The WAREMA light well cover is a practical, multifunctional solution for protecting and improving cellars and basements. The light well cover prevents dirt and debris from building up in the light well, stops unwanted insects from making their way inside and improves safety by minimising the risk of injury. Its stylish design also makes the outside of your house look more attractive.

Enjoy effective protection without restricting the use of your cellar windows. WAREMA light well covers do not pose a trip hazard because of their flat, rounded shape. They also add a stylish frame to the light well. The gauze of the light well cover is a robust stainless steel fabric that is safe to walk on. The fine stainless steel mesh effectively prevents dirt, insects and leaves from making their way into the light well. The covers can be installed in different ways, including on inaccessible light wells.

WAREMA light well covers offer effective protection against invasive insects and dirt as well as against mice entering your ventilation shafts. They not only allow light and air to pass through, but are also weather-proof.

  • maximum order width 1800 mm
  • maximum order height 1000 mm
  • Flat design for flush-floor grates
  • Gauze made of robust stainless steel fabric
  • Sealing using brush seals either downwards or wall-mounted

If you are looking for a robust cover for your light well that is safe to walk on, a custom-made light well cover from WAREMA is a solution you can rely on. The mesh and the frame are made from high-grade materials and the fixing is simpler than you might think. Discover the benefits of a light well cover that will protect your cellar:

WAREMA insect screens make every window an insurmountable obstacle for large and small pests – even when retrofitted.

Because light well covers from WAREMA are high-quality products which are always made-to-measure to meet individual customers' requirements, the prices vary significantly. Contact your local specialised retailer to receive a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

A cover for the light well in a cellar or basement is very useful. It offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Protection against dirt and debris: The cover prevents leaves, twigs, dirt and rubbish from building up in the light well.
  • Insect screen: Light well covers keep unwanted insects such as midges, spiders and beetles out. This makes your cellar or basement a more pleasant place to be.
  • Safety: The cover ensures that children and pets cannot get trapped in the grate over the light well. This significantly reduces the risk of injury.
  • Aesthetic appearance: With their stylish design and high-grade materials, light well covers can improve the external appearance of your house.

The frame of the light well cover is made from aluminium and the transparent mesh is made from stainless steel. As a result, light well covers from WAREMA are particularly durable and also safe to walk on.

In the same way as with insect screens on windows and doors, you should remove dust and pollen from light well covers at the end of the summer. To do this, carefully clean the mesh with a soft brush and, if necessary, wipe it with a damp sponge or cleaning glove.

The covers can be installed in different ways, including on inaccessible light wells. The cover for the light well should be fitted directly onto the existing grate. Installing it in other ways can result in injury or damage to the product. Your local specialised retailer will be happy to advise you on the basis of your individual circumstances and requirements.

Your WAREMA specialised retailer will ensure that your light well cover is correctly and tightly fitted. The light well cover has brush seals that seal the cover underneath or against the wall.

Yes, the light well covers from WAREMA are made to measure. The maximum order width of the covers is 1800 mm and the maximum order height is 1000 mm.

A WAREMA light well cover that is fitted to a grate is made of a robust stainless steel mesh that is safe to walk on. The flat frame profile is made from extruded aluminium. The light well cover is sturdy but does not pose a trip hazard.

The light well cover has a frame known as a frame profile. The frame is made from extruded aluminium with a natural-coloured anodised finish.

Light well covers from WAREMA are made to measure and supplied by our specialised retailers. Contact your regional specialised retailer who will be happy to help you.

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