Insect screen door
For balcony and patio

Insect screen doors from WAREMA

Sliding insect screen door

Insect screen sliding door

The sliding insect screen door, sometimes also called a sash frame, takes up very little space as it slides along the wall and is available as a one-wing or two-wing model for large glass surfaces and floor-to-ceiling windows.

✓ Ideal for large areas
✓ Flexible operation from inside and outside
✓ Comfortable solution that takes up little space

Swinging insect screen door

Insect screen swinging door

The swinging screen door is easy to use, even when there is no hand free. The door automatically swings back to the starting position. A cross bar with an integrated handle bar stabilizes the swing door.

✓ Closes reliably and tightly
✓ Flexible operation from the inside and outside
✓ Automatic locking mechanism by swinging the door

Insect screen door pleated blinds

Insect screen pleated blind

You can effectively protect yourself from annoying insects even with small patios or balconies. The insect screen door with pleated blind can be moved horizontally and disappears into the frame to save space.

✓ Operation at any height
✓ Flexible operation from inside and outside
✓ Horizontally movable, space-saving, moves into the frame

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Your WAREMA insect screen door - swivel frame and swinging door

Construction limit values (dimensions for single wing)
max. width: 1300 mm | max. height: 2500 mm | max. area: 2.5 m2
VisionAir gauze | VisionAir pollen screen | VisionAir fine dust screen | Wear-resistant gauze | Stainless steel mesh
Field of application
Primarily in door areas, access to balcony or patio, but also possible on windows


The insect screen is available as a one-wing or two-wing model. Equipped with a special seal, it is also suitable for use with sloped door or window sills.

Handle rail

Handle rail

The gauze is protected in the lower area by a kick profile. The cross rail with the integrated handle rail is an additional stabilising feature.

WAREMA VisionAir screen

WAREMA VisionAir screen

The black, highly transparent gauze ensures a clear view to the outside world and improved air circulation.
It consists of a plastic-coated fibreglass mesh and is resistant to both tearing and corrosion.
Colour: black (design 47008)

WAREMA VisionAir pollen screen

WAREMA VisionAir pollen screen

With the new WAREMA VisionAir pollen screen, people who suffer from allergies can finally breathe: the product's proven material effectively stops pollen from entering the room when the window is open.

The fabric is available as design number 47009.

VisionAir fine dust gauze

VisionAir fine dust gauze

Highly transparent, tear-resistant fabric, effective protection against insects, pollen and fine dust, design 47010

Wear-resistant gauze

Wear-resistant gauze

Durable and wear-resistant vinyl-coated polyester mesh for use under tough conditions (such as in homes with pets). The gauze is resistant to weathering and corrosion.
Note: This gauze impairs the view out. Therefore, we recommend that it only be used in the lower area of the frame. The two gauzes are then separated by a sash bar separating the fabric.
Colour: black (design 47005)

Gauze for light well covers

Gauze for light well covers

Suitable for special demands, durable and wear-resistant, design 47007

Stainless steel mesh

Stainless steel mesh

For particularly tough situations, we offer a high-grade stainless steel mesh (A2).
Colour: stainless steel (design 47003).


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