Wind-stable external venetian blinds are also usable on windy days, which has a positive effect on energy balance. Especially for tall buildings or in windy regions, wind-stable external venetian blinds are a secure solution up to wind force 10. The smart wind-stable external venetian blinds are extremely wind-stable because they are installed in the reveal of the guide rail – even stronger gusts of wind won't damage them. The retrofitting or installation is possible at a later time in many cases. Contact a WAREMA Partner for advice.

High-quality sun shading products are essential to protect homes from the elements during the summer heat. High wind stability is an important factor, as it protects these products from damage. It also ensures that the sun shading product can be used even on hot and windy days and that rooms don't become uncomfortably hot. After all, nobody wants to have to retract their sun shading on an extremely hot day, with the sun streaming in through the windows, just because the wind picks up. With wind-stable external venetian blinds, which ensure that the shading product continues to function while providing a feeling of comfort during heavy rain and storms.

If you're hit by strong winds or storms, you should retract your external venetian blinds to avoid damaging your sun shading system. If your units are connected to a smart control system , this process can be fully automated and take place when you aren't home. The wind force as of which it is necessary to raise your external venetian blinds depends on the structure of your external venetian blinds and on the installation location (for locations exposed to wind). Special wind-stable external venetian blinds can be used up to wind force 10. Thanks to installation in the reveal of the guide rails, you receive top wind stability. The retrofitting or installation is possible at a later time in many cases. Contact a WAREMA Partner for advice.

The wind stability of external venetian blinds depends on several factors, including the size of the units, their material, the quality and design of the fixing and installation. The WAREMA Windra flat slat is a particularly wind-stable slat.

Thanks to innovative Smart Home technology from WAREMA, sun shading systems, light, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

In addition, create accents with our roller shutters from WAREMA. They can be discreetly integrated into your building facade and also provide effective sun shading and glare control.

The interactive sun shading system experience – simply go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice in the WAREMA Configurator.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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