Are you planning a sun shading system for a building and wondering whether the product you want can be used for your particular building situation. The new Dimensions Assistant for external venetian blinds will soon tell you. Enter the element type, slat position, drive, guide and supplementary accessories to determine the dimensions you require. The WAREMA Dimensions Assistant is the new edition of the classic, the WAREMA slat stack height calculator. As well as the new layout and user guidance feature, there is also the option of comparing various new types with each other. The result can then be saved as a PDF file. Thanks to the new layout, the Dimensioning Wizard can now be used on mobile devices as the perfect companion around construction sites.

With the new WAREMA Dimensions Assistant, a new edition of the established WAREMA slat stack height calculator for external venetian blinds, the following height dimensions, among others, can be input and output:

  • Clear shading height
  • Order height
  • Slat stack height
  • Total height
  • Cover panel height/box height
  • Shaft height/recess height

The new edition of the tried and tested WAREMA slat height calculator has rightly been named WAREMA Dimensions Assistant. In addition to the classic slat height calculation for external venetian blinds, it now offers considerably more features for dimension determination. You can now calculate all relevant heights quickly and easily and compare the heights of various types with one another. No matter whether you already know the precise product code – or want to get started with the equipment – either way, the Dimensions Assistant will help you choose the right product for your particular situation. Individual product sketches provide a quick overview of the various dimensions and unit types. Another advantage: the automated plausibility check only permits combinations that are technically possible.

You can use the WAREMA Dimensions Assistant, a free web application, to easily determine, for example, the slat stack heights of your external venetian blinds. The slat stack height describes the height of the sun shading system when retracted. Lower slat stack heights allow smaller shafts and thus cut energy costs; visible cover panels are made slenderer. The old slat stack height calculator for external venetian blinds has now been expanded with numerous features, and, as a mobile companion, assists you with measuring and ordering your elements.

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