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Innovative in the future too

Innovative in the future too

So take off into the future now with WAREMA electric awnings. Because awnings with electric drive can not only be conveniently remote-controlled by the press of a button; they can also be operated via the Internet using a smartphone or tablet. Simply integrate your electric awnings into innovative Smart Home solutions from WAREMA - you no longer need to be at home to control your sun shading system to the best effect. This creates a host of benefits: For one, your apartment or house looks like someone is home if your electric awnings move at irregular intervals. Also, you adjust your sun shading system to suit the position of the sun. The result: Your rooms are at a pleasant temperature when you arrive home.

The start to the digital age

The start to the digital age

Smart Home makes electric awnings the starting point for digitally controlling all of your building technology. Because you can gradually integrate heating, air conditioning and lighting systems into WAREMA applications - and control them conveniently with the app. This way, you can enjoy the highest level of operating comfort, while at the same time ensuring that you waste neither power nor heat energy. Electric awnings with WAREMA Smart Home are therefore a good investment in the future in many respects.


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