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Good climate guaranteed

Good climate guaranteed

Not only do conservatory awnings from WAREMA captivate with their appearance, above all they impress as a perfect light protection, glare control and visual privacy system. Glass extensions in particular tend to heat up excessively in the summer. With conservatory awnings you can control and curtail this effect to a large extent. You enjoy a pleasant climate, even if the sun is scorching outside, and you don't need to use fans or air conditioning units. Thanks to the reduced power consumption, your conservatory awning helps you save a lot of money. But your conservatory awning also significantly increases the living quality of your glass extension as a glare control system. Now you can also use your conservatory as a workplace or dim the sunlight whenever you like.

An unparalleled comfort experience

An unparalleled comfort experience

There are of course electric drives available for your WAREMA conservatory awning that enable comfortable shading in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, WAREMA supports you with professional sun shading cleaning agents for maintaining your conservatory awning so that not only does your awning fabric shine like new from season to season, but the functionality of your conservatory awning remains guaranteed. Maintenance towards the end of the season ensures the value retention of your awning so that you can enjoy your summer companion for a long time to come. With the range of different awning fabrics and the individual adjustment of your awning to the architecture of your glass extension, your WAREMA conservatory awning creates a completely new homely feeling and makes your conservatory a new feel-good oasis for the whole family.


WAREMA conservatory awnings are made to measure. That means you always get the right solution for your requirements.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany – so that you can enjoy the highest quality of materials and perfect functionality.

Easy operation

Many years of experience constantly lead to optimisations. The result: high levels of comfort and long-lasting joy.

Variety of colours

Discreet, conspicuous, matching your conservatory in every case – enjoy the variety of trendy colours for your selection.

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    Drive system


    Steuerung (Smart Home) Conveniently control your sun shading system via smartphone, tablet & co.


    Set highlights and exhibit style with the wide range of fabrics

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