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Sun shading for the patio
Your new live out, feel in space

Sun shading solutions for patios

Patio awning Terrea

Whether it's a cassette awning or articulated arm awning, you get guaranteed shading on your patio. You can select the shape and colour of WAREMA patio awnings exactly according to your wishes and architectural ideas. This transforms your patio into an attractive outdoor space and lets you spend more time outside.

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Pergola awning Perea

Pergola awnings have fixed guide rails and a fixed frame, which lends your patio a Mediterranean aura. As a particular highlight, the slim look and contoured shape of this pergola awning will impress you and your guests, turning breakfasts and barbecues into a splendid experience.

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Slat roof Lamaxa

Looking for an elegant shading solution for your open space that also provides protection against wind an rain? It's all possible with our beautiful new Lamaxa slat roofs. Tiltable and retractable slats ensure outdoor enjoyment all year round.

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Patio side screens

WAREMA offers patio side screens so that you can enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the side, as well as from above. They are the perfect complement to your sun shading system and offer you additional protection from prying eyes and side winds.

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Sun sail Sonea

Sun sails from WAREMA look elegant and light at the same time. Not only do they turn your patio into a shaded and peaceful spot, they're also robust enough to handle strong winds. Whether it's fixed or movable, permanently installed or mobile – the variety of available models lets you plan as you wish.

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The high-grade large parasols from CARAVITA offer a lot of space for guests and create an inviting, cosy atmosphere for relaxing. The ideal shading system for restaurants and hotels can be used on a private terrace, is impressively large and cuts a fine figure.

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Sun shading solutions for your project

Beautiful open spaces

Looking for a well-designed shading solution for your open space that also provides protection from rain? With our new slat roof Lamaxa, you can create a new feel-good space out in the open.

A day with WAREMA

Experience the day of three families with outdoor living products from WAREMA. Well protected from wind and weather, whether it's shade in the sunshine or a cosy outdoor space in the rain or a storm.

Weather-resistant all year long

Whether in sun, wind, rain or snow - with WAREMA sun shading systems your balcony, patio or slat roof is well protected all year round. This makes outdoor living even more fun!

Outdoor Living Solutions
Sun shading systems for patios

Outdoor Living is the trend of expanding living space outside. People use balconies, terraces and gardens for relaxing, working, cooking and much more. With its broad product range, WAREMA offers you more than just shade on sunny days: you are also still able to enjoy your outdoor rooms after darkness falls or in wet and cool weather.

Accessories for your patio products

Valance roller blind for awnings

Well covered: a valance roller blind on your awning gives you glare-free relaxation on the patio during low-angle sunlight while also providing additional privacy.

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Radiant heaters

When it becomes cooler in the evening, or really cold in winter, a radiant heater ensures pleasant temperatures under the parasol or awning.

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LED lighting

Powerful, dimmable LED strip light rails that can be regulated in ten steps ensure a cosy atmosphere on mild summer evenings.

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Sun shading solutions for gardens and balconies

Garden solutions

Living out and feeling in knows no bounds, and can even extend to your garden. Here we will show you what shading options are available.

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Balcony solutions

Expand your home with a new space to live out and feel in - the balcony. With the right shading, you can enjoy the sun here all year round.

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