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Pergola awning Perea P60
Stylish open space

Your WAREMA pergola awning Perea P60

Construction limit values
max. width: 6000 mm | max. projection 5000 mm | Incline 9-15 °
Available with electric drive (standard motor) or with radio motor
Fabric collection
Weather-proof fabric quality W36 Rainproof textile
Pergola awning Perea P60

Pergola awning Perea P60

  • Slender appearance
  • Controlled drainage and weather-resistant fabric
  • No light gaps at the sides thanks to the secudrive® guide


Integrated lighting with LED strips

  • LED strips can be integrated into both guide rails
  • Dimmable lighting with the WMS Dimmer (LED)

Radiant heater new WAREMA awnings 9978077v1

Design radiant heater

  • 2200-watt infrared short-wave radiator featuring tinted glass ceramic
  • Installation on house wall, or on slat roof using a bracket
  • Switch or WMS radio remote control
  • Powder-coated in WAREMA Colour World selection

Vertical shading options

Vertical shading options

Window awnings with ZIP guidance for vertical shading

LED strip light rail

  • Light rail with integrated LED strips
  • Lighting dimmable in 10 levels with the WMS Dimmer (LED)

Rainproof textile W36

Rainproof textile W36

The rainproof textile W36 is a PVC-coated polyester mesh.
It stands out due to its especially thin and light web construction in conjunction with an extremely high water column (>22,000 mm). This means it offers an extremely slender sun shading and rain protection system for your patio when combined with the pergola awning Perea P60. Additionally, the fabric is light-fast and tear-resistant, despite the lightweight construction.


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Volant-Rollo A valance roller blind is an awning fabric that extends on the front rail of the awning and that protects against prying eyes or the low-lying evening sun.



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WAREMA Collection Assistant

Experience the range of colours and fabrics in the WAREMA collections. Use our Collection Assistant to shape your sun shading product to your wishes! We offer you a wide range of trend designs and allow you a high degree of individual creative freedom.

WAREMA accessories for your selection

Integrated lighting with LED strips

For a pleasant atmosphere

With the integrated lighting from LED strips you can have your pergola awning bathed in new light.

WAREMA radiant heater

With radio remote control

With the radiant heater you can enjoy your WAREMA pergola awnings in the evenings for even longer.