Nobody wants insects, pollen or fine dust in their home. Allergy sufferers and people with particular sensitivities need a place to enjoy fresh air and protection from negative environmental influences. The right pollen protection or fine dust screen can do just that. WAREMA offers tailor-made solutions for windows and doors.

It's lovely when nature awakens in the spring and the fresh greenery lures people outside. But what one person enjoys soon becomes a burden for another – exactly at the moment when the blossoms of grass, grain, flowers and trees cause noses to start itching and eyes to water. But with pollen protection from WAREMA, allergy sufferers can also open windows and doors without worrying and enjoy the fresh air in their home, fully relaxed – without having to worry about bothersome pollen. Because our pollen protection, comprising the innovative VisionAir gauze from WAREMA, keeps it away discreetly and reliably.

At WAREMA you can find a wide range of pollen protection systems for windows, doors and light wells – always matching your home and your individual requirements for function and aesthetics. Whether it's a pollen protection system for window or doors frames, as a light well cover, permanently installed or as a variable solution, for subsequent attachment or even with an opening for your beloved pet, with our pollen protection systems the sunny days of the year will be relaxing again. You'll also be able to enjoy your WAREMA pollen protection system – individually made for you in Germany from high-grade materials – for many years to come.

  • maximum order width 1300 mm
  • maximum order height 2500 mm
  • Maximum order area 2.5 m²
  • Practical solution for French windows
  • Easy to handle
  • Versatile use
  • maximum order width 2200 mm
  • maximum order height 2200 mm
  • Maximum order area 3.5 m²
  • Fixed frames are used on windows and rarely used throughholes
  • They are permanently mounted and cannot be opened
  • Different fixing variants available
  • maximum order width 1300 mm
  • maximum order height 2500 mm
  • Maximum order area 2.5 m²
  • are mounted on the window frame using mounting frames
  • can be opened inwards and outwards
  • automatically swings into the starting position and closes the door opening
  • maximum order width 2230 mm
  • maximum order height 2630 mm
  • Maximum order area 5.7 m²
  • Ideally suited for balconies or small patios with little space
  • Horizontally movable, hence no swivelling range required
  • Operation possible at any height from inside or outside
  • maximum order width 2000 mm
  • maximum order height 2400 mm
  • Maximum order area 4.8 m²
  • compact system
  • Insect screen gauze is rolled up
  • lateral guidance via guide rails
  • maximum order width 2100 mm
  • maximum order height 3000 mm
  • Maximum order area 6 m²
  • Large area insect screen
  • simple to handle
  • variety of models
  • Aluminium insect screens integrated into WAREMA sun shading products
  • Different designs for windows or doors are possible depending on the use and installation situation
  • Planning right from the start without additional measurement
  • maximum order width 1800 mm
  • maximum order height 1000 mm
  • Cover panel for grates on on-site light and ventilation wells
  • Gauze made of robust stainless steel fabric
  • Frame profile with or without upstand
  • maximum order width 2500 mm
  • maximum order height 2800 mm
  • Maximum order area 7 m²
  • Effective protection from irritating insects for windows and French windows
  • Different designs are possible depending on the use and installation situation
  • Planning right from the start within WAREMA sun shading products or individually for subsequent assembly

WAREMA always offers you the right pollen protection system for all fields of application which is easily and unobtrusively integrated into your home. Whichever solution you choose, the high-quality VisionAir screen ensures your optimum pollen protection, yet remains almost invisible and enables effective air exchange. Thanks to your pollen protection system from WAREMA you can look forward to relaxing days, even when nature is in full bloom.

The WAREMA VisionAir screen is the success formula of our functional solutions for effective pollen protection. It is an innovative mesh made of fibreglass. It forms the basis for effective pollen protection in your indoor areas manufactured in accordance with your needs. In addition to effective pollen protection, the WAREMA VisionAir screen also allows excellent air circulation. Fresh air without bothersome, allergenic pollen is thus guaranteed in your home. Of course, your view outside remains clear. Your pollen protection comprising a WAREMA VisionAir screen is highly transparent and impresses with an optimum view out.

An insect screen from WAREMA is more than just a way to protect against insects. With our innovative insect screen and pollen protection solutions, you can relax and breathe easy at all times. Take advantage of the WAREMA Design configurator and select your own customised insect screen and pollen protection solutions.

It's never too late to decide to finally breathe fresh air. Because not only can you easily integrate WAREMA fine dust protection systems from the factory, you can also have them retrofitted at any time. Your WAREMA dealer on site will support you in mounting your fine dust protection system retroactively - without any drilling! What's more, with your fine dust protection solution, you can kill two birds with one stone: Because the WAREMA VisionAir fine dust screen also acts as an insect screen and protects you from annoying pests such as flies, mosquitoes and spiders. So with WAREMA fine dust protection, not only can you breathe freely, but you can also sleep peacefully in summer.

As varied as your architectural specifications may be, WAREMA effectively and individually solves even the most demanding challenges for efficient fine dust protection. Depending on the size and strain on your windows and doors, there are numerous options available to you. There are practical swivel frames on offer for frequently used openings such as patio or balcony doors - with a pet door on request. If there is not enough space available for frame solutions, elegant pleated blinds can take on the fine dust protection. And you also don't have to go without WAREMA fine dust protection in the roof area. With roller blinds with a WAREMA VisionAir fine dust screen, even sloped skylights can be effectively protected.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!