This ensures that you get horizontal awnings that blend into your room ambience perfectly from WAREMA. Furthermore, all horizontal awnings from WAREMA are light-proof and infrared-proof. WAREMA horizontal awnings enable 100% light suppression in rooms with transparent, horizontal ceiling openings. This way they periodically protect rooms fully and reliably against sunlight for film screenings, presentations or for protecting light-sensitive materials and fabrics in the laboratory environment, for example.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!


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