The officially recognised resort town of Ingelfingen, in Hohenlohe in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is home to this striking passive house. Together with an architect friend, the property developers designed a spacious home flooded with natural light, while focusing on high energy efficiency and a high quality of life. The result was impressive – idyllically situated in a wine-growing region and surrounded by a beautifully designed garden, the building is a true eye-catcher.

During the planning stage, it was clear that the natural energy resources of the location, especially free solar energy, had to be utilized to their full potential. Therefore, the property developers and architect agreed on large glass surfaces. The solar-oriented architecture allows heat to enter the building during the cold months while enabling optimal utilisation of natural daylight at all times. This requires effective sunlight management by means of multiple centrally controlled sun shading systems.

  • Construction project: One-family house (passive house), Ingelfingen
  • Sun shading solution: External venetian blinds, pergola awning Perea P40
  • Partner: WAREMA Expert Partner: Rolladen- & Markisenbau Dresden
  • Property developer: Private
  • Completed: 2015 (sun shading system)
  • Special features: Passive house with property-specific sun shading solution

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