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Pergola awnings from WAREMA
A new dimension

WAREMA pergola awning models

Perea P20

Slim design
Pergola awnings impress with their slender exterior design while also providing excellent wind stability.

With its modern form, this awning is a natural fit for cubist architecture.

The travelling reinforcement profile ensures outstanding fabric tension.

Perea P40

Pergola awnings create large, stylish shaded areas. The LED lighting provides a comfortable atmosphere.

This pergola awning is available with straight or curved guide rails.

The travelling reinforcement profile makes this awning perfectly safe without compromising its appearance.

Perea P60

Fabric is weather-resistant and rainwater-proof with excellent translucence.

Cleverly designed
Controlled drainage via PVC screen embedded in fabric and integrated drainage gutter.

High fabric tension and wind-stability with the patented secudrive® system and fixed reinforcement profiles.

Perea P70

Rainwater-proof, translucent fabric combined with defined drainage

Extremely wind-stable awning even in heavy wind exposure thanks to travelling cross profiles

Extravagant look with innovative pleating technology

Pergola awning Perea

Pergola awning Perea

Outdoor living is the trend of expanding living space outside. The pergola awning Perea from WAREMA doesn't just provide shade. When the roof is closed it also protects against rain and bad weather. The video shows the new space to live out and feel in in all its facets.

WAREMA Configurator

Experience interactive sun shading systems – go into your living room, kitchen or patio and configure the sun shading product of your choice.

Equipment extras for Perea pergola awnings

Front-mounted awnings
with easyZIP guidance

Vertical section can be equipped with integrated window awnings with ZIP guidance.

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Radiant heater with radio remote control

With the radiant heater you can enjoy your WAREMA pergola awnings in the evenings for even longer.

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Integrated LED strips

Choose direct or indirect lighting with integrated LED strips.

LEDs & more


WAREMA pergola awnings are made to measure. That means you always get the right solution for your patio.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality.

Easy operation

Many years of experience constantly lead to optimisations. The result: high levels of comfort and long-lasting joy.

Variety of colours

Discreet, conspicuous, matching the patio and facade in every case – enjoy the variety of trendy colours for your selection.

Application examples for your pergola awning


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    Volant-Rollo A valance roller blind is an awning fabric that extends on the front rail of the awning and that protects against prying eyes or the low-lying evening sun.



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