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Long-term safe sun shading

Long-term safe sun shading

The shaft roller shutter is timeless and simply indispensable as a reliable sun shading system. That is not really surprising. Because the classic ensures pleasant coolness in your indoor areas on days when the sun is particularly intense. And when the night is drawing in, you quickly have the feeling of safety and security behind your closed shaft roller shutter. And on top of that, a shaft roller shutter helps you save energy in the cold season by creating an insulating layer of air in front of your window. So it's good that you get the classic from WAREMA tailored to your needs.

Easy installation guaranteed

Easy installation guaranteed

Shaft roller shutters from WAREMA impress with their functionality, their contemporary design and their quality. However, they are also extremely easy to install in new buildings or for renovations. Simply use the existing shafts for your shaft roller shutter. Simply attach the bearing and shaft to the guide rails. Done. Thanks to its Minimax guide rails, your new shaft roller shutter blends into your facade very well. Not least thanks to the wide range of available colours and finishes. The various operating options ensure maximum operating comfort. So you have the option of operating your shaft roller shutter equipped with a motor via radio, for example.

Shaft roller shutters made to measure

Shaft roller shutters made to measure

WAREMA offers you high-grade roller shutters according to your individual needs. Choose from our wide range of colours and between a total of five surfaces. Choose manual operation or maximum comfort thanks to automatic radio remote control. Whatever choice you make: your new WAREMA shaft roller shutter will be easy to install and will fit perfectly into your property's facade. High-grade materials and careful processing ensure that you will enjoy your shaft roller shutter for a long time to come. Especially if you maintain it regularly with our certified cleaning products.


Printable profiles

Whether for advertisements, logos or creative ideas - there is now more freedom with facade design than ever before. The profiles of the roller shutter curtains can be printed either in part or across the whole surface both inside and out.

Emergency power supply kit

Your safety in the event of a power failure! The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA increases safety fully automatically and consists of a UPS and a special motor control unit.


The WAREMA Colour World for powder-coated aluminium parts

The WAREMA Colour World is available on all powder-coated aluminium parts, such as guide rails, cover panels, profiles and boxes. Choose from the 3 colour categories "Highlight", "Variation" and "Individual". WAREMA offers you over 400 powder colours and up to 5 different surface qualities.

Shaft roller shutters SE-RO details

Shaft roller shutters SE-RO details

  1. Bearing: via bearing brackets, adjustable, galvanised steel
  2. Shaft: in ball bearing on bearing brackets, galvanised steel, size 52
  3. Roller shutter curtains: aluminium shutter profiles A36 and A44
  4. End rail: made of extruded aluminium, incl. limit stoppers, optionally with sealing strip

Shaft roller shutter SE-RO with standard projecting arm

Shaft roller shutter SE-RO with standard projecting arm

Excerpt from roller shutter technical data:
  • Left and right projection system are pushed outwards together by hand
  • A hex profile (zinc-coated / directly behind the cross-connection section) then transfers this motion to the respective opposite side and swivels the guide rails outwards
  • The projection systems are each separately fixed inside the reveal

Shaft roller shutter SE-RO with lever-operated projecting arm

Shaft roller shutter SE-RO with lever-operated projecting arm

Excerpt from roller shutter technical data:

  • The two projection systems are connected by a hex profile that is attached to the window or the facade in such a way that it can be rotated
  • The other ends of the projection systems are connected to the respective guide rails
  • The hex profile on the window is turned using an additional operating lever, which automatically swivels the guide rails outwards via the projection systems.


Your WAREMA shaft roller shutter

Construction limit values
max width: 3500 mm | max. height: 3500 mm | max. area: 10 m²
Espagnolette, sliding bolt, projecting arm, individual shaft covers
Belt | Crank | Motor | Radio motor | Spring mechanism

Documents & Downloads

Description Valid from Forwarding
Broschüre Rollladen Highlights 05.2019 Send document linkSend document link
Roller shutter technical data EN 04.2019 Send document linkSend document link

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