External venetian blinds offer effective protection against sun, overheated indoor areas, prying eyes, and cold weather. However, ever-changing weather conditions, along with dust and dirt, can make life difficult for your slats. Over time, a layer of dirt forms, which the sun burns onto the coating. The result is unattractive, difficult-to-remove soiling.

With slat cleaning tools from WAREMA, you can successfully get to grips with dirt.

The slat cleaning tools from WAREMA are essential for preserving your external venetian blind's brilliant look and maintaining its functionality. By using professional cleaning products from WAREMA, you're making a positive contribution to the attractive appearance of your external sun shading system and preserving its value at the same time. Regular care is the best way to prevent a time-consuming initial cleaning while ensuring that your external venetian blind continues to function flawlessly. WAREMA slat cleaning products give you professional, tried and tested tools that work both gently and powerfully – to save you precious time and effort. Together, our slat cleaning brush, slat cleaning tongs and slat cleaning agent concentrate form the perfect trio for cleaning your external venetian blinds

Tip: When cleaning your roller blinds, take precautions to prevent electrical parts from coming into contact with water. This can impair their functionality. Course dirt can be thoroughly removed using a slightly damp cloth.

Whether it's a greasy film of dirt, bird droppings or residues left by rainwater – external venetian blinds have a lot to put up with. And that's exactly why regular care with WAREMA slat cleaning tools is so important. With our slat cleaning tongs, you can clean external venetian blinds with size 50, 60 or 80 slats easily, gently and effectively. The tool completely surrounds the slats with two cleaning pads so that they can be freed of dirt in one wipe. This fits right into your normal home cleaning routine, meaning that you'll always enjoy a fresh, well-maintained appearance of your external venetian blind. Regular care with your slat cleaning tongs has other benefits too: for instance, it helps you to avoid a time-consuming initial cleaning and keep the guide rails in constant working order. Your slat cleaning tongs therefore play a major part in maintaining the value of your sun shading system. You can also clean the pads from your slat cleaning tongs in the washing machine and then reuse them whenever you need to. WAREMA slat cleaning tongs are available from Amazon or your local specialist dealer .

Aggressive or corrosive cleaning agents, solvents, petroleum products: none of them are suitable for cleaning your external venetian blinds, since they can attack the surface of the slats. That's why WAREMA has specially developed our own WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate for external sun shading systems. It delivers powerful and gentle cleaning action on both metal and plastic surfaces. This makes it the perfect choice for your care of slats and guide rails made of all materials, and also gives your window frames and sills a polished shine like the one they had when they were brand new. The concentrate was subjected to extensive testing and certified as a professional-grade slat cleaner by the Gütegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden e. V. (Quality Association for Facade Cleaning). The WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate for sun shading products is available from Amazon or your local specialist dealer .

Thanks to innovative Smart Home technology from WAREMA, sun shading systems, light, heating and household appliances, for example, can be intelligently networked and easily controlled via smartphone or completely automatically – for a true feel-good home.

In addition, create accents with our roller shutters from WAREMA. They can be discreetly integrated into your building facade and also provide effective sun shading and glare control.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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