When external venetian blinds get dirty, they not only look bad: the soiling can also impair the functionality of the sun shading system. If exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time, the dirt particles can be burned into the coating. Stay proactive by regularly ridding your external venetian blinds of dust and dirt. The slat cleaning brush from WAREMA is available to help you. This brush allows you to conveniently clean multiple slats at the same time. It gives you the ability to quickly and effectively care for your external venetian blind.

The external venetian blind cleaning brush from WAREMA was specially developed to efficiently clean the slats of external venetian blinds . This brush gives you an extremely easy way to clean multiple slats at once. It allows you to clean the slats in around half the time it would normally take. This makes the brush the ideal choice for those looking to maintain the value of their external venetian blinds through effective care with less effort. The WAREMA slat cleaning brush is equipped with fixed brushes, a handle, a ten-metre hose and a shut-off valve. Other clever features for optimal functionality include a Gardena adapter for attachment to a conventional garden hose, a claw coupling and a 22-litre storage box and lid for orderly storage.

External venetian blinds should receive the best-possible care, since they're the ones who provide reliable protection against sun, heat, cold weather, and prying eyes. Regular cleaning is particularly effective here. That way, dirt has no chance of accumulating. The perfect helper for a thorough wash is the WAREMA slat cleaning brush. This tool gives you an extremely simple way to clean the slats of your external venetian blinds while also saving time – especially when you use it in combination with our special slat cleaner.

Optimise your sun shading systems with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

In addition, create accents with our roller shutters from WAREMA. They can be discreetly integrated into your building facade and also provide effective sun shading and glare control.

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