Enjoy natural light at home the way you want it. Dimmed and well-controlled to create a particularly atmospheric and relaxed ambience. Intensive and glare-free so that you have the best visibility at work. Venetian blinds from WAREMA allow you to always guarantee the perfect lighting conditions in your rooms and even to keep prying eyes out if necessary. Because thanks to the infinitely adjustable slats of your venetian blinds, you can control daylight very easily, always according to your particular wishes. Various control options guarantee the greatest possible comfort here. In addition, an extensive range of models and designs afford you plenty of creative freedom when configuring your indoor areas.

Venetian blinds from WAREMA are made individually for you – and exactly according to your needs. You simply choose the venetian blinds you want, their dimensions, the type of operation and colours: Then you will have your own sun shading system made in Germany – for doors or windows, as an exterior insulation and finish system and partition wall system, or in a special format, for example for sloped window areas in the gable. Regardless of the type, all WAREMA venetain blinds stand out thanks to their attractive design, exemplary functionality and their impressive quality. As a result, you're guaranteed to enjoy your individual sun shading system for years to come, effortlessly guiding the sun's light in your home or at work as you go.

Venetian blinds are a convenient custom-made sun shading and visual privacy system. You can use them to provide ideal lighting conditions – for relaxing, playing or working, for example. Aesthetically pleasing venetian blinds from WAREMA also stand out thanks to their quality and the wide range for every room situation. Further benefits include intelligent details, such as the optionally available automatic control system or integrated child-proof lock. WAREMA venetian blinds protect reliably and effectively against the sun, heat and prying eyes. Here, you can decide for yourself how much light you want to invite into your indoor areas or how many eyes you allow in – to do so, simply adjust the infinitely variable slats as you wish.

Roller shutters from WAREMA are intelligent, fully automated systems (on request) that reduce energy consumption, provide more comfort and offer additional security. Roller shutters even keep out noise from outside and unwelcome insects. They also offer effective protection against bad weather.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in your home or office. The individually adjustable slat angle enables you both to control the incidence of sunlight how you want to and to protect against prying eyes.

Are you looking for an effective sun shading system for your home but don't want to sacrifice on modern design and functional safety at the same time? Our solution: aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings from WAREMA.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local partner directly to get a quote for your own customised solution. With our specialist dealer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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