Before you decide on a venetian blind drive from WAREMA, you are faced with the question of whether you want to operate your external venetian blinds by hand, or whether you want convenient operation by push button, hand-held transmitter or Smart Home app. Manual operation of your blinds can be useful in some cases. In terms of energy efficiency, security and convenience, however, the advantages of electric venetian blinds are unbeatable.

There is a variety of operating types for external venetian blinds. With manual operation, external venetian blinds are operated by hand using a crank. However, electric venetian blinds that have a motor and can be fitted with a control are recommended. There are different motors for this. In the event of a power failure, special optional extras for manual operation can reliably and quickly clear the path outside.

Find out here which venetian blind drives are suitable for your requirements and consult a specialised retailer near you for advice.

Several factors determine whether manual or electric operation is best for external venetian blinds. To find the best possible solution for your external venetian blinds, we recommend that you seek advice from a specialised retailer near you.

Want to do without an electric drive and only have a small or medium-sized system? Our external venetian blinds are available with a crank drive on request. The uniform crank drive power transmission makes for material-friendly and smooth running of the external venetian blind during operation.

Want to enjoy all the benefits of an electric external venetian blind? External venetian blinds from WAREMA are available with various motors and modern control solutions. Your external venetian blinds can thus achieve maximum effectiveness in terms of energy efficiency and living comfort.

WAREMA offers various types of motors for your external venetian blinds. You can find out which venetian blind drive is best in your case here and at a  specialised retailer near you.

Our motors are supplied with adjustable limit switches as standard equipment. These can be used to adjust the upper and lower limit positions of the path of the product to your specific needs.

  • 230 V AC middle motor
  • Degree of protection: IP 54
  • With comfortably adjustable upper and lower limit switches
  • Optimal sun shading together with WAREMA sun shading control systems

Our super-fast terrace motor (STM for short) is especially convenient for external venetian blinds on patio or balcony doors. It can be used with almost all external venetian blinds from WAREMA.

It raises the external venetian blind three times faster than a standard motor. This venetian blind drive clears a patio door in less than 20 seconds. And this doesn't affect the tilting or the position of the slats – ensuring that, if you have several external venetian blinds next to each other, the appearance remains unchanged and the incidence of light into the room is uniform.

  • Motor with comfort switch-off, ice formation
  • Automatic switch-off when slats are iced over to avoid damage
  • The motor also switches off in the event of other obstructions
  • Especially recommended for asymmetrical external venetian blinds

  • Generates a pulse during raising and lowering that can be counted by the control system
  • This ensures more precise slat angle positioning and high repeat accuracy
  • Control units with LonWorks technology available
  • This makes automatic slat tracking based on the sun's position possible – ensuring that the external venetian blinds can be used with the greatest possible energy efficiency

  • Quiet and precise: slow start, continuous acceleration, slow deceleration before reaching end positions
  • Ideally suited for the WAREMA LonWorks® control systems – which can evaluate and control all motor functions

Would you like to retrofit an external venetian blind and make use of the power of the sun? Our solar drives for external sun shading systems can make it happen!

  • A solar panel supplies the control unit battery
  • Can be installed directly on the cover panel or on the roof, for example
  • An internal protection feature ensures that the battery always has enough charge to raise the external venetian blind at least one more time.
  • Operation via hand-held radio transmitter

The SecuKit safety feature for external venetian blinds is intuitive and straightforward: in an emergency, the external blind is simply raised by hand. The end rails lock at a predefined height laterally in the guide rails. Even with motorised external venetian blinds, the way out is clear in no time, independent of the power supply.

External venetian blinds with a motor and additional collapsible crank offer you independence, as you can also raise your external venetian blinds manually using an additional collapsible crank. This is ideal in the event of a power failure or if the motor ever breaks down.

Several factors determine whether manual or electric operation is best for external venetian blinds and they typically vary from person to person and depending on the field of application.

Manual operation: external venetian blinds can be manually operated using an operating element like a crank. This type of operation is generally more cost effective than electric operation and doesn't require a power supply.

Electric operation: alternatively, external venetian blinds can be electrically operated by an electric drive controlled using a remote control, a push button, via voice control or an app. This form of operation is not only more convenient, but can also be made fully automated and set depending on the time of day and season as well as weather conditions. Automating external venetian blinds helps extent the life of the unit and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Electric operation is generally a little more expensive than manual operation and requires a power supply. In the event of a power failure, optional extras such as the WAREMA SecuKit for external venetian blinds ensure a quick route outside at all times.

Ultimately, the choice of operating mode for external venetian blinds depends on your personal requirements, preferences and budget. It's worth weighing up the pros and cons to both options and getting an opinion from a qualified specialist to find the best solution.

The crank on an external venetian blind is replaceable. However, it's important to proceed carefully and with precision to avoid causing any damage to the venetian blind and ensure safe functioning. We therefore recommend asking an experienced qualified specialist near you for assistance.

External venetian blinds can be controlled by radio. With radio remote control, a radio signal is sent from the transmitter to the receiver located in the venetian blind. This receiver controls the drive responsible for raising and lowering the external venetian blind or turning the slats into the desired position. Radio remote control offers the major advantages that no cable needs to be routed and the external venetian blinds can be controlled from far away. A central control unit for several units is also possible if they all have a corresponding receiver.

Various kinds of radio remote controls are available for external venetian blinds to enable manual operation or operation via a wall-mounted transmitter or Smart Home solutions, which can also be controlled online. Manufacturers like WAREMA also offer programmable functions, including automatic control for the venetian blinds at certain times of the day or when certain weather conditions arise.

When sun shading systems are installed on non-residential buildings, DIN EN 15232 recommends the use of an automated control system. Therefore, the sun shading systems installed in these building types should not be manually operated by a crank. The minimum DIN EN 15232 requirement for sun shading systems to achieve an efficiency class rating of A or B is a slat tracking system that follows the position of the sun. For new buildings and refurbished public buildings, energy class B is recommended as a minimum requirement.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quote for your own customised external venetian blinds. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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