Venetian blind accessories from WAREMA open up further possibilities for you to experience perfect heat, glare and privacy protection. Venetian blind accessories improve the handling of your external venetian blinds, provide more comfort and increase security and energy efficiency. WAREMA offers you a wide range of additional equipment and operating options to optimise the control of your blinds.

With the SecuKit for external venetian blinds, they can be raised and locked manually quickly and independently of the power supply. This allows you to get outside safely in the event of a fire or power failure.

SenSigna detects unusual movements of the external venetian blind, e.g. in an attempted break-in, and immediately emits an acoustic signal. The alarm sounds before the window is damaged with a signal strength of approx. 90 decibels. SenSigna is integrated unobtrusively into the external venetian blind end rail. Simple retrofitting is possible.

Would you like to have external venetian blinds that are powered by solar energy? That's no problem with the EWFS SolarKit from WAREMA. Asolar drive is not only convenient, but also makes an important contribution to sustainability and saving energy.

Our new Zetra slat 80 Z for external venetian blinds is equipped with a striking linear geometry. Thanks to its effective black-out function, it's an excellent solution for bedrooms and is particularly wind-stable.

With the integrated fall protection VisioNeo for external venetian blinds, you can secure floor-to-ceiling windows in a particularly stylish way.

Experience our exclusive colour worlds. You can order the aluminium parts of your external venetian blind in many trendy colours, depending on the model.

External facade venetian blinds in corner positions can now also be designed without obstruction of the guidance on the corner using corner joint connectors - for an unobstructed view of the modern all-glass corner!

Keep annoying pests like mosquitoes, wasps or even pollen outside. With our innovative integrated insect screen and pollen protection solutions you can relax and breathe easy all the time.

Our external venetian blinds are available with a motor or crank drive, as well as a wide range of supplementary accessories, such as the super-fast terrace motor (STM).

slowturn means reduced slat turning speed. The tilting time is three times longer than that of other external venetian blinds. This makes it possible to position the slats with outstanding precision.

At first glance, all external venetian blind slats look the same. But with a closer look, you will learn to recognise and appreciate some key differences. Because as an expert, WAREMA has developed special slats – optimally tailored to the use and your preferences.

With the colour variety from WAREMA you can individually adjust your external venetian blinds to your facade. You have the option of individually combining slat colours and guide rail colours.

With the battery-operated emergency retraction set, the external venetian blind has a fail-safe drive that raises the unit at a particularly high speed.

The emergency power supply kit from WAREMA is a fully automatic way to increase safety and consists of an uninterrupted power supply and a special motor control unit.

With WAREMA venetian blind accessories, you take a significant step towards the future. Because you can gradually integrate your entire housing technology into the Smart Home applications - whether it be heating, light, climate or ventilation - and control and monitor everything remotely. This way you can always ensure a perfect room climate, save energy and significantly increase your burglary protection. Because your flat or house appears occupied, even when you are not at home. WAREMA also offers you venetian blind accessories that no household should go without: These include certified cleaning agents and other useful aids. Discover the WAREMA cleaning glove made of microfibres, for example. You can use this to clean the demanding slats in an instant because it acts as a dirt magnet and can also simply be washed in the machine afterwards. Arrange an appointment with your specialist dealer. They will be happy to familiarise you with the versatile WAREMA venetian blind accessories.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quote for your own customised external venetian blinds. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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