Just are looking for the right sun shading system for your windows? An aluminium venetian blind is a genuine all-rounder: Not only does it reliably protect you from intense sunlight and overheated interiors, it also guarantees an optimal room climate.

With an robust and resistant aluminium venetian blind from WAREMA, flexibly controllable slats allow exactly as much light as you need into your rooms, whether you're working or simply relaxing. On top of that, the aluminium venetian blind ensures effective visual privacy and glare control, guaranteeing the best view outside and protecting against prying eyes. Thanks to the wide range of colours, the aluminium venetian blind bathes your rooms in a pleasant light as a functional window decoration.

Find out more here, take advantage of our free services via WAREMA plus and get your new alu venetian blind from a WAREMA specialist retailer near you.

  • maximum order width 4000 mm
  • maximum order height 4000 mm
  • Maximum order area 16 m²
  • Top-mounted external venetian blinds installed on the top of the window
  • They are installed directly with the window
  • In different models, depending on the installation situation
  • maximum order width 5000 mm
  • maximum order height 4000 mm
  • Maximum order area 20 m²
  • Slender appearance
  • External venetian blind with flat slats
  • Slender guidance by tension cable
  • maximum order width 5000 mm
  • maximum order height 5000 mm
  • Maximum order area 25 m²
  • Easy to integrate
  • Versatile
  • A variety of design and combination options
  • maximum order width 4000 mm
  • maximum order height 4000 mm
  • Maximum order area 16 m²
  • Slender appearance
  • Simple integration
  • High wind stability
  • maximum order width 4000 mm
  • maximum order height 5000 mm
  • Maximum order area 13 m²
  • External sun shading systems with tilting aluminium slats in a modern design
  • Various technical models available
  • Flexible, individual daylight utilisation for a pleasant room atmosphere
  • maximum order width 4000 mm
  • maximum order height 4000 mm
  • Maximum order area 16 m²
  • Simple installation
  • Optimal for insulated shafts
  • maximum order width 2510 mm
  • maximum order height 3900 mm
  • Maximum order area 7 m²
  • Made to measure
  • Perfectly combinable with other WAREMA external venetian blinds
  • maximum order width 4000 mm
  • maximum order height 4000 mm
  • Maximum order area 16 m²
  • Front-mounted external venetian blinds are installed in front of the window
  • Different box shapes possible
  • Can be used irrespective of construction type of the building

WAREMA uses aluminium as a raw material because it is lightweight, robust and adaptable, but also because it is sustainable and high quality. Aluminium can also be easily recycled. Each aluminium venetian blind is made to measure. Produced in Germany from selected materials by experienced experts, in your preferred size and colour - whether matching your walls, in a trendy contrasting colour or in timeless classic white.

This means that your WAREMA aluminium venetian blind will really suit your needs and impress you with its functionality and longevity. Be even more inspired by choosing an optional automatic drive with control system.

Thanks to easily attachable clamping supports, it is possible to install indoor venetian blinds right on the window without a drill. Depending on the venetian blind, installation is possible on walls, ceilings and in the reveal, with mounting profile, bracket or cover panel.

If the aluminium venetian blind is to be installed on the outside of the window, the window manufacturer or sun shading system specialist dealer usually takes care of this.

WAREMA has developed a pair of innovative cleaning tongs specifically for use with external venetian blinds. When closed, these tongs completely surround the slats and remove dirt with their effective cleaning pads. Thanks to their ergonomic handle, the slat cleaning tongs sit comfortably in your hand, thereby ensuring fatigue-free working. Always clean venetian blinds from top to bottom to avoid accidentally dirtying slats that have already been cleaned. Using the tongs with the WAREMA cleaning agent concentrate ensures that your external venetian blinds are cleaned gently and thoroughly.

Yes, the WAREMA insect screen can be installed at a later date with many external aluminium venetian blinds. Individually made in Germany from high-grade VisionAir gauze for windows, doors and light wells, you will find the best insect screen for every field of application at WAREMA.

With WMS WebControl from WAREMA you can control your inside and outside aluminium venetian blinds conveniently from your smartphone and tablet. There is an app for both iOS and Android, but it is also possible to control your products via a web browser. The hardware is simply connected directly to the router in your home.

Because WAREMA venetian blinds are high-quality products, which are often made to measure according to customer wishes, they are only available to purchase from specialist dealers and not in hardware stores or online. Let your local specialist dealer provide you with a free and non-binding consultation in person or over the phone.

Every WAREMA aluminium venetian blind is custom-made specifically to fit your individual needs. No two venetian blinds are the same. This is also true when it comes to their price. Please contact your local specialist dealer for more information. They'll be happy to assist you with finding the right venetian blind.

Visit us at one of our Sunlight Experience Centres or contact your local specialised retailer directly to get a quote for your own customised external venetian blinds. With our specialised retailer search, you are guaranteed to find the right partner for your project!

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