A cool breeze is often welcome, and not only in stuffy loft spaces, but not annoying insects that can get in through even the smallest window gap. The fixed insect screen roller blind provides the ideal solution for this purpose. The insect screen roller blind can be installed both vertically on conventional windows and doors and on roof slopes. Operation is the same as with a conventional roller blind. The soft-raise function guarantees soft and controlled raising for insect screen roller blinds. The permanently mounted insect screens can be opened and closed especially easy using the special fastener and wind stability is ensured via a special lateral guidance.

Those mild summer nights when you rest with your windows open almost as though you were sitting on Mother Nature's lap are just wonderful. This even includes insects. Unfortunately, however, mosquitoes and co. are quite irritating – and not just because of the late-night background noise that keeps you awake. So use an effective and environmentally friendly remedy. Simply banish the unwanted disturbers from your indoor areas with an insect screen roller blind from WAREMA. This way you are guaranteed to enjoy every cooling breeze without being bothered by insects. Your securely mounted WAREMA insect screen roller blind is also virtually invisible while allowing optimal ventilation.

Your insect screen roller blind from WAREMA is made of our innovative and slender VisionAir gauze. Thanks to this high-tech fibreglass fabric, your roller blind is particularly durable and robust despite its lighter weight. Your insect screen is also highly transparent and almost invisible from both the inside and outside. The results are an optimum view out, an excellent incidence of light and perfect air circulation. And on top of all this, VisionAir gauze provides maximum protection against insects and also against irritating pollen and fine dust.

  • maximum order width 2000 mm
  • maximum order height 2400 mm
  • Maximum order area 4.8 m²
  • Compact system
  • Insect screen gauze is rolled up
  • Lateral guidance via guide rails

An insect screen from WAREMA is more than just a way to protect against insects. With our innovative insect screen and pollen protection solutions, you can relax and breathe easy at all times. Take advantage of the WAREMA Design configurator and select your own customised insect screen and pollen protection solutions.

Whether for windows, sloped skylights or high doors, at WAREMA you will find your perfect insect screen roller blind – custom-made for you by our experts in Germany, for attachment inside or as an integrated insect screen roller blind for roller shutters. We will make your individual insect screen so that it can be easily built in and comfortably operated. The soft-raise function of our insect screen for roller shutters, for example, guarantees soft raising. Clever detail solutions such as a cassette also ensure that your roller blind is optimally protected against dirt and dust in the winter. With WAREMA insect screen solutions you protect your home reliably and comprehensively against bothersome insects – and you do so in a very environmentally friendly and elegant way. Protect yourself simply and effectively against irritating insects: with a high-grade insect screen roller blind from WAREMA that is easy to operate. Thanks to its innovative VisionAir gauze, it provides a perfect view out and optimum ventilation of your indoor areas in addition to effective protection against uninvited visitors. At the same time, your insect screen roller blind also impresses thanks to its simple operation, high quality, perfect integration in your home and its flexible usability.

Roller shutters from WAREMA are intelligent, fully automated systems (on request) that reduce energy consumption, provide more comfort and offer additional security. Roller shutters even keep out noise from outside and unwelcome insects. They also offer effective protection against bad weather.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in your home or office. The individually adjustable slat angle enables you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes.

Are you looking for an effective sun shading system for your home but don't want to sacrifice on modern design and functional safety at the same time? Our solution: aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings from WAREMA.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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